With Light Alchemist and Light Body Whisperer
Grace Hom

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4 Sessions – 4 Consecutive Fridays starting June 26




Using Light Language and Light Alchemy, this course guides you to activate your potential so that you can continue to evolve and access Higher Dimensions of your own being while also access Higher Dimensions of consciousness to co-create an awesome reality. Sit back and receive the frequencies from Grace in this Light-filled session.

If you enjoyed this introductory course, you’re invited to Grace’s online powerful training to learn light language and:

  • Activate your starseed gifts with Galactic Light Languages

  • Access healing frequencies with Elemental Light Languages

  • Emotional healing and spiritual support with Angelic Light Languages

  • Support Mother Earth with Earth based Light Languages.

All These Options at Your Finger Tips

Special Offer: Light Language and DNA Evolving into Higher dimensions – 4 Sessions

4 Sessions of Light Language Lessons:

Fridays, June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17th
at 10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern 

(approx. 90 minutes each) Includes downloadable recordings for home-study.

This course comprises of four 90 minute classes, each design to activate different gifts to support your personal evolution which will also support the collective evolution of humanity.

You’ll be guided to access information from your Akashic records to help you remember your gifts.

The four classes are on:

  • Galactic Light Languages
  • Elemental Light Languages
  • Angelic Light Languages
  • Gaia’s Light Languages

You will receive activations for each family of Light Languages and we will play with your Akashic Records so that you will remember how to use these languages.

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4-Part Course: Light Language and DNA Activation
$110 USD

2 Payment Option Available

What People Have To Say About Grace

“The Healer of Healers”

I have said that as long as I have a penny to my name, I will continue healing sessions with Grace.  I call her “The Healer of Healers.”  I am 74 years old and have worked with many gifted lightworkers over the last 40 years.  Since working with Grace, I have experienced profound and rapid changes in all aspects of my life.  Most profound in this recent time has been the healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues.  Emotional underpinnings were removed instantaneously.  Currently, I also work closely with a licensed holistic chiropractor who checks my nutrition requirements monthly.  I was taking eleven different supplements and after one session with Grace, I no longer needed six of them and the dosage was cut in half for the remaining five!  Most issues with my thyroid have completely cleared.  In relation to my pancreas, I no longer have any cravings for sugar or sweets of any kind.  I also experienced an instantaneous clearing of candida from my body along with many insights about the origin of this condition.  On the same day following the session with Grace, I had an appointment with my chiropractor who tested for candida and found no indications of candida remaining in my body.  I am so grateful to Grace for her miraculous work.  She is such a gentle, loving, and compassionate healer.

Renee E, New Mexico

Be Able to Say Good-bye to Crohn’s Forever!

A friend of mine who had much success with Grace’s work told me to see her.  I was hesitant because I’ve tried so many healers over the last decade of dealing with Crohn’s Disease.

During my first session Grace was able to hear the screams and see me hiding in the bathroom as a three-year-old.  That amazed me because that was exactly my childhood situation.  What happened next amazed me until this day.  Grace released the cellular memories of trauma and I was yawning so much.  Then she guided me on a journey back to my childhood and re-imprinted the experiences of being received with love, respect and kindness.  This re-imprinting helped my body to have new reference points for receiving love and kindness.  That was an incredible experience and my body was feeling the energy for days.

In my second session, Grace did so much energy healing for my digestive system that I was really feeling almost normal.  The abdominal pain was goneFor the first time in a long time, I feel hope and I can see that it is entirely possible to say good-bye to Crohn’s forever after only two sessions with Grace.

Wow!  Grace is a gifted healer and I recommend her to anyone and everyone who needs a kind and gentle person on their side.  She makes a chronic issue feel like a simple task to transform and she makes you laugh so much while transforming such deep issues.

Linda S, Chicago, IL

About Grace Hom

Grace G. Hom is an alchemist, quantum healer, and speaker with over 19 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing. She works with science, spirituality and intuition to facilitate her clients to transform health, financial and relationship issues by shifting energetic patterns in the body from the cellular level to the etheric and from the personal to the archetypal. Her gentle presence, intuitive knowing and powerful activations often awaken the intuitive gifts and healing abilities in others, making her an avidly sought-after mentor to lightworkers and healers.

Grace is no stranger to struggle and illness. She has healed herself of autoimmune disorders, depression, a lifelong struggle with self-acceptance, powerlessness and poverty consciousness. In her journey, she learned to access her own magic with energy alchemy and reprogram her subconscious beliefs to embody self-worth and personal power. Grace holds sacred space for others to heal their own struggles with self-acceptance, self-love and personal empowerment.

Grace is known for her ability to transform inter-generational and subconscious issues. She supports her clients to create new reference points for receiving more and creating more in life by re-imprinting resourceful states of being as well as by re-programming the subconscious mind.

As a Divine Blueprint Activator, Grace awakens one’s soul-purpose and helps one’s body to remember its natural state of health and wholeness. Her quantum activations will assist each person to embody their Divine Sovereignty so that they can access the generative energy and power to support their own healing. As a trusted dream tender, Grace is there to hold sacred space for each person to birth their own full potential in Divine timing.

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4-Part Course: Light Language and DNA Activation
$110 USD

2 Payment Option Available