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Shirley Rose

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We have always been living in more than one dimension. In the past, we experienced traveling back and forth between dimensions in our dreams. Now we can consciously travel to other dimensions and parallel realities in full awareness. We can train ourselves to go to specific places and interact with specific beings.

We are multi-dimensional and exist on many different dimensions at the same time. We can go to other levels of ourselves as a tool to increase our knowledge and understanding of the Universe and our place in it.

We can interact with un-incarnate beings for guidance and learning. The possibilities are endless.

We are moving more deeply into the 5th Dimension and rejoining our Cosmic Family.

In “Living in More Than One Dimension” we will explore all our levels and go on a journey of discovery together.

This presentation features a guided meditation where you meet another dimensional aspect of yourself, you share insights and receive guidance.

  • Learn how to move from one dimension to another.
  • Learn how Inter-Dimensional travel happens at the speed of thought.
  • Learn the 3 coordinates necessary to travel to a specific location.
  • And Much More . . .

Experience More MultiDimensional Journeys with Shirley Rose

Special Offer 1: The Transformation Package

The Transformation Package addresses every level of your being. These items shift your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to be able to take in the ever increasing energy entering our systems on a daily basis.

Together we take journeys to other dimensions, levels of consciousness, and the different levels of angels.

The meditations also turn on your physical, astral (emotional), mental and physical bodies so you are ready for the many changes we are all experiencing now.

Take the leap now! Get the Transformation Package today!

Read and listen to the items in this package at your own pace.

Item #1 “Integration, Heal Past Trauma and Prevent Future Trauma” (pdf book 254 pgs.)

You can Stop Repeating the Same Lesson Over and Over Again.

  • Release past trauma
  • Integrate the lessons of your trauma
  • Integrate new lessons as they are happening
  • Start healing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

Learn how to learn lessons as they are happening.
And then learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, so you don’t have to bring negative experiences into your life anymore.

Item 2: Open Your Mind to the Coming Wave (29:43 minutes)

  • Moving with the coming changes and preparing ourselves to have a
    smooth transition.
  • Five initiations
  • Letting go of separation
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Becoming a part of the ocean of consciousness

Meditation: Merging with All Consciousness.

Item 3: Taking Us to New Heights (30 minutes)

  • Letting go of all preconceptions of the physical world and allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of working with the new energies.
  • Everything is dissolving
  • Project a positive outcome into consciousness
  • Give and Receive in equal measure
  • Transforming competition to assistance

Meditation: Releasing the physical, embracing the Light Body.

Item 4: Talking with Angels (31:03 minutes)

  • Getting clear about the different areas that Angels exist in and discovering how we can benefit by asking for assistance in a specific area.
  • Explaining the different levels of Angels
  • We must ask for assistance in the four lower bodies
  • In the upper bodies, we know it is done
  • Ask which level you need help from

Meditation: Getting in Touch with the Angels in the 4 lower bodies.
Entering into the upper bodies and activating the pineal, pituitary and nervous system.

Item 5: The Pineal Gland Activation (24:26 minutes)

This workshop is all meditation. Turn on every system of your body and turn off the deteriorating hormones. This sets the natural healing process in motion to keep your body young and constantly rejuvenating, as it was designed to do.

Item 6: The Truth About Aging (31:03 minutes)

  • Aging is an illusion created by the race consciousness.
  • There is no old age
  • Every 7 years every cell in our body is renewed
  • Being out of Balance
  • Active and Receptive Energy

Meditation: Masculine / Feminine balancing, Kundalini Activation, and Burning up negativity.

Item 7: Waking to Cosmic Consciousness (28:44 minutes)

  • We are becoming One with All That Is through Cosmic Consciousness. As we become aware of this, we can consciously create a better world.
  • Portals are opening to other dimensions and contact with other planetary beings.
  • We are becoming a new species with collective goals.
  • As all is speeding up around us, we are becoming more still.
  • When chaos surrounds us, STOP and be the eye of the tornado.

Meditation: Going beyond all chaos to bring in these new energies.

Special Offer 2: Final Ascension Workshop

The “Final Ascension Workshop” will change the way you observe reality. Each of the 12 classes combines left brain lectures and right brain meditations to guide you deeper into 5th Dimensional Reality. You will be able to conceive of being enlightened. You will feel enlightenment is within your reach. Your consciousness will expand with every lesson as one lesson builds on the last to create layers of integration of concepts, ideas, and experiences.

Old patterns will dissolve, and new energies will be anchored into your being. As you progress through the classes you will notice your life changing. Experiences that threw you off balance in the past will now be observed objectively from a distance. You will understand the lessons and insights these experiences are bringing you in the moment they are happening. This will change everything. You will remain in balance during the experience and leap forward in consciousness from the lessons gained.

Each week you will practice the new concepts you have gained in your daily life, giving you a whole toolbox of ways to deal with situations in new ways. Your life will even out and the drama will begin to disappear. Any drama that does come up will be viewed in a whole different light. You will be changed.

The “Final Ascension Workshop” is for everyone experiencing the Quantum Leap of Consciousness we are now going through. The “Final Ascension Workshop” will help you make this a smoother transition. This workshop will help you understand the changes that you are going through. And this workshop will help you integrate the new energies and forces moving into your body so you can benefit from all the amazing new gifts your consciousness can perform.
Join me on this unparalleled journey of discover to the path of mastery!

Take the leap today! Sign up for the “Final Ascension Workshop” Now!

Listen whenever you want and move at your own pace.

The Final Ascension Workshop
• You will observe reality in a new way
• You will expand your Consciousness
• You will move more fully into the 5th Dimension

FAW #1 Introduction and Meditation – 17:56 minutes
• How sacred geometry helps you move from one dimension to another
• We incarnate from the outer planet towards our Sun
• Current cycles and alignments are shifting Consciousness

FAW #2 The Mind Lecture – 43:01 minutes
• The Brain is a sender and receiver of energy
• Meditating up in the mountains helps us get above negative wave patterns
• Living in the Zone
FAW #2 The Mind Meditation – 22:15 minutes

FAW #3 Individual Identity Lecture – 35:12 minutes
• Releasing labels
• Detaching from Physical Reality
• Moving into and embracing Cosmic Reality
FAW #3 Individual Identity Meditation – 27:47 minutes

FAW #4 Emotions Lecture – 42:09 minutes
• What moves you off balance
• What does it take to move you back into center
• Astral Plane connection
FAW #4 Emotions Meditation – 24:43 minutes

FAW #5 Psychic Senses Lecture – 40:12 minutes
• Moving from the Psychic Senses into the Higher Self
• Abundance
• Transforming Chaos into Order
FAW #5 Psychic Senses Meditation – 21:19 minutes

FAW #6 Ideas Lecture – 29:25 minutes
• Releasing the personality
• Releasing judgement
• Releasing suffering
FAW #6 Ideas Meditation – 31:13 minutes

FAW #7 Beliefs Lecture – 60:08 minutes
• Expanding what is possible
• Releasing beliefs that no longer serve you
• Fear of death
FAW #7 Beliefs Meditation – 22:22 minutes

FAW #8 Attachment Lecture – 41:15 minutes
• Desire
• Personal Will to Gods Will
• Changing our form
FAW #8 Attachment Meditation – 28:08 minutes

FAW #9 Ambition Lecture – 45:49 minutes
• Releasing personal ambition
• When ambition is obsession
• Noticing how Divine Guidance feels different
FAW #9 Ambition Meditation – 27:33 minutes

FAW #10 Releasing Ego Lecture – 44:17 minutes
• How the Ego sways you
• How the Ego manipulates you
• Moving past the Ego

FAW #11 Balance Emptiness Lecture – 44:09 minutes
• Astral Anatomy
• When longing ceases
• Mastery
FAW #11 Balance Emptiness Meditation – 35:48 minutes

FAW #12 Being Lecture – 39:58 minutes
• Being God in Motion
• We are all teachers
• Anchoring 5th Dimension
FAW #12 Being Meditation – 24:44 minutes

Option 1: The Transformation Package


Option 2: The Ascension Workshop


Both Options 1 & 2


About Shirley Rose

Shirley Rose studied Genetics in her undergraduate work in college. On November 20, 2000, she received the Degree of Doctor of Metaphysics, Ms. D., from the Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. in Colorado.

Shirley bridges Science and Spirit, to show how they are both saying the same thing using different language. Science is beginning to prove many Metaphysical concepts.

From early childhood, Shirley had vivid dreams that took her to many different levels of Consciousness. In 1984, she experienced an opening of energy, that shot through her body, giving her a direct connection to the higher realms. She became Clairaudient.

This connection created a clear pathway to her inner guidance, that led her to travel to many sacred sites around the planet. During these travels, she sent energy into the Earth and received energy back from the Earth.

Shirley spent twelve years lecturing and teaching workshops. She also hosted a radio show where she interviewed some of the most well-respected people in the metaphysics world.

Today Shirley is doing lectures and writing books, that Integrate our multidimensional selves into full awareness. Taking responsibility for our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions empowers the many levels of Consciousness, and strengthens us all.

Option 1: The Transformation Package


Option 2: The Ascension Workshop


Both Options 1 & 2