Self Empowerment and Miracles Special Offers

Addison Ames Channels Metatron In a Masterclass On You – $33

Addison Ames Divine Courses Bundle – $97

Starseed Soul Blueprint Activation – $44

The Winter Solstice and The Gene Keys – $33

Mastery Empowerment Bundle – $44

Personal Session and Bundle – $111

The Metamorphosis & The Original Hieros Gamos Lineage ~ 3-Part Course – $22

6 Monthly Global Healing Forums – $33

Embracing and Becoming Yourself as Creator Incarnate with William Linville – $147

New Earth Quantum Healing Activations & Practitioner Trainings

Elestial Queen AN GEL E KA presents A Master Angelic Healing of YOU MasterClass with Judy Cali – $33

10 Golden Activations – $97

Special Offer Packages – $144

Creating Miracles 101 : The New Earth and the Field of Dreams – $60

Making Miracles Support Package – $97

Higher Self Hypnosis Session + Making Miracles Support Package – $177

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A Special Offer to Upgrade to Own This Self-Empowerment Summit Series

 Special Offer Upgrade:

Upgrade Now to Own the Self-Empowerment Summit

You’ll get immediate online access to a private viewing portal so you can watch the presentations at your own leisure and in any order at anytime! (You don’t have to wait until the day of the broadcast!)

You also have the option of downloading the videos & audio MP3s for enjoying offline.

PLUS you’ll get MP3 downloads of every activation included in this program to add to your High Vibe Library of Lightworker Activations.

PLUS this package includes 20 Mastery Empowerment Courses that are recorded and downloadable for your Empowered Mastery & Education

PLUS Enjoy a library of Plant Music that will help you raise your vibration with the frequency of the Plants!

Special Offer Upgrade: