With teacher, channeler, and energy healing practitioner
Sharon Wagner

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Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Side with Sharon Wagner

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Sharon had secretly planned her suicide at 19 but had an extraordinary spiritual intervention instead. After having second thoughts about ending her life, a spirit guide visited her. He took her to the Other Side, where he showed her a past lifetime, the earth in another dimension, and answered many questions. Everything changed in one night! Until now, few people have heard this story. In 2003, another session on the Other Side with six teachers/guides revealed more detailed knowledge and understanding.
Sharon has written a book titled A Divine Intervention: Revelations about Life and Death. Part One includes the timeless wisdom revealed in both sessions.
Part Two contains 18 personal spiritual experiences that she believes confirm much of the wisdom revealed.

Sharon will discuss her story, the blissful feeling of unconditional love, her various experiences in both the Physical and Spirit Realms, pearls of wisdom with quotes received on the Other Side, and many benefits to the reader.

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer #1: Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Side

E-Book version of my book and a six hour online Zoom Webinar on two consecutive Saturdays in January, 2024

Special Offer #1: Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Side


Downloads Now Available

The downloadable version of my E-Book is titled – A Divine Intervention: Revelations about Life and Death.

On January 20th, we will discuss my divine intervention, unconditional love, how different energies are vital from birth to death, self-awareness, consciousness, and why things are in both the physical and spirit worlds.

On January 27th, we will discuss the importance of observation of both plants and animals from a higher perspective, learning life lessons in this lifetime, explaining the Ego-mind and the Soul-heart, and concluding with a meditation connecting with the Universal Forces of God.

Some benefits of this offer

1. Increase knowledge of the Physical and Spirit Realms and the transition between them,
2. Learn how energy, vibration, and frequency work and why they are vital to life.
3. Expand conscious self-awareness in all aspects of life.
4. Renew connection to nature, faith, trust, and love of life.
5. Have a more profound connection to one’s heart and soul, the Divine within.

About Sharon Wagner

Sharon Wagner has been on the spiritual path all her life. She is a teacher, channeler, and energy healing practitioner. Sharon is a mystical messenger of Divine Truths, helping people understand life in the physical Realm and calming their fears about death and the unknown in the Spirit Realm. Sharon believes that knowledge with an understanding of the mind, body, and soul leads to wisdom, power, and the ability to make better-informed choices, gaining balance and harmony for a more joyful, loving, and fulfilled life.

Sharon also pursued her love of science and has worked full-time as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in various hospital labs for over 40 years, with a concentration in Microbiology. She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona. Sharon’s website is SharonWagnerMystic.com.

Special Offer #1: Pearls of Wisdom from the Other Side