Light-Body & DNA Activations Summit

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All presentations support Higher Self Embodiment and Superconscious Wisdom

We are becoming the Divine Human and these transmissions are designed to assist you in the process of Ascension and Embodiment.

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Keynote Address
with Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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The Divine Alchemy taking place within our physical, etheric, mental and emotional Earthly Bodies is being greatly accelerated at this time. The New Solar Light Codes that are bathing the Earth with every Breath we take are recalibrating our nervous systems and intensifying the Light flowing through our acupuncture meridians. This is allowing our I AM Presence to activate to the next level our Twelvefold 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Chakra System and our Twelve 5-Dimensional Solar Strands of DNA. This is occurring in ways we have not been able to experience prior to this time.
During this powerful Summit, we will take full advantage of the exquisite Light that is flowing through Mother Earth’s Equinox alignment with the Portals of the Suns beyond Suns in her lineage. Together, we be the Open Door for this Divine Light and serve as surrogates on behalf of all Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. Please join us for this powerful opportunity.

Light Body Summit Upcoming Courses

Lightbody Trinity with The Emerald Ray of Gaia Sophia with Merissa Indigo

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Pure Gem Codex with Maia Nartoomid

September 29

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Awakening The Light Within with Dr. Edwige

September 30

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Creating Light Body with Laurie Reyon

October 1

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Permission to Soar: Reflections from the Light Body Team and Beloveds with the Lightbody Chronicles Team

October 2

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Why Is The Activation Of My DNA Important? with Kenji Kumara

October 3

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Foundation for Alchemical Union with Alissa Jane

October 4

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Un-Tangle Relationship Cords with Peter Hansen

October 5

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

5D Ascension Balance Course with lightship City of Light with Charlotte Shanti

October 6

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

The Star Seeded Divine Human with Meg Benedicte

October 7

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Purifying with the Violet Flame, Ho’oponopono and the Seed of Life with Lauren Galey

October 8

11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Inner Coherence with Racquel Spencer

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Activating Your Light Body and DNA Through Mind, Thought, and Think With Metatron with Addison Ames

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Light Body Merkaba Template Activation with Viviane Chauvet

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Contact Your Beloved I AM Presence with Carsten Spenser

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Light Body Activation – the Monad, Divine Spark, Mt Shasta and ET Contact with Gene Ang

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Open to Your Soul’s Galactic Power, Purpose and Passion with Susann Taylor Shier

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