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John Stuart Reid

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Breakthrough Health Imaging Technology with the CymaScope instrument

John Stuart Reid has studied the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy and music medicine for over 20 years. In this presentation he will discuss the spherical nature of audible sound and how sound in the primordial oceans may have created life. You will also learn sound’s relationship with light and how that relationship relates to healing, before progressing to exploring the biological mechanisms that underpin sound’s ability to trigger the body’s healing response. John will also focus on the mechanisms that underpin sound’s ability to mediate pain, closing with a discussion of the future of sound in medicine.

About John Stuart Reid

Acoustics pioneer, John Stuart Reid, is a man on a mission to educate and inspire the world in the field of cymatics–visible sound. His CymaScope invention has changed our perception of sound forever: seeing sound allows us to understand this omnipresent aspect of our world and Universe, better, fuller, deeper.

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