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Margo Fraser

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Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design with Margo Fraser

Releasing Shame, Blame and Confusion and Cultivating Cosmic Love Within


There has been so much shame, blame, manipulation and confusion around sexuality and intimacy, not to mention all the conditioning pressure!…‘You should do this…’ ‘Don’t ever do that…’ Maybe you’ve worked on being your authentic self in relationships only to find yourself reacting in ways that just don’t seem to reflect who you know yourself to be!

Are you ready to let that conditioning go? To understand your cosmic, genetic wiring around intimacy, and in turn, cultivate greater levels of Cosmic SELF Love and understanding?

Join Margo as she discusses your ‘personal user manual’ through Human Design — a system that provides a Map of your unique genetic design including your wiring in the area of sexuality and intimacy.

She’ll cover:

  • Why it’s so important to understand your design for sexuality and intimacy.
  • Why the tribal way has dominated, how it’s conditioned us and the frequency change to come.
  • Availability and Drive; The roles of the sacral and solar plexus centres in sexuality and some of the dilemmas that can occur.
  • The conflict that can arise between your Self and the “voice” of your reproductive genes that can lead you into unhealthy relationships.
  • The dance of intimacy and why we put up barriers.
  • How living your Design fosters Cosmic Love within

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Special Offer #1: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design

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Special Offer #1: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design


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Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design

~ Releasing Shame, Blame and Confusion and Cultivating Cosmic SELF Love &  Understanding ~

I would love for you to “Know Thyself” intimately and support you in cultivating Cosmic Love within and without. 

We are here to come into relationship with one another, but it can be an area ripe for friction, blame, manipulation and confusion. 

Wouldn’t it be freeing to actually know what your built-in blueprint is for bonding with another, whether for a sexual relationship, friendship or partnership? 

Fortunately, there’s a ‘personal user manual’ for living in alignment with your true nature through Human Design — a system that provides a Map of your unique genetic design. Your map includes your genetic wiring for intimacy and sexuality and the variations others can express.  

Let’s release the conditioning pressure and judgement…all the ‘You should do this…’ ‘Don’t ever do that…’ for coming into relationship. Because, all of THAT can leave you ashamed, frustrated, bitter, disappointed or angry. Perhaps playing out as…

  • You’ve worked on being your authentic Self in relationships only to find yourself reacting in ways that just don’t seem to reflect who you know yourself to be.
  • You unconsciously push the other away for no good reason, when they start getting close to you (or vice versa).
  • Everything seems to be going really well in a relationship, only to be dropped in a heartbeat…or maybe you were the one dropping them, but don’t really understand why?!

Your ‘energetic wiring for sexuality’ can seem like a great Mystery that you can only uncover through trial and error…and even then, it can be bewildering and difficult to put the pieces together.

What can make this especially challenging is: 

1) We’re all uniquely designed — so how sexuality and intimacy works for one person — may Not work for you
2) The genes associated with reproduction and survival of the species don’t care about your I AM!!

The inner conflict and friction that happens when you behave “out of character” with who you Be, can lead to emotional turmoil, numbing out and even physical dis-ease. Especially if you’re contorting yourself into what you think you should be or what the other expects you to be in intimacy, 

But, when you understand your own energetic wiring, there isn’t a mystery anymore — you don’t have to guess. Things become clear and it brings a new level of empowerment, acceptance, self-love and compassion.

…You begin to let go of judgement, guilt and shame towards your Self and others. 

…You come into greater acceptance of, and surrender to, your Divine Nature

It’s time for all the puzzle pieces to come together…It’s time to experience another level of Freedom and Alignment with the Whole of who you Be…

Cosmic Love!

Notes: To run your Human Design Bodygraph, your birth date, time and place are required. If you do not know the time, Margo will look at the variations over the day to see what is consistent to work with during the program. 

There is so much value in understanding the different types of genetic expression of intimacy and sexuality that exist within humanity to bring greater peace, harmony and acceptance in relating to others, so you may still find the program valuable even if you have no birth date information. 

No previous knowledge of Human Design is required for this program. 

ITEM 1: Video Series 1: Availability, Drive & Your Genetic Wiring For Establishing Intimacy

Part A: Availability for Sex & Sex Drive

There can be a lot of negative self-judgement around availability for sex and sex drive.  But in Human Design, it’s the mechanics of the Sacral and Solar Plexus Centres that are responsible for these dynamics. 

Societal messaging is often that we should all have drive and there is a plethora of advice on how to increase it BUT 50% of people are actually not designed to have consistent and reliable drive! Time to delve into this further!!

Here’s what I’ll cover in this video series: 

  • Whether you are fundamentally wired as a transmitter of energy or receiver through these 2 centres.
  • Is it naturally built into your wiring to be available for sex (ie to have the energy for it)?  What does it mean if it’s not?…and what does it mean if you are? 
  • And, what about sex drive?  Is “drive” part of your design or is your drive literally “turned on” by another?
  • The 4 fundamental combinations for these 2 centres; you’ll be one of these! (transmitter/transmitter, transmitter/receiver, receiver/transmitter, receiver/receiver).  What this means, the dilemmas and solutions.

Part B: Building Intimate Relationships 

The channel of mating is the only direct connection between the sacral and solar plexus centres in Human Design and expresses the genetic imperative to reproduce and fertility (including creative fertility). 

It’s in the details of this channel where we can discover how you are genetically wired to bond with others, whether those are intimate friendships or sexual relationships. I add in a few other important details to support you as well. 

I cover: 

  • The inner conflict between your Self and your reproductive genes
  • Barriers to intimacy – it’s your genes talking! – and the barrier(s) you’re designed to put up and take down to help you find your correct partner
  • Your nose knows – the impact of smell
  • Friction – the ups and downs of your emotional wave and how it supports relationship building 
  • Understanding why a relationship with one person can be so different from another. 

ITEM 2: Workshop 1: Availability, Drive & Your Genetic Wiring For Establishing Intimacy – December 7th (12:30pm PT/ 1:30pm MT/ 2:30pm CT/ 3:30pm ET/ 8:30pm GMT)

Live Group Call (~1.5 hours may vary depending on group size)

Now that you’ve received the foundational information in video series 1, let’s look at your own chart and see how it applies to you!  

Hearing the specific chart information for others in the group will help you to understand how unique everyone is and build greater compassion for those that you interact with day-to-day.  

In the live workshop, I’ll answer any questions about the video series content and I’ll use your personal chart to review your specific design around these characteristics of availability, drive and your genetic wiring for establishing intimacy.

ITEM 3: Video Series 2: The Streams of Sexuality – Ego, Emotional and Kundalini

Sexuality is irrevocably tied to emotions and their ups and downs. Three “streams” (circuitry) of sexuality; Ego (Tribal), Emotional (Individual) and Kundalini (Collective); operate in your Human Design and indicate how you express your sexuality.  Are you a romantic? Love to cuddle? Can’t wait to try something new? There’s no right or wrong; simply your design.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • For better or worse…marriage, loyalty and the cultural conditioning of the tribal way
  • Why touch says everything for some
  • The danger of sex for the romantics
  • The taboo of the experiential stream
  • How each stream operates, and its gifts and dilemmas
  • The ties between food and sex

ITEM 4: Workshop 2: Streams of Sexuality – December 12 (12:30pm PT/ 1:30pm MT/ 2:30pm CT/ 3:30pm ET/ 8:30pm GMT)

Live Group Call (~1.5 hrs may vary depending on group size)

In the live workshop, we’ll look at each person’s chart to see your specific design around the sexualitycircuitry covered in video series 2.

It is so freeing to understand your innate design and let go of the conditioning and mental concepts around how intimacy “should be” that are misaligned with your sovereign self and can create real havoc in your physical and energetic body! 

ITEM 5: Workshop 3: Honouring Your Design – Releasing and Healing Workshop – December 14 and again on a mid to late January date to be determined (12:30pm PT/ 1:30pm MT/ 2:30pm CT/ 3:30pm ET/ 8:30pm GMT)

Live Group Call (~1.75 – 2hrs)

Just understanding your unique wiring related to sexuality and intimacy can often free you from much of the unconscious baggage and conditioning you may have been carrying.  

But, shadow conditioning in this area of life runs deep and there can be lingering aspects of you that insist on clinging to that old conditioning. 

In this Releasing and Healing Workshop, I’ll support you in clearing common aspects that are holding you back from embodying the Truth of who you Be related to what was brought forth in the workshops. 

You’ll be releasing blame, shame,confusion, and more around intimacy from your field…and your ancestral & past life timelines!

Then I’ll channel high vibration Celestial Plant and Crystal Kingdom essences to support you in honouring this facet of your Beingness so that you can live more greatly from your True Nature..

ITEM 6: Annotated PDF of Your Human Design Bodygraph

Receive a PDF copy of your Human Design Bodygraph, your genetic/energetic wiring with summary notes related to your design specific to sexuality and intimacy. 

You’ll receive this shortly after you register for the program so that you can follow along with it through the video series and practicums. 

ITEM 7: Private Website Access Area for Program Materials

All group program materials will be placed in a private access area on Margo’s website that you can access for the lifetime of her website. 

BONUS: Understanding How to Make Decisions Through Your Design
Curated Video Series Specific to Your Design

You have a way that your design operates to support you in moving through life with less resistance (your “Strategy”) and making decisions aligned with your genetic traits (your “Authority”). 

Based on your unique design, you’ll be provided with short videos to support you in understanding your Strategy and Authority. This understanding is so important for understanding who and what is correct and aligned for you!

If you’re not familiar with your Human Design, this will allow you to go even deeper into your awareness of your SELF and support making meaningful connections in your life. 

BONUS 2: Open Q&A Session

Live Zoom Call

Some people’s designs and time allow them to move through information more quickly and others need longer integration time.  There’s no right or wrong in this.  To provide everyone with additional support, particularly those that need more time to take in and process the information, I’ll be offering a live Q&A session in late January where you can ask questions about the material generally or in relation to your own chart. 

Special Offer #2: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design Private Session + Offer 1

Special Offer #2: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design Private Session + Offer 1


ITEM 8: Intimacy & Sexuality: Decoding Your Design Deep Dive Personal Video  

In this deep dive into your design, I’ll be providing you with a personalized video that provides additional details to build on the video series and workshops.  

I’ll cover:

  • Specific conditions for your availability
  • Distinct expressions of your drive indicated in your design and how those can play out
  • Whether you have an active or passive brain/body system and how that can impact intimacy (note: can only be provided with correct birth time data)

ITEM 9: Private Session: Intimacy Integration Activation

Putting it all together!  A lot of material is covered through the video series and workshop and your personalized deep dive video. In your private session, I’ll provide you with a synthesis of your expression into the world around intimacy and sexuality to bring all the information specific to you together. 

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on your unique design around intimacy and sexuality.  

You’ll also receive your Intimacy Integration Activation! 

In this profound activation, I’ll support you in releasing additional shadow aspects that have been revealed and provide you with an infusion of high vibration essences of the Celestial Plant or Crystal Kingdom Beings that your Higher Self indicates will support you to honour, integrate and embody this unique expression of your Self!

What People Have To Say About Margo

Special, so special – so profound. I really enjoyed the workshops.

A, About the Intimacy Program

I wanted to thank you for this incredible healing journey. I am having such a beautiful experience. Today’s workshop was absolutely Amazing! I felt so much shifting, experienced some heavy deep emotions, and lovingly let them go, as I felt them leave my body. I feel balanced, rejuvenated, I cleaned my whole house and went for a barefoot walk after the workshop . I truly thank you for going into a place of healing and sharing your beautiful light and blessed gifts with the world.

I’d love to share my appreciation & gratitude for Margo’s work.She did an intuitive reading and mentioned about an issue that I recognized many years ago (actually my vocal coach helped me to recognize it), but it never came to me that there is actually a solution for this!!! It was like a shift by even knowing the real cause. With the private session, we went through clearing and integration. And I can’t be happier enough to see this shift in my reality.She provides detailed insights and her knowledge about aura and energetic bodies is very precise.If there is something going on that is affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, she connects to your higher self and works from that connection. Plus she cares so much about the healing process. Love you,

About Margo Fraser

Margo Fraser is a Nature Mystic and Cosmic Connector who is able to weave high vibration light messages into your Being. She unmasks and releases the energetic wounds, triggers and sabotaging beliefs, conscious and unconscious, that can have you running ragged, feeling off track, depleted, and confused about your purpose. She channels the Celestial healing and revitalizing nature energies and essences in collaboration with Divine Beings.

She is also a Certified Human Design Professional, trained through the International Human Design School in the deepest levels of this Science of Differentiation. She facilitates clients in understanding and embodying the magic of their unique nature and becoming their own decision making authorities. There are few Human Design Professionals formally trained in decoding one’s design in the area of sexuality and intimacy, but Margo is and has seen first hand how freeing and empowering this knowledge can be. Adding to that, her intuitive ability and training as an Certified Intuitive Strategist through the Academy for the Soul with Christel Hughes, where she’ is a Master Teacher, allows her to bring a whole different level of understanding behaviour and shifting shadow personas that have been holding you back. Margo can support you with healing the lingering aspects that insist on clinging to old conditioning so that you can more greatly embody your True Nature!

Special Offer #1: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design


Special Offer #2: Intimacy and Sexuality: Decoding Your Design Private Session + Offer 1