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Permission to Soar: Reflections from the Light Body Team and Beloveds with the Lightbody Chronicles Team


Permission to Soar: Reflections from the Light Body Team and Beloveds

This presentation is offered by two members of The Lightbody Chronicles Team, Channel Aileta Grace and Reiki Master Anna Carroll about exploring how to give ourselves authentic, unwavering, and unabashed permission to expand our Lightbody during this unique human experience as divine sovereign beings. We will discuss the human emotions that unlock the quantum keys to fulfillment of expanding the Lightbody eliminating the blocks created by uncertainty.

I have heard many tell me time and again that ascension is hard work. Many have asked me to bring though their guides to simply ask,” how am I doing?”  And while the guides always affirm each of us as being in the right place at the right time-space we tend to limit ourselves in absorbing that truth.  Many feel that signs presented by life circumstances and experiences unfolding have disrupted or made this Lightbody evolution difficult to  fully encompass. As in “I know I am growing but how do I really know”? Maybe because our perception is that  we know more about our human self, more than we feel that we know the nature of  our eternal  beingness, we think we have a limit to our Lightbody growth,  and we hit a wall.  At every level of growth, we tend to have degrees of self-doubt — until we don’t.  This is where divine grace and permission enter us to teach us a new way elevating our path to a place where there is no turning back.

Aileta will bring through messages from  Archangel Ariel as the catalyst and inspiration  to the channeled essays that comprise “The Lightbody Chronicles” essays and companion meditations. Improving our way of balancing the divine human experience and the Lightbody/ DNA Activations available now  draw us nearer to our authentic selves.  Anna will take you on a meditative journey to the Lightbody and the sacred space of granting yourself absolute permission to evolve beyond all limitations.

Join us as we explore the freedom in the divine permissions to your Lightbody Unfoldment.

With Eternal Love,

Aileta Grace

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Permission to Soar: An Immersive Lightbody Experience


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Permission to Soar: An Immersive Lightbody Experience

Presented by the Lighbody Chronicles Team

In Part 1 learn some surprising insights about the current energies focused especially on enhancing the human Lightbody on earth at this time. Archangel Ariel and others will come forward to speak to how our Lightbody transforms the human mind, body, spirit complex, and how this assists in this great shift to New Earth,  and in the ongoing human ascension process. A Lightbody enhancement activation will focus on opening up areas previously untapped within you. All is happening in divine time and momentum. Yet human beings (even those who have consistently  worked on these areas of growth over time) feel blocked and sometimes inhibited. Connecting to the energy that is your highest aspect is the goal. One of the ways this seminar will share is with an exploration of how interdimensional beings see us from their points of view.  The energies right now are fluid and create many energy patterns in our daily lives that transform us. How are we paying attention and what can we do to integrate more swiftly each day?

Part 2 will provide an opportunity for more insights, follow up  on how to know and feel into the light  that you have  absorbed demonstrating that you have indeed “leveled up.”  A roundtable of teachers and guides will  be available for the question-and-answer forum.  And a special meditation based on these energies will be offered.

Bullet Points on How you can learn and  benefit from this Seminar:

  • How the  Merkabah enjoyed a  transformation  during new energies
  • What is the Rainbow Body and how does it support the Lightbody?
  • We will touch upon  how our friends and family from the other dimensions see us and assist in the  Lightbody DNA enhancement process
  • Learn how to contact your Lightbody through meditation and thought

Participants will also receive as a special bonus offer for download  Chapter 12 and the Corresponding Meditation “The New Human, Ease and Grace of the Lightbody Permissions.” from the upcoming Publication “The Lightbody Chronicles.”

About The Lightbody Chronicles Team

The Lightbody Chronicles Team is a triad of soul sisters brought together in the spirit of these ascension  energies that unify and call us to begin to share our individual and collective gifts in unique and unexpected ways. Kim Litwicki Reiki Master, Past Life Regression therapist and Galactic contactee, Aileta Grace , Channel, Medium, and New Earth  Galactic Spokesperson  and Anna Carroll  Quantum Light Reiki Creator and Master Teacher are bringing foreword their first collective effort  “The Lightbody Chronicles” to inspire and encourage all souls to joyfully  raise their frequency of light to match the majesty of divine  New Earth,  and  to fully  love this life in form while ascending.

Permission to Soar: An Immersive Lightbody Experience


2 Payment Option Available

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About Aileta Grace

Aileta Grace is the Higher Self of Deborah Reyes, a retired attorney who is focused on Divine Law and creating awareness, peace and harmony for all humanity and Gaia. As conscious” walk in” she remembers her origins in the Orion star system, Atlantis, and the galactic heritage she shares with many. Encoded in her frequency is the knowledge that she incarnated specifically to assist in the release of war trauma from Gaia. Deborah has been channeling as Aileta Grace for several decades and she works with the spiritual guides of many to share advice on stepping into personal power and the Ascension process with new metaphysical tools and resources.

She has been an open channel from the age of 5 and speaks directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings, and Planetary logos. From her many years of experience as a “divine lawyer ” she sees into the frequencies of manifesting new earth solutions and templates that contain the codes to bring humanity into the divine graduated states of perfection and LOVE. Aileta hopes to be a bridge by presenting opportunities for people to transform and unify with their highest aspects, abilities and purpose. Deborah has served in many capacities in both public and private sectors, and in her humanitarian and consulting work overseas she shares her heart for the universal continuum of spiritual and quantum growth so we can return to the glory of heaven in all of its loving splendor. In her work with youth and families who have been traumatized by violence, abuse, or who are simply stuck in the energy of conflict , she provides mediation, restorative energy and life coaching services from a quantum perspective so that people can create their own empowered place from which to resolve matters for the highest and best outcomes outside of third density norms.

Aileta hopes to be a helper to bring into our realms of reality greater understanding of the universal spiritual “laws” that apply to the 5th Dimensional Earth to enhance our ability to grow and serve humanity in newer ways, with greater compassion, empathy, self and universal love.

About Anna Carroll

Anna Carroll is a Quantum Light Reiki Master Teacher. QLReiki is Anna’s own modality of Reiki from the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, bringing in the quantum energies, frequencies, and light through.

Her planetary mission is to be a bridger between the Angels and Humanity from the Seraphim Angels who are known as the Mind of God. Anna receives downloads by the Seraphim Angels and transmits these messages. “The Seraphim Angels are using me as a conduit so this frequency is flowing through me as downloads of information, my hands heat up, my kundalini has been activated and my DNA has been changed in order to bring this mission forward to all of humanity.” These frequencies transmit through her hands when running QLReiki and her voice by speaking. Anna brings LOVE and LIGHT to humanity through QLR sessions, readings, and by just being!

Anna offers private sessions, QLReiki sessions, distance sessions, QLR certification courses, classes, meditations, activations, light, colour, and sound sessions.

“My ultimate mission is to bring LOVE to everyone I come into contact with through all times, places, spaces, and dimensions by releasing old patterns, belief systems, and conditioning that keeps people from living a happy joyful life through Quantum Light Reiki and all that I do.”

Anna has the ability to transmit frequencies through her voice and her being, therefore, hearing her speak or being around her, you are receiving these frequencies.

Anna has the ability to transmit frequencies through her voice, therefore as long as you hear her voice you are receiving frequencies that you need.

Permission to Soar: An Immersive Lightbody Experience


2 Payment Option Available