With multi-dimensional energy reader and Seer,
Godelieve M. Willer

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Your Clairsentience is the Key to Unlock Your Ultimate Guidance System with Godelieve M. Willer

Access the true power of your feeling ability to unlock your highest intuition and greatest gifts


Ever wonder why some people seem to feel a lot of energy or ‘unseen phenomena’ & others don’t? And why is the topic of Clairsentience (clear-feeling) so little understood, even though it is one of the primary and major ‘clair’ abilities? In this enlightening talk:

  • Discover the Divine Feminine way of knowing and the language of the Divine Mother, the return of feeling and how this is changing the world
  • Discover the key that unlocks your most powerful guidance system
  • Learn about the critical importance of being and feeling in the body and anchoring your energy on the planet now and the common tendency of so many ‘sensitive’ individuals that prevents them from accessing their greatest gift..

AND…If you’ve never felt like you “fit in” or belong here, then this conversation is for you!!

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer #1: Awaken Your Clairsentience – and Unlock Your Ultimate Guidance System!

A special live, interactive course to awaken your Clairsentience and increase your awareness of you as a multi-dimensional energy being!

Special Offer #1: Awaken Your Clairsentience - and Unlock Your Ultimate Guidance System!


Item 1: Live Orientation & Guided Intention Setting Call

We will gather together in this live orientation call and we will learn a little bit about each other, this special subject and why it is so timely now. 
I will guide you into a beautiful and powerful intention setting process to activate higher potentials in your field and you will also create an empowering mindset to support your intention moving forward. 
I will provide an overview of the course elements during this call also, share some logistics & tips, and there will also be opportunity to ask questions. I’m so looking forward to meeting you!

Item 2: Live Teaching Module with Q&A: Your Clairsentient Ability

What is Clairsentience exactly? What does it mean to feel from different parts of yourself, and to feel “subtle energy”? And what does subtle energy all entail? We will cover this plus how to recognize information coming in through your Clairsentient Channels. You will discover why your Clairsentience is key to receiving your highest possible intuitive guidance, and why opening up your feeling ability is an absolute requirement for ascension. 
We will also begin to look at how you personally currently receive intuitive information already through your feeling ability!

Item 3: Guided Self-Assessment Exercise to determine the ‘Currently Active Scope’ of Your Clairsentient Ability

A live guided, self-assessment exercise to determine the ‘currently active’ scope of your Clairsentient ability right now. This will help you gauge where you’re currently at and also open your awareness to what is possible! We will discuss specific ‘markers’ to help you understand the ‘currently active’ scope of your clairsentient ability and run through a guided questionnaire exercise for you to identify where your clairsentient ability is at. Q&A at end.

Item 4: Live Teaching Module with Q&A: What determines how much you feel, and how can you access more of your Clairsentient ability?

In this module you will begin to understand why some feel highly ‘sensitive’ and others feel ‘numb’ to feeling, how access to your Clairsentience works, and how you can ‘turn on’ and expand your Clairsentient abilities…In this class we will dive right in to learn about why some people seem to access their intuitive abilities and others don’t feel like they have any at all. You’ll discover what gets in the way of us using our natural gifts and the role our early childhood experience plays in this. And more importantly and excitingly, you’ll discover how to begin opening up these channels again! 
In this module you will discover more about your own personal makeup and how your past has influenced your present to this point. 
You will also learn what a ‘barrier’ to feeling is exactly & what does resistance to feeling look like, including how to recognize when you’re in ‘resistance to feeling mode’ – and what needs to occur in order to reverse these conditions & remove these blocks, barriers or resistance for good!

Item 5: Live, ‘Optimal Grounding’ Interactive Lab with 1-1 Assistance, (conducted in small groups)

You would be surprised to know how many people ‘believe’ they are properly grounded, when in fact their energy and consciousness isn’t even in their body! Would you like to know what optimal grounding feels like for you?

Conducted in small intimate groups, I will connect with you to give you a real-time personal assessment of where you’re holding your energy, and the flow of your consciousness; PLUS receive live, real-time personal assistance from me to optimally ground yourself and feel the difference – on the spot!
I will guide you to make ‘adjustments’ as needed, and you will experience optimal grounding for you!

Item 6: Energy Field Scan + Intuitive Reading Live Call

During this live call, I will tune into your Energy Field to identify your “#1 block limiting your clairsentient ability now”.
This call will be done prior to the clearing workshop, so that your identified block or issue can be brought up and released during the clearing workshop. Each person will receive a detailed personal reading.
Just this one reading can immediately bring light & new awareness in, and transform your perspective of yourself and your abilities!

Item 7: Clearing Your #1 Block Workshop

We’ll be deeply and powerfully clearing your #1 Block identified in your pre-workshop personal reading call. 
In this workshop I will also be identifying some common barriers blocking your clairsentient channels. We will complete with a guided Infusion to replenish & restore your Being from what was cleared, and create a more empowered future for you! 
Open Q&A at end.

Bonus-Item 8: Retrain Your Brain to Become Aware of Subtle Energy

In this audio mini-teaching + guided exercise, learn about the brain’s involvement in your ability to feel energy, and how you can re-train your brain to bring more information into conscious awareness. 
Includes a guided exercise to start the process of retraining your brain to become more aware of subtle energy.

Have a journal handy to record what you notice! 
(32 min. Audio MP3)
List 3 – 5 Bullet Points of the Benefits for Purchasers of Your Special Offer

I’ve crafted this special program for you to:

  • Discover where you hold your energy and experience what it feels like to ‘command’ your energy
  • Finally know for certain how to optimally ground for you ~ and how it feels for you
  • Discover the true gift of being highly sensitive and clairsentient
  • Understand what is getting in the way of you using your intuitive abilities and gifts now, especially your Clairsentient Ability
  • Learn about your personal orientation to your feeling channels, gain insight on your personal feeling ability, and learn what’s possible for you!
  • Begin to be able to decipher your body’s consciousness vs you as a multidimensional energy being!

About Godelieve M. Willer

Godelieve is a master at identifying and removing blocks to embodying your True Nature and Divine potential. She has the profound and magical ability to perceive consciousness, allowing her to discern how aligned you are with your Higher Self and life’s purpose.

As a multi-dimensional energy reader and Seer, she acts as a bridge between dimensions to bring wisdom, deep healing and activations to assist you to open into your unique gifts to manifest here and now. She is a passionate, high level teacher and mentor who puts you on an accelerated path to reclaiming your Power and remembering Who you came here to be.

Special Offer #1: Awaken Your Clairsentience - and Unlock Your Ultimate Guidance System!