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When we begin walking our Path to Liberation, we receive a vision of transformation that inspires us to start seeking the right tools and practices that can help us remember our origin, essence, and purpose. However, the journey can be long, and, after a few years of doing our inner work, we might forget our initial intention. We might end up confusing ‘’form’’ with ‘’essence’’ and missing the whole point of Enlightenment and Ascension. We invite you to reconnect with your highest vision and to awaken your leadership skills so that you can create the perfect conditions to thrive! Who/What are you truly looking for? Where is THAT?

As you align with Source, you will reveal your Divine Purpose and feel the presence of Love-Truth in action. This is the foundational frequency of 5-D realities! ‘’Holding high-vibe energy’’ is one of the lessons of the spiritual curriculum of an Aquarian Leader. Ready to raise your point of resonance/attraction and manifest your heart’s desire? Reconcile with the Universal Mother and remember how to send unconditional love to all of creation to manifest enlightened realities. She will encourage you to trust the Divine Will (focus on your transcendental desire) and to surrender (stop resisting the Light) so that you can leave your Legacy of Light! Join our energy transmission/activation and receive a Mantra that will accelerate your Path to Freedom!

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer: Follow The Way of the Heart

7 recorded attunements + Private Session

Special Offer: Special Offer: Follow The Way of the Heart


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We offer you 7 attunements and a private session to find your true north, true balance, true support, true place, true strength, true discernment, and true essence. As you align with these frequencies you will be inspired to stay in your heart and connect with your deepest desire. You will have the opportunity to remember your purpose and to shift your reality as you allow Divine Harmony to show you the way.

These 7 (recorded) Attunements will inspire you to co-create a new relationship with yourself, with Source, with the Earth, and with others. As you release ancestral imprints, you will be able to create a new foundation. A new order is wanting to emerge: your field/space, your routine, your priorities, and your intentions are ready to evolve.

Enjoy these divine attunements and allow yourself to re-create your life with enthusiasm. Trust the transforming power of Light!

* Attunement # 1: Divine Alignment – Find your True North
* Attunement # 2: Divine Union – Find True Balance
* Attunement # 3: Divine Alliance – Find true Support
* Attunement # 4: Divine Role – Find your True Place
* Attunement # 5: Divine Empowerment – Find True Strength
* Attunement # 6: Divine Surrender – Find True Discernment
* Attunement # 7: Divine Blueprint – Find your True Essence

The Shanti Session will inspire you to connect with deep love and compassion to create harmony in the present by reconciling with your past and future. As you awaken your Karuna Codes (divine compassion), you will clear inner imbalances and allow your Divine Union (the feminine and masculine principles that reside in you) to transmute ancestral and karmic limitations and imprints.

We invite you to balance and activate the Threefold Flame in your heart to recover your soul power, love, and wisdom! Let’s upgrade your 7 main chakras and bless your Path so that you can manifest the best possible outcome. Dare to follow The Way of the Heart!


* 1 Shanti Symbol & Attunement

* 1 Mantra to upgrade and seal your 7 main chakras

* 7 Affirmations to clear your 7 main chakras and experience individual-ancestral healing

We invite you to:

  • Connect with your Inner Guidance

  • Actualize your self-care practices

  • Attract soul-aligned relationships

  • Create healthy forms of abundance

  • Turn Karma into Dharma

About Gaitana & Yantal

We are Energy Masters and Code Keepers serving Planetary Enlightenment. We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we Serve a global community of spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace Higher Consciousness and where we Serve Source as we are guided. We are passionate about transmitting consciousness in all its forms to catalyze the collective remembrance of Humanity’s full potential. Our commitment to this Humanitarian Mission is our primary occupation.

As a unified Ray of Light we are here to give birth to a new form of Education that is aligned with the values of The Enlightened Age. As the old systems are being dismantled, we are ready to share an alternative. All our tools, practices and visions spring from the core of our Being as we walk our own Path of Enlightenment.

Though we are focused on Self-Realization and on sharing New Earth Wisdom, our Ray of Ascension is particularly connected with Divine Health and Sacred Abundance. Through the mastery of our own energy field/consciousness we can unlock DNA Codes and accelerate individual and collective evolution. As Energy Masters we hold the keys that we all need to embrace in order to enjoy the blessings of the Enlightened Age. All that we share comes straight from Source as we have become a clear channel for divine transmissions to come through. We offer the tools and practices that we have revealed from within, through direct experience and that can support those who are ready to become spiritually-materially prosperous and change the course of Humanity in the Enlightened Age!

Special Offer: Special Offer: Follow The Way of the Heart