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Amala Rose

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The Heart of Creation with Cosmic Consciousness with Amala Rose

Reuniting in Love with the Magdalenes, the Ways of the Rose, Galactic Support, the Inner Child, and the Cosmic Self


We are in a process of remembering that we are Love, and then operating from and expressing as Love. Capital L. It’s a process requiring awareness and willingness to do inner work with any wound spaces while at the same time practicing being the conduit, the bridge, and the stargate through which cosmic consciousness and the purity of unconditional Love flows and anchors here on Earth. In reuniting the human Self and God Self – that Self that is purity of presence, a unique essence of Light expressing through human form and experience, the essence of Self who knows the expansiveness and Creation potentials of unconditional Love because that essence IS Love – we come to have new experiences here on Earth. We can begin creating new ways, new structures, new systems, new everything. But first we must be willing to be in the process of and eventually fully reuniting with Love, which begins inward and with self. By working/playing in higher dimensional reservoirs of reverence for self as one does the wound work, all can be alchemized and released and integrated in new ways. There is opportunity to reclaim, reunite, and re-parent the human self with the God Self so one may practice operating from Allness. There is much support in the higher dimensional spaces here to assist us in these processes. The potentials that are possible are beyond imagination!

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer: Rebirthing Worth and Stoking the Freedom Fires of New Creation with the Rose Lines

Purifying and Reigniting the Creation Spaces of the Womb and Heart through the Love of the Inner Child and the Alchemy of Descension

Rebirthing Worth audio recordings: 4 Modules and a Bonus 5th Module, all approximately 1.5 hours with an ADDITIONAL BONUS 30 minute Zoom private session

Special Offer: Rebirthing Worth and Stoking the Freedom Fires of New Creation with the Rose Lines


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All modules include English with copious LoveLight language. We work in the Higher dimensional realms and the spaces of cosmic creation ALONG WITH work in the physical, mental, emotional bodies. Join us in devotional, sacred space to receive Light Code Transmissions and Reignitions from The Rose Lines specific to the multidimensional creation spaces of the Heart and the Womb and our birthright of worth and freedom. 4 modules plus a bonus integration Transmission, totaling 5 modules, each approximately 90 minutes long. There are copious Light language activations and group immersion with the Light of The Rose Lines.

This is restoration and transformation work FOR THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS A WOMAN OR NON-BINARY PERSON WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED LIFE IN FEMALE FORM. There is generous energy work done with the female physical form and experience and languaging is approached from the female perspective. Come home to Self in new ways through the alchemy of descension (bringing in higher aspects of self into the human, embodied experience) and ascension (rising in consciousness and frequency). We will be receiving from The Rose Lines, working directly with worth in many layers, and especially with reignitions and purifications in the creation spaces in order for there to be more coherence, divine alignment, and seeded confidence in new creations. We are building a New Earth together.

This is both a healing experience and a catalyst for expansion and finding the freedom spaces for that which you’re wanting to bring into form, even if it’s not conscious yet. This is a channeled, multi-dimensional, multi-versal experience and Transmission. There are guided processes within the modules in preparation for the work and to calm the systems from these times of stress and compression. We explore dimensions of expansionary spaces, where freedom lives, and invite higher aspects of self and all aspects of the inner child back home.
We are in a rebirthing process. It’s more powerful and more pleasurable to be in these spaces while gathered together in sisterhood. Details about each module, along with testimonials, are below.

What the Rose Lines are
Copious Light language activations
Movement of Light through the body & all systems
Quan Yin & White Lotus frequency merge
Toroidal Field & all Fields open
White Lotus process with activations in all chakras & along spine
1st breath/rebirth
Coming back to Allness/core column of Light
Whale & dolphin consciousnesses for joy & movement
Divine feminine movement
Restoration process & coming home to Allness in female form, the divine dance
Star Ways of Rose lines
Portal space opened
Universal Mother, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, entirety of Rose Lines, Magdalenes, Star frequencies all here expqnding zero point
Bilocate to 12th dimensional space
Rose singing Bowl to ground Light code & help the body remember
Supported in remembering in sisterhood all the ways we’ve shared before
Reactivating Gold rings of Light, becoming part of the Light body
More saturation of Light
Blue Rose Light in the heart & womb spaces
Kundalini reactivated
Fires stoked, restoration of flow
Trifold flames reignited and/or expanded
Purifying, stabilizing, unifying energies
Reclaiming sacredness
Light quotient increase
Worthiness energetics
Illumination of any parts not feeling good enough or unworthy in some way
Bathed in unconditional Love of Rose lInes
Isis & ways of strength & holding the Light
Recoding sequence for Light body
Throat and womb work with prior pain
Crystalline DIamond Light infusion
Assistance for cleansing things that aren’t one’s own
Universal Mother Gold Rose frequencies
Support for any areas that haven’t felt safe
Limitless, expansive frequencies
Support for any ways one has felt burdened by being human on Earth
Reconnecting with strength, boundaries
Purification for any ways sexuality was used in harmful ways or not honored as sacerd
Purifying & revitalizing from damages from patriarchy
Working with inner child
Coming home to present moment
Bringing inner child home
Sensing the subtleties
Rose crystal singing Bowl frequencies
Gold Rose frequencies
Inner child processes continued: working with the infant inner child & repatterning
Sacred space of safety
Energetic processes for safety & holding of self
Purity of Peace frequencies
Balance for nervous system
Peace streams from Rose Lines, Andromeda, and many others
Each vertebrae receives White, Pink, Gold Rose frequencies, creating energetic space between vertebrae
Gold Rose frequencies reweaving through all vertebraic spaces
Big energetic process in womb space with inner child
Security of Self
Ceremonial celebration for welcoming self essence of you into human form
Designing your own celebration
Sacral chakra work
Merging adult and child selves
Merge Heart space with frequencies of the Rose Lines
Diamond consciousness
Snesing beautiful frequencies through chakras and reactivating if not already
Lighting up any guarded spaces
Energetic ways creating sense of safety, peace, joy
Purifying energetics to support any areas of unworthiness & for any ways one may have experiences loss in reproduction and other conditioned ways we’re taught about worth with regard to female-ness
Energetic movement through beliefs about what it means to create, produce, and birth
Bilocating to sacred healing site in S france
Lighting up entirety of reproductive areas
Coral, White, and Blue STar Rose frequencies
Blessing & anointing each participant
Being held & supported in healing sacred water
Quan Yin’s pink Field
Kundalini stoking in root (revitalized energy returning)
Infusion Gold Rose frequencies
Potency of Isis & ways of womanhood & expression, acceptance, and reclamation
Alignment with the power of selfhood
Reactivation with Isis—a stoking with heart space & Trifold flames
Relishing the potency with self
Blue Star Rose Ways
Energetics to support the erasing of old programs and conditioning
Creating the new divine slate & new rules of you
Creating new freedom ways
Energetically creating safe space for sensuality and sexuality freedom
Light painting for freedom codes
Dancing in celebration, honoring you
Blessing self
Watering the seeds of Truth within self
Clearing any energies that are not Self
Reclaiming the space of Self
Red Rose frequencies in the heart space
Entraining with light ways of self
Ways of the Magdalene through the crown to assist with cleansing- purifying the notion of dirtiness of women
White, Red, Blue Rose frequencies infuse & become one with with participants
Becoming one with unconditional love & entirety of the Allness that you are
Akashic work with times of persecution/harm for one’s gifts, etc & /or for being female
Neutralization & light to those spaces
Coming home to freedom & beauty of limitlessness
Purifying any stagnant, old energies held onto, anything not matching the updated light ways to move out
Old grief from births not fully realized bahthed in love with Universal Mother, Quan Yin, White Tara, Mary Magdalene
The unique capacity to birth new creations in many different ways while honoring that which has been
Crystalline codes of new creation
Rainbow frequencies creating new possibilities
Coming home to creation spaces of self & remembrance of multidimensionalilty in creation spaces
Diamond Gold light codes
Light ways reclaim, infuse, re-pattern, update
Portal space opening
Creating personal light altar
Blue Rose frequencies in portal space
Ways of wisdom honoring female experiences
Invitation to inner child to the crystalline light space, honoring
Golden Ways
New sustenance ways
Recoding, regenerating, reclaiming
Root chakra—vaginal canal, cervix, all spaces of womanhood/female form infused with crystalline light code
Quan Yin with White Lotus Ways & frequencies unfolding
Reopening entirety of heart space, then womb creation spaces, flow reestablished
Update & reactivate crystalline ways through all bodies of self, including star ways for blooming
Re-collect—to bring home all ways of self
Birthright to be multidimensional self expressed through humanness
Copious Light language Transmissions throughout
Breathing into spine
Reconnecting with natural rhythm of life that you are
Isis, Universal Mother, Mary Magdalene specific light code unique for each person’s unique essence
Floating in crystalline light bath & Ways of the Rose
Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades frequencies
Archangelic ways
Red Rose frequencies, ways of wisdom, strength, ways of creation
Honoring exactly where one is
Blending all White Lotus light code with unique essence of self
Allowing fluid ways to become one with natural rhythms
Universal Mother, Mary Magdalene with beautiful offering in front of each person’s womb space
Purification and coherence between heart and womb spaces
Blue Diamond wisdom ways
Stoking the fires of new creation
Pink Gold frequencies
White Violet light space platform for all beautiful streams coming in
All dimensions accessible here & now
Crystalling Diamond Gold Rose gilded streams
Importance of expressing through the human aspect of self
Expending through heart & womb spaces
Moving energy with waves of sound
Preparing body, mind & emotional landscape
Current of water clearing out and “shouldering of burdens”
Talking about ascension and descension & what that means
Crystalline Ways of Creation
Prepare the form by reactivating light ways & expanding comfort capacity for embodying more light in human form
Throat chakra work
Guided landscape meditation
White Rose frequencies in heart space
Mary Magdalene frequencies of Peace through all chakras & ways of self
Expanding zero point
Re-meet one’s infant self
Entire story of self bathed in Gold frequencies, bringing home entirety of book of self
Universal Mother with stabilization, oneness with beauty of all that you are
Process with heart & womb
Purifying & embracing any wounded parts of self
Golden crown Rose frequencies, ring of light through whole form
Transmutation process
Isis and Blue Star Ways
Arcturus, Sirius, other star nations
Becoming one with crystalline ways reactivated in heart space
Updating spins and light grids in all dimensions
Holding self with tenderness and awe
Honoring of human experience and possibilities in human form
Fire ways to purify spaces still resisting humanness
New pathways for opening to natural, organic multidimensionality
Sensation of 1st breath/rebirth in new landscapes
Red Rose frequencies back heart space & into all spaces of self
Allowing frequencies to bring soft comfort & knowingness to spaces of challenge, especially any areas feeling unworthy, too much, too different…
Entirety Rose Lines & Collectives of Light honor all expressions of you
Reclamation and reseeding of self in crystalline, multidimensional
Infusing into all spaces of human self, carried in all fluid ways
3rd eye crystalline expansion
Frequencies and support for any ways felt intruded on by maleness at any time—reclaiming the space of self
Recreating sacred space of I Am presence in humanness
Restoration of divinity of crystalline ways on Earth beginning with self
Any ways felt held down by rules of established patriarchy—shaking out, swept back to Source
Creating your new illuminated path with symbolic Gold bricks
Blue Rose Ways in core column of light
Communicating with Galactic aspects of self
White Rose frequencies
Sacred geometry in womb space
Rose crystal singing Bowl
Freedom of new creation, freedom of worth
Reminders of ways to help energy move comfortably
Light Activations
Gold, Diamond, Violet frequencies
Guided process cleaning, opening chakras
Sharing abundance, support, love with Earth
Reunion with Allness/Oneness
Receiving information from higher aspects of self
Feeling into what multidimensional heart feels like
Infinity consciousness
Pink Lotus Ways with Quan Yin
Mary Magdalene White Rose frequencies to all chakras
White Gold Rose frequencies along midline merging with kundalini
White Rose merges with White Lotus Ways, bringing that flow through all of you
Spiral infusion into all channels
All that has taken place in each module brought into union, one rhythm
Each person’s inner child in sacred circle
Inner child crown received
Nervous system reconnection
Childlike ways of curiosity
Integration for inner child ways of safety & adult ways of safety & wisdom
Coherence between mind, heart, between heart & womb, between creation spaces
Circle together with the Rose Lines, currents merging into new flow state
Living light language blends with new flow
I AM alignments with self statements
Moving out any excess
Crystalline light bath with Isis
Working with conditioning surrounding notions of beauty, acceptability, nakedness
Sensuality/sexuality aspects come together with light way, human form, and ways of beauty
Reunion with the sacred ways
New ways to utilize movement of strong energies
Revitalized energy of Beauty, worth, sacredness, honoring one’s own human form
Blooming in heart and root chakras reconnecting
Isis dances to move energy
Allowing release
Alignment with what soul is desiring
Ways of embracing self
Universal Mother & her Star Ways, Isis & her Star Ways, Mary Magdalene & her Star Ways, Quan Yin & her Star Ways, Rose Lines and all Star Ways & Earth Ways share with this sacred group, each individual
Asking inner child to come home to creation spaces
Sacred fire dancing around our sacred space
More inner child work—what is the dance of the inner child?
White Lotus blooming energies expanding potentials through all dimensions
Celebrating all the experiences that brought this expansion of crystalline nature
Letting any areas of friction become part of the sound
Savoring the very human experience of sensing the physical world

This 30 minute Reignition Session will be highly focused and will offer energy work and a lot of Light Activations with your higher aspects, my higher aspects, and the Collectives of Light in the space of Cosmic Creation whereby aspects of the Light Ways of you will be reignited, in particular the freedom frequencies, the Heart Star, and the Infinite Self, which will help in expanding and integrating that which is offered in the program and will be specific to where you’re at in your ascension process and your human experience at this time.

What People Have To Say About Amala

“I believe this program offered me a deep energetic reset and an awareness of habits, tendencies and thought/behavior patterns.

I felt several energetic releases during the light transmissions process. Emotion was purged with the surfacing of old memories. Physically, I have actually lost some weight— perhaps a metaphor to a weight of the world I was carrying. I’ve had a clearer vision of limitations I have unconsciously put on myself.

Several times during the transmission I felt sensations of tingling through my body that would initiate involuntary movement. I was able to anchor some deep truths about my worth and/or lack there of. The first two transmissions for me were the most powerful and sensory driven. I felt many of the sensations and saw many of the light streams at the time of the transmissions. My body would even physically move in the areas at the exact time you would mention the light was coming into those areas. It was beautiful.

This was my first inner-child excercise. I noticed that she is very eager to work with me/ talk to me. Integration was smooth. I fell asleep during a couple of the transmissions. I felt at peace upon waking and very inquisitive to new ideas. Grounded.

[I now have] new ideas and new career interests, awareness of behavior patterns, I feel more grounded and confident. Content. Open heart. Feeling more compassion.

I loved the audible noises that were made to clear energy- I found it incredibly effective in moving energy through my body. It brought me to tears a few times but was just enough momentum to get things moving gently and safely.


“My favorite part of the program was giving myself permission to do something totally different just for me. This program felt so personal, like it was just for me right when I needed it!

The inner child awareness was so beautiful! It was amazing to hold myself as a baby – something I’ve never done before! I felt so loved and welcomed. To hold yourself just like you always wish you had been was incredible.

I truly felt limitless after one of the sessions. What an amazing feeling – to feel like there are no boundaries, bounds, nothing I cannot do. I am all. Beautiful! I know by having experiences like this it comes into me, through me, to support me in my life here and what I want to do. I continue to grow and learn and am excited.

I am being given an opportunity to heal and eat cleaner and I am thankful for that. I know the food I put into my body could be better but I still wasn’t doing it. There was always an excuse. But going even deeper, I see how this is tied to worth. Actually, wow. I am worth treating my body as holy so that I can continue to be in this reality, in this body. Why would I not?

I keep hearing ‘watering seeds’ from different sources. I am getting ready to emerge, I have been dormant for so long. It’s time. I loved bringing all parts of me home. Really profound and I felt it.
I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect!


“I realized how much I depend on outside validation for feeling worthy and loved. I have lived with internalized judgement and based my worth on that.

Today I remembered the doctrine of original sin and that was the cloud I began life under. I was taught one must overcome their natural disposition to do wrong. Now I believe every choice and experience is an opportunity to learn something new and that love, as opposed to judgement, is the driving force behind existence. I have been searching for a purpose in my life but now wonder if simply living each day based on being loving and kind to myself and others is enough.

I loved [the inner child] part! I have always been told what a fussy, skinny, unhappy baby I was. Imagining cradling my inner infant and celebrating their birth was a joyful rewriting of my history! I felt pure love ushering me into existence.

Immediately afterwards I felt calm, peaceful, relaxed and happy listening to your gentle, loving voice and the beautiful resonance of the crystal bowl.

I find myself stepping back and wondering about my reactions and reminding myself that I am conditioned to certain responses. I tell myself I can choose a different path.

[My favorite part was] how much joy, peace, and love I experienced within my being.

Thank you again, Amala, for all you do.”


About Amala Rose

Amala Rose provides somatically integrated quantum energy healing, cosmic sound alchemy, and embodied consciousness guidance. She co-creates with clients and the Collectives of Light to re-pattern stress responses related to past traumas, release energetic imprints contributing to discomfort, utilizing practical tools to regulate the nervous system and reset the parameters for resilience and capacity, all while activating and updating the light body and the natural “extra”sensory, multi-dimensional ways that are unique to each individual in wholeness for more joy, expansion, and awareness.

As a Light Weaver, Amala learned nearly all that she knows about quantum healing work directly from the beings of light who helped her heal herself from numerous chronic disease states and who helped her expand in her conscious awareness multi-dimensionally in very accelerated ways. It is her great joy and honor to offer these Ways in a sacred space as she co-creates with clients in private sessions, group programs, and mentorships.

Special Offer: Rebirthing Worth and Stoking the Freedom Fires of New Creation with the Rose Lines