With Quantum Level Mentor
Kenji Kumara

Enjoy this Light Body Summit Presentation

Why Is The Activation Of My DNA Important? (Your Light Body’s Wisdom) with Kenji Kumara


We will take a guided, self-empowering quantum journey into the realm of your DNA/RNA and Genes to awaken your latent knowledge and wisdom that reflects your higher consciousness and inner knowing (Light Body). This will be spontaneous channeled transmission from the Quantum for all aspects of your Being and body. Life-altering after effects may occur spontaneously so be prepared for loving shifts and changes in your ascension process and your world view. Spontaneous “kriyas” may occur as well as a short lived “healing crisis”. Benefits are cumulative and on-going.

We will access the Mastery of the Great White Whales and Dolphin Emissaries. We will access the Template of Ascension Guidance from our film and the teachings of Master Cat Puddah – Seth. We will experience a meditation to connect to and create your own Light Body.

Light Body Summit Special Offer

Special Offer Package

Special Offer Package for Light Body Summit


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Realm of Possibilities Retreat Package (with music from Jim Oliver)

Package Value: $700

In this series you are invited to discover the magical collaboration of Kenji Kumara and  *Jim Oliver in these transformational activations. Be divinely whisked away, as you listen to the attunements and  keyboards, that immerse you deep and harmoniously into the quantum.

*Jim Oliver is an accomplished musician, an Emmy Award winner and multi-keyboardist.  

The attunements gathered for this new package were recorded at Kenji’s private training retreat held in Tubac Arizona, at Kenyon Ranch in October 2014. The music was created spontaneously in the stream of energy with the activations – simultaneously, cohesively with clarity and full integration.

These rare events are offered only a few times a year, held at special remote, sacred land areas and retreat spaces, where energy frequencies are at their highest. The activations from this intimate gathering are professionally recorded and made available for experiencing a voyage beyond knowing, into space, where we co-­create and manifest all that our heart desires. These audios are offered to access the work of Kenji, otherwise, only available to receive by participating live in person.

Even more important, Kenji reveals new activations and frequencies that will change your life and catapult you into the next dimension of emergence of light – your inter-­dimensional vibrational journey into the heart of the quantum where you redesign your destiny and have the potential to discover and venture in new realms of possibility.

These activations offer you the opportunity to explore quantum applications of transformation beyond healing, processes and therapy. Are you ready to move from a space of reactivity to a place of Peace – Presence – and Purpose?

This powerful, transformational quantum waves package includes guided activations that Kenji developed himself and has been sharing with thousands over the past 20 years and now he offers them to you. Share them with your friends, your family, your pets and of course use them for prosperity in your own business and/or healing practice.

Kenji’s Master Series Activations are for anyone who wants to:

  • Access and be open to to high vibrational energies
  • Create relationships in work and play that are of love, harmony and understanding
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs, let go of illusions and dissolve old wounds
  • Transform physical pain, addictions, traumas and injuries
  • Receive support and communication from the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Your Guardian Angel
  • Learn a new, cutting-edge energy modality built on love, peace and compassion
  • Live a rich and fulfilling life and experience yourself as real and alive as a life enhancing co-creator

‘The Quantum is a place of many possibilities and potentials in the “Now”, which is our place of personal and galactic power.” – Kenji Kumara

With divine guidance, knowing and grace, Kenji leads us to the still point within, beyond the fabric of creation where pre-manifestation resides. Journey together into the silence and warmth of magical infinite love and rediscover your “true being” as you are embraced and nurtured by all that is.


TIME: 32:41

Stay focused on the breath while enjoying this activation with Kenji as you cleanse, release and breathe out the unconscious and old un-serving energy. Enjoy into this activation and receive:

  • Deep emotional, body, mind, and soul cleanse
  • Ownership of your “Power Center” through grace
  • Assistance with past injuries
  • Repair to the digestive system, breathing and back support
  • Acceleration and heightening of your vibration


TIME: 37:43

In this deep vibrational dance relax with ease and be guided into the core of earth and experience  infinite support and connection to source.

  • Activate your navel power point
  • Guardian Angel presence
  • Inner ear and hearing center clearing
  • Iris cleanse and strengthening
  • Brain and Organ vibrational cleanse


TIME: 48:09

After being in the world, shopping or in a public place come into this calming meditation and receive a very powerful cleanse to release and renew. Allow the angelic presences to touch you deeply while being encouraged to access and be one in a wide heart and mind space.

  • Enhance your communication with the angels and elementals
  • Invoke the angels of ascension and resurrection
  • Align with divine balance, harmony and protection
  • Release perceived limits, imprints and traumas, ancestral and galactic
  • Access the sacred chambers of the heart


TIME: 47:11

This activation is for you and everyone you are connected with. Supported by all creatures of nature breathe in and enjoy this heart centered voyage and receive:

  • Nervous system calmness
  • A ride on the wings of timelessness
  • Healing codes instilled in your energy bodies
  • Earth Mother Imprints and codes
  • 7 breaths to the still point within


TIME: 34:25

Kenji stands behind you symbolically and brings forth your soul group, angels and masters and all those that have agreed to support you in this moment of awakening and allow yourself to receive:

  • Divine feminine and masculine balance and harmony
  • Activated codons in your DNA
  • Infused perfection in the spine and sacrum
  • New earth ascension and resurrection vibration
  • Activation of your core power points


TIME: 54:32

Great assistance is available to you, voyage within and feel the gentle love and support surround you. A peaceful cloak of love rises from within you and prepares you for a deep receiving and restructuring of your magnetic field. This is an activation you will likely repeat again and again.

  • Enhance clairaudience and telepathy
  • The rising Phoenix and butterfly is called
  • Invoked Crystal vibration and frequency
  • Archetypal ascension
  • Hear your personal soul song


TIME: 33:01

Lay down and listen to this calming transformation music piece brought to you by Jim Oliver. Allow yourself to transcend that which no longer is required, transmute and transform – this is your dream, allow it to unfold all realms of possibility as you design your destiny.


TIME: 26:18

Calling for the divine consciousness from the east, west, north and south. In this, experience all the divine mother representatives for the resurrection of the spirit, of the soul, and of the body as they are all summoned. Prepare to be beamed up to the resurrection temple and through your allowance and surrender you will experience the resurrection with our earth mother.

  • Journey into the center of stillness
  • Breath into the depth of the womb
  • Surrender into the black whole of nothingness/the void
  • Receive a new breath of light
  • Grace emergence into a new body of immaculate light


TIME: 24:22

At the highest level of receiving, allow the detachment from the emotional body, tribal consciousness, all of your knowledge, the day, your life, allow a very deep peace to over- come you and your body as we bring forth the sounds of the heavens and the mother’s energies.

  • Open the gates of heaven
  • Enter the temple of your new birth
  • Move through the realms of Purity
  • Participate in a celebratory cosmic dance
  • Receive Your new beginning


TIME: 26:21

This activation includes a process of Cocooning that Kenji teaches in his Quantum Lightweaving Retreat. Invite the Arch Angel of your preference to assist you in receiving this attunement. Kenji suggests to set an intention with this Activation and up to as many as three. Call in the inner child, and the I AM presence of whom is receiving. Invite in the presence of the christed energies. Invoke the power of the flower of life, hold this flower in your awareness and drift off, allow and receive. If you are offering this to another

  • Cocoon yourself and those receiving in a cocoon of angelic light
  • Allow your body, or arms and hands to move
  • Allow your voice to speak, make sounds or chant
  • Self renew, regenerate and rejuvenate
  • Merge with the Angels and receive a renewed calibration of light


TIME: 29:11

Allow the Arch Angel energy to work through you, your fingers, your hands, your eyes, voice and body. Subtle movements may occur through out this cocooning experience and prayer and intention may assist with this technique. Enjoy a very relaxing and self regenerating experience as it assists in alleviating any old non-serving beliefs and patterns of suffering, stored in the body for generations.

  • See through the eyes of an arch angel
  • Feel and sense through the heart of an arch angel
  • Vibrate in the world of an arch angel
  • Restructure your magnetic field
  • Receive New Earth embodied frequencies of joy, love and acceptance


TIME: 33:10

Allow the air and space around your body to cocoon you and wrap you with the light of the angels of various realms, they will show up  in all sizes with many colours and distinctive signatures. Open up to the many possibilities and potentials, of self healing, transformation, awareness, and expanded states of consciousness.

  • Vortex of Violet
  • Cleanse, balance and harmonize your field
  • Visit earth healing temples
  • Enjoy increased health and well being
  • Allow grace to dissolve all unconscious patterns of pain


TIME: 16:40

All the mythical animals of yesteryear and all the future animals of this earth are all invited to join and emerge in this activation. Experience an all inclusive voyage through the tapestry of timeless time and spaceless space and receive the offerings available to you from the angels of integration and angels of synthesis and wholeness.

  • Spirit of the land, one breath
  • Power Point Activation
  • Expanded column of light regeneration
  • Lunar hormone and body balance
  • Sun wave alignment


TIME: 27:04

Allow this activation to capture the previous 13 attunements and with grace and ease,  weave this peaceful activation into your home and any travel or excursion you may physically take in daily life.

  • Breathe beautiful pink into the solar plexus
  • Absorb to the subatomic level
  • Breathe beautiful cobalt blue into the brain
  • Gold into the heart space
  • Miraculous world of enjoyment

Item 2: Activation to Restore Earth’s Grid (Australia)

Package Value: $33

This is a special activation to support the Aborigines’ Uluru-Kata Tjuta Ceremony to restore their Earth Grid and Solar Plexus Chakra. We will do a spontaneous support activation as guided by the elders and the Sirius B Star system. Please spread the word and celebrate with us.

Here is the message from the Elders:



In January 2020, a massive planetary energy activation is due to occur on Earth at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. At this time, the planetary Solar Plexus Chakra located at Uluru (formerly Ayre’s Rock) and Kata Tjuta, in Central Australia, will be fully activated. Aboriginal lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed. This ritual was meant to fulfill the great plan of the Earth Spirit. Once the ritual is consummated, ‘perfection will spread throughout the world’. In other words, this ritual will open the way from 4th to 5th world consciousness.’ This event is symbolized by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which unites Earth with the Sun. It is predicted that this cord will begin to function in 2020 AD, at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Together, Uluru and Kata Tjuta form the world Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the primary chakra for the maintenance of global health and vitality of the planet, and all living things. If things are not right here, then the whole world system suffers. It is now time for this to be healed. The healing began in October 2019, when a total ban on climbing the highly sacred site of Uluru was declared.

According to Robert Coon, author of ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail,’ this powerful activation will also involve a blast of divine light and energy through the songlines (ley lines) of the planet, connecting all of Earth’s main chakras together, and most especially one of the main energy arteries/songlines referred to by the Aboriginal people as The Rainbow Serpent (representing Divine Feminine Energy to many). This line starts at Uluru (solar plexus) and travels through Bali (world purification center), to Glastonbury (heart and third eye chakras), to Lake Titicaca (sacral chakra) and then back around and through to Uluru.

The planetary event in January 2020 is actually rare quadruple conjunction involving Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun. The previously interrupted ceremony will culminate in the reactivation of the Solar Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth with the Sun, and on deeper levels with the Great Central Sun. This, in turn, will assist in the creation of an archetypical communication between the Sun and Earth, to help us to more fully embrace a ‘Golden Age’.

Several weeks ago, one of our group received the message that ‘it is time to tap within’. She was shown bubbles of light building up around the two energy centers of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. She could see Aboriginal people singing this energy into a bubble, then the waters breaking from an amniotic sac. A pale blue, crystalline light and then a mauve light built up around it. She was told that part of the DNA of the Aboriginal people is vibrating and contributing to the birthing/activation.

We’re asking people to please send energy to the Ngaltawaddi Ceremony being held at Uluru, located in the Northern Territory, Australia, on January the 12th, 2020, and to visualize the Cosmic Umbilical Cord being healed.

Here are words to assist this healing of the World Solar Plexus Chakra:

Let the sunshine on Uluru and Kata Tjuta,

Let the Pathway of the Rainbow Serpent be clear,

So that greater health and vitality may circulate

Throughout the world to bless all beings;

Today, breathe —– relax —– smile—- and give thanks to the Earth.

Item 3: The Trinity of New Earth Embodiment with Kenji Kumara


This 3-Day Recorded Workshop with Kenji Kumara focuses on the Trinity of New Earth Embodiment.   “Because part of New Earth consciousness is doing life with more grace, more ease, more  harmony, more balance, more love, more excitement more inspiration, more awareness, all those things that we are have been striving to experience, says Quantum Light Weaver Psychic Kenji Kumara, “it’s really that which allows us to get very creative.”

Receive these activations or encodements, which are initiations on a higher level.

The Trinity Of New Earth Empowerment using the power of 3

Session 1. Clearing “encodement” activation to release historical patterns of limitation, polarity, doubt, fears and resistance to change in the subconscious mind.

We will discuss why clearing is important for enhanced awareness; how to recognize the blocks in awareness; how blocks develop in the birth process and early childhood; how blocks affect your different energy systems, chakra flows, auric field and soul-body-source connection; and how blocks affect the body’s health.

Session 2. Alignment “encodement” activation for accessing higher and expanded awareness, unity consciousness, and the unified field of possibility and miracles.

We will discuss what is higher consciousness and why that is necessary for the journey into New Earth; why some do not “hold” heightened consciousness; and the possible misuse of these higher energies.

Session 3. Integration and embodiment “encodement” activation for all levels of planetary expression of one’s innate gifts, talents and inner knowingness for life path expression and self mastery.

We will discuss why the embodiment and physical expression of unity             consciousness is necessary in the ascension process and practical steps and tools    to help with full integration of one’s vision and mission for this incarnation.

Benefits and Take Home Gifts:

  • Deeper and sustained connection with the Divine within and one’s source of creativity
  • Reduction and eventual elimination of emotional stress, mental tension, worry, self doubt, resistance and general unconsciousness
  • Fuller physical expression of who you are, why you are here and one’s life purpose
  • Greater appreciation for life with renewed inspiration and hope
  • More joy, love, balance and harmony in one’s life and relationships
  • Openness to receive and be blessed and graced within all things
  • Direct experience of one’s true nation as one trusts and allows in self
  • Unexpected miracles of any order ……..

Bonus: Fall Equinox Activation – DNA Reset

Package Value: $33

Given the intensity of the Earth Changes and the magnitude of the solar flares and quasar light beams that are infusing our Earth, the Fall season is a perfect time not only to harvest our spring and summer fruits of our spiritual labor and also a time to clear and be free of the old, the unnecessary, the baggage from our past. We are being called to release the ancient memories of lack, unforgiveness, mistrust, anxiety and all manner of stress that have affected our body, mind and our ability to manifest and express ourselves fully without hesitation and doubt.

Our DNA holds not only the ancient memories of pain, suffering and conflict and also all of our learned and inherited gifts, talents and creativity. Our DNA kodons are like codes that we can either pause or delete, or activate. The codes are like software programs that run in the background of our consciousness. We can be aware of them or not. Some codes represent our shadow aspect, inner child and superconsciousness, or meta-consciousness. Since our DNA is flexible and is constantly being affected by our thoughts, emotions and actions, we can enhance the positive traits and genetics and delete the negative traits that now have been learned, called your wisdom.

In today’s advanced presentation, we will go deep into our DNA structure and Gene pool to delete the old programs and activate our future Codes that will advance us along our spiritual pathway with greater love, insight, blow, balance and harmony. We have the power to alter our personality, physical body and concrete mind. We will be joined by the Angelic DNA masters, the Elemental Kingdom and your High Council and Healing Team. Be prepared for another outrageous quantum experience. Your pets, ancestors and Inner Child are most welcome to attend.


Fall is a time of simultaneous bounty and withering; crops are harvested, even as the natural world begins to fade. If we make sure to align ourselves to the progression of the seasons, fall serves much the same purpose, but on a spiritual level. Consider, as autumn sets in, the areas of your life that need to be let go of, consider what no longer serves you, gets in your way, and needs to wither.

At the same time, consider the dream-seeds that you planted at the beginning of the year, and that have been steadily growing. Allow those dreams—that bountiful harvest—to be reaped. Enjoy them as you replace those parts of yourself which do you no good. For example, perhaps you wish to be more assertive. At the beginning of the year, maybe you decided that you would be, and perhaps you studied how to be a more assertive person throughout the year. Fall is the time to then allow the fearful part of you to fall away and be replaced by confidence. Come the winter solstice, you will be born anew, and this will be a part of you.

Special Offer Package for Light Body Summit


2 Payment Option Available

A Special Offer to Upgrade to Own This Light Body Summit Series

 Special Offer Upgrade:

Upgrade Now to Own the Light Body Summit

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PLUS you’ll get MP3 downloads of every activation included in this program to add to your High Vibe Library of Lightworker Activations.

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Special Offer: Light Body Summit Upgrade


2 Payment Option Available

About Kenji Kumara

Kenji, 77 and born in Berkeley, CA, is a visionary consciousness guide and facilitator for higher consciousness and his specialty is ascension assistance for Starseeds, wayshowers and planetary catalysts. He brings over 50 years of research in the consciousness field and is globally known for his “activations” and empowerments. Kenji serves as a guide for spiritual awakening and emergence for the younger generation of Indigos and Starseeds.

Kenji’s background includes extensive studies from 1969-2006 in Energy systems, Humanistic Psychology and Education, psychic studies, Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutics, Trager Psycho-Physical Integration, Usui Reiki, Matrix Energetics, ACCESS. Mind Dynamics, Christopher Method, White Lodge teachings, Ho’O Ponopono, Jin Shin Jyutsu and many darshan hugs from Amma. He earned his Masters in Early Childhood Ed and PreSchool-6th Grade credentials in 1979 from Sonoma St University in Santa Rosa, CA.

His specialty is complimentary energy medicine, spiritual emergence for the Starseed generations and healing through consciousness and the power of Grace and serves as a quantum level mentor and guide for masters-in-training and planetary wayshowers and thought leaders

Since 2011, Kenji has been a popular tele-summit show presenter and since 2007 has offered his unique live quantum retreats in many states, Hawaii, Canada and Australia. His Zoom events have been very well received the past 8 years. His Higher Consciousness program is growing in popularity, as well as his Sedona Vortex Activation hikes. Kenji is now offering his Higher Consciousness training program to those awakened souls who desire to carry on the work and a new Subscription Program for Starseeds of all ages.

Kenji serves to Illuminate – Liberate – Empower through Trust, igniting Joyful Connection Within.

Kenji is currently in private practice in Asheville, NC offering Envisioning Work, 1:1 mentorship, “Wave Sessions” and Awakening Your Higher Consciousness mastery programs (his signature program), an online Membership program for Starseeds and has produced over 300  activations, retreats, workshops and special programs since 2008. He is known for his dry sense of humor, lightness of being and his simple approach to transformation work.

Special Offer Package for Light Body Summit


2 Payment Option Available