With mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower
Merissa Indigo

Enjoy this Legacy of Love Summit Presentation

Bridging Heaven on Earth ~Embracing the Cosmic Sophia Christ within with Merissa Indigo

And with the star Mothers Gaia Sophia, the Lyrans, Pleiadians & Andromedans


We are creating the bridge to heaven on earth, anchoring the New Paradigm of New Earth energies through our hearts and bodies. Divine Mother Sophia has so many forms and she is here to share this information from an Earthly or Terran perspective as an ascending crystal planet along with the Christed Galactic starfamilies of Lyra, Andromeda and the Pleiades. Each of these star lineages which we share DNA with has unique tools and technologies of light to support us to raise our frequencies and continue forward/upward momentum on the Spiral path of ascending consciousness. Enjoy this activation with these cosmic emissaries of Divine Mother along with the Pink, Violet, Emerald, Gold & Platinum rays of light. Explore your earthly incarnation with new eyes and tools through the senses to embody more of your soul’s light and feel the innate connection to these aspects of your Being.

Enjoy this discussion sharing wisdom and codes to fill yourself up with a daily devotional practice. Mother Mary, Gaia Sophia and the Rose Council are also here with our galactic family to support each of us remembering our inherent worth, abundance and preciousness. The masters share how to source our own deep self love through various practices so that we can be the source within our own hearts, households, communities and on a global scale. We will share a group activation to support a visceral experience of the unified heart so you can feel the love that is and has always been here for you in your very own heart. Join us for these heartfelt activations.

Enjoy the Cosmic Temple of the Senses activation with Starfamily from the Pleiades, Lyra, Andromeda and Lemuria showing us how to reframe our capabilities and lightbody for this time of great shift

Golden Heart Activation ~Unconditional Self Love with Mother Mary, Gaia Sophia & the Rose Council

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer #1: Rose Heart Bundle

Enjoy these 4 delightful, inspiring and empowering mastery empowerment courses

Special Offer #1: Rose Heart Bundle


Holy Womb Chakra with Mother Mary ~Deep healing for the Mother Wound and lightbody technology for divine feminine wisdom embodiment

Calling all the Holy Women ~Activate and embody your sacred divine feminine intuitive gifts and leadership abilities

Emerald Ray Covenant of Gaia Sophia & Rainbow Prism Flames of Solaria ~Trinity heart activation for our divine human activation, sharing many codes from Gaia for our New Earth livelihood and abundance from Mt Shasta, Olympia Rainforests, Inner Earth with the Telosians & Beyond

Remembering Solaria ~~ The codex of Solar Cosmic Sophia Christ DNA which spans time and space throughout history, work consciously with the Sun for the physical ascension process as a master here.

Holy Womb chakra activation with entire system protocol, guided instruction and audios to learn the mantra plus bonus resources to study to take this practice even more deeply for self and others.

This potent masterclass shares the ancient technology of the Holy Womb Chakra and gives you the power through this protocol to clear all karma in 21 to 41 days. Through devotional mantra chanting and forgiving your human birth mother your veils of victim programming are removed to then see her with your christed heart as the template of Mother Divine. For any called to this practice as a lightworker, looking to be free of family karma & suffering, or serve the planet, the rewards are great.

Holy womb Chakra: Teachings from the Pleiades, the Rishis & the Satya Yuga

“In a time very long ago, early in human existence on this planet, life and people were very different from today. That time was called the Satya Yuga, the age of truth and enlightenment.The men and women of that time were rishis, enlightened beings with siddhic power. They were a perfect expression of humanity’s divine nature. People lived for tens of thousands of years and dedicated their lives to the welfare of society. They saw all living and non-living beings as expressions of God consciousness. They understood the reality of human incarnation as divine; their very life is an embodiment of the consciousness of God.

“The primacy of the feminine aspect of God, the Divine Mother, was understood by all. God is both Mother and Father, feminine and masculine. They worshipped the Divine Mother as the force behind all creation and reveredNature as the sublime expression of the Mother God. They recognized all of Nature as a manifestation of the Mother. Nature was their teacher. They discovered the secrets hidden inNature and learned the mysteries of creation. They dedicated their lives to meditating and connecting to God as Mother who revealed everything to them. “The Divine Mother said one body of knowledge would be especially important to enlighten humankind at the end our current dark age, the Kali Yuga. She foretold it would be the 3 knowledge humankind needed to bring anew era of truth and enlightenment. The Divine Mother instructed these ancient rishis to carefully protect and preserve this knowledge for humanity’s time of need. “This knowledge was passed on orally then later written down in palm leaf manuscripts. Over the eons that followed, these manuscripts were hidden and protected, and when the passage of time made it necessary, were copied onto new palm leaves. Copying them protected and preserved them. As the progression of ages unfolded, and humanity’s fall from divine qualities progressed, the knowledge was held by a few. Now through the Divine Mother’s grace, this knowledge was revealed to the world for the first time by Sri Kaleshwar. “

In 1997, Sri Kaleshwar introduced these ancient practices when he taught the Five Elements Process for the first time in America. He shared the practices from the palm leaves that Jesus had done, practices that rishis themselves used to awaken yogic powers and divine consciousness. “For example, The Saptarishi Channels; The Holy Womb Chakra, discovered by Vishvamitra Maharshi 7000 years ago; and Patanjali Shakti discovered by Bhrigu Maharshi.“

Perhaps the most powerful and perfect expression of the fruition of the ancient knowledge is the life of Mother Mary. Two thousand years ago, in a lifetime culminating thousands of previous lifetimes’ practice, Mary demonstrated the divine potential of every woman, creating the crystal diamond soul known as Jesus in her womb. The ancient knowledge reveals the spiritual technology of enlightening a soul in the womb. “More than anyone else, Jesus and Mary are demonstrations of what is possible for all of humankind through these practices. And some of you have learned some about this in Mother Mary Mystery Teachings..


This practice connects us directly to Father Mother god to clear our karma and support our lineages throughout time.
The Holy Womb chakra liberates us from the constraints of our perceptions and conditioning with regards to our programs of limitation: time, perceived separation from Source or poverty consciousness.

The womb chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct link to Divine Mother’s creation capacity. For millennia, the ancient people considered the womb as the most holy place, the sacred place where life is created. In the same way, the Divine Mother creates each soul in Her universal womb chakra. This supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother is also hidden in your soul. Through your Womb Chakra you can create anything. Your Womb Chakra is your ‘creativity center’, through which you can manifest what you want in your life and in the world. It is the spark of creation in you that can make anything possible. A soul with brilliant creativity, confidence, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Womb Chakra.
Further benefits of this practice…

  1. Heal Heartbreak
  2. Heal Stuck Energy from Past Relationships
  3. Clear & Transform Negative Patterns
  4. Attract the Right Soul Relationships
  5. Attract a True Soul Mate
  6. Find Your Dharma and Live Your Purpose
  7. Create Unconditional Love
  8. Deepen Your Relationship with Your Mother
  9. Heal Your Children and Ancestry
  10. Manifest Your Heart’s Desire
  11. Express your Creativity, Passion and Gifts
  12. Develop a Strong Connection with the Divine Mother
  13. Be A Blessing of Divine Love for Others
  14. Create Spiritually Enlightened Children

Activations for stepping up with ascended masters Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sophia Seraphim.

Calling all holy women! Change agents, way showers, yogis, mystics, witches, priestesses, bridge keepers, carriers of the true, organic shift support seed templates and coding!

Are you hearing a call to step it up in all aspects of your life? Professionally and personally? How to deepen your impact? Have you been asking Source/the Universe/God for support to carry out your mission? Are you ready to reach for the next level?
This amazing journey is infinite. At soul level we signed up for these amazing, challenging times to unify with divine harmony, destiny and purpose. We each have unlimited potential to grow, expand, reach, give and receive. Let’s make space for the new and true to come forth, so we can live from a joyous, empowered, integrated and on purpose soul coordinate, truly a holy place of Being. This workshop is devoted to the divine dance of life and our consistent expansion contraction cycles on the journey as we keep saying yes to the invitations and reach higher for the stars.

I am so excited to share this next layer of codes, years in the making through my experience and ready to burst forth into the collective…
Being in a similar space these last 2 years, I have been asking and receiving beautiful insight, tools and wisdom to implement in my own life. Now I have been hearing the calls of my sisters all over the globe, and this is my deep joy, to share these tools with you!

It all begins with the inner landscape. The Intel is inside. Extract it and merge with ascended master support, seraphim level support to match the incoming, unavoidable uplevel of your personal expression, frequency and life! Shift happens, and it is going to keep happening! Expansion is the game from now on. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Partner with your soul and allies so instead of a battle, this all becomes a dance…

The lightcodes keep coming in and through for humanity. So, lets use these amazing opportunities to continue to expand our loving hearts, our pure power through Cosmic Divine Grace.

Join us for this truly beautiful, powerful webinar to activate, integrate and liberate whole new levels of your inner holy woman.

Whether you are just beginning, have the inner nudge to be a part of this shift and support community at this most sacred and precious time, or you already are an established way shower or holy woman, this workshop has sacred technologies to deepen your vision.

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sophia Seraphim come forth, asking us to step it up, to unify and heal division within, to show the way home to heart-centered living for all in our lives both professionally and personally.

This is a multi-media activation course where we will do live activation transmissions together and Merissa will share stunning gifts from Gaia. Merissa receives incredible activational photography and videography of rainbow solar plasma, crystalline grids, lightcodes, the Emerald Ray plant kingdoms, which she captures out in the Emerald forests of the PNW so that everyone can witness and experience the frequencies of New Earth.

Join us for this crystalline soul light bath activation to nourish and embody Heaven on Earth with the Emerald Ray Eden templates of the Heart from beloved Gaia partnered with the Rainbow Prism Flames of Divinity of Solaris. We are collectively joining in the unified heart field to embrace the wisdom of our Sacred Earth Gaia and Soul Star Solaris for beautiful activations to embody the equinox gateway teachings and prepare for the expansive birth of the incoming eclipse season in October.  We weave together the Emerald Ray Heart of Gaia Sophia and Cosmic Solar Diamond Christos Sophia of Solar Logos from Solaris.

Our focus together is activating and embodying the trinity quantum heart of our sacred heart, that of Gaia and of Solaris, weaving these together in light and blessing.

Merissa Indigo will share the codex of the Emerald Covenant transmissions she received on 2.20.2022 in the Lemurian Rainforests of the Pacific Northwest through stunning video and photos she captured as gifts from Gaia Sophia. Merissa has made gifts of this incredible footage which have been lovingly edited into photo galleries via ebook and videos for you to download to connect and continue this activation with this stunning lush Emerald Quantum Heart Frequencies and Rainbow Prism Solar rays. We will participate together in powerful rounds of activations with these Emerald Ray and Solarian codes, installating expanded Soul light into the nervous system and lightbody to refresh, inspire and build the heart grid architecture connecting us even more to the crystallin grids of Gaia and New Earth, the Edenic templates which are here now for us.

Benefits of the session may include:

Sophia is a form of Mother Divine, She who gifts us everything we are. Sophia means wisdom, and it is this wisdom of the deep mysteries of creation and divine destiny that are ready to come online now through each of us as our unique mission and creative expression. At soul level we are Christed Solar light beings who came here to rebirth this planet into a crystal star realm. Connecting with the Cosmic Solar Diamond Christos Sophia of Solar Logos and the Emerald Gold Gaia Sophia of Earth unlocks our own Akashic memories, portals of infinite creativity to access gifts and abilities to self actualize, become and express ourselves as divine creator beings.

This process opens us up to a trinity of Solar and Terran crystalline consciousness which permeates Heaven and Earth, so we can be the bridge to anchor heaven here onto Earth in our unique way and support a physical shift into the 5d realms of New Earth.

These codes are buried within our own DNA memory, our bodies and our soul libraries too. By connecting with our Divine Cosmic Mother who gifts us life, physical reality and our bodies, we re-establish this direct connection to so much of our galactic history, the wisdom inherent in the planet herself and this initiation then awakens our individual body elemental to come online and activate our lightbody.

The realm shift is birthed through us, the process of reaching a new dimension happens through our physical body. By detoxing the old paradigm energies and attachments which show up as stories, dissatisfaction or disassociation from our earthly bodies, we are liberating ourselves from the lower realms of mental imprisonment.

We are establishing a loving relationship with our body which is our temple of the soul, merkaba, sacred vehicle, and lightship, so we can actually land on New Earth. By forgiving and releasing from the body we are simultaneously doing massive collective ancestral clearing, for Her/Earth’s body is our Body, we are One. She gifted us the body as a temple or a lightship to be here on the physical planet and to enjoy this as a creative realm of conscious play. So now we get to tie it all together from the solar star to our earthly star to our own heart star. It all happens through the totality of our being, in the physical, not just conceptual in the mind.

We must raise the frequency of the physical body with the elementals in addition to the mental and emotional bodies. When we activate these lines of direct connection to Creation itself through the Solar Logos and our planet we establish a new dimension which is born through our lightbody and physical body. This activates dormant knowledge, abilities, gifts, and increases our light quotient for both conscious awareness and physical luminosity.

Welcome Home to our Crystal Star Mother Earth, New Earth Terr Nova Gaia. She has been waiting to receive you!

Lately the Sun has become more of a central figure in our daily lives, whether it’s the solar flares, the shifting from gold to white, the lightcodes raining down. We are being called to remember Solaria…

Are you finding yourself suddenly drawn to the Sun or Grand Central Sun? Perhaps you have always been a Sun worshipper and are noticing a shift in the intensity of the Sun’s rays. Or maybe you are just starting to get into the Sun. Perhaps you’ve been hearing more and more about the solar flares and subsequent physical body upgrades as we are suffused with plasma. How does the rise in solar activity and space weather in general affect humanity? How is it affecting and even expediting the ascension process?

Did you know that the Ancients thought of our sun as a Trinity Source Being which beams out lightcodes of divine consciousness at precise cosmic moments for our harmonic evolution? The Ancient cosmic Maya shared much code about the Sophia Christ balance of divine feminine and divine masculine consciousness in the Sun. They even kept a detailed galactic calendar of cosmic and solar cycles to predict and track the ascension process for all of humanity and our entire sector of the Universe! The Maya called this solar knowingness Kin Ahau, which has a similar vibration in translation to “our heavenly, cosmic golden crystalline Source Creator/parents.” In this course I will also share a 9 year vision plan gifted to us by the Law of Time Mayan Galactic calendar system which demonstrates the solar cycles and various energy currents beaming in for our global ascension from 2020 to 2029.

The Ancient Ones of pure Egypt, India, Tibet, and the cosmic Maya are several cultures which left behind deep mystery school teachings in codes through myths, artwork and song for us to remember our place in the Sun, as Suns! Even the physical practices of Yoga are to connect us with the Divine forces in the Sun and Moon through our own lightbody. All in Divine Time, which is Now as we watch the Solar flares pop off and the Aurora Borealis dance all across this sacred Earth!

You may be surprised to learn how we are impacted as electromagnetic beings by these blasts of photonic light at multiple levels of life from spiritual to emotional, relational, mental, and physical too! If you have been interested in the Sun and how to work with it for our ascension journey this course gives a great overview and various lenses or dimensions as launching points to really enjoy expanding into a cosmic citizen here. This wisdom will empower you and can be very useful for your family, community, friends, and animals too as we all navigate these intense photonic light blasts together. We will also go in depth on various types of rays/particles and how they can affect our upgrades and creativity process.
We are gradually going more quantum and less linear and thus our schedules, lifestyles are shifting to accommodate this. We have down days to integrate the rays and up days where we can accomplish in a few days what would take a month. Welcome to the quantum Solarian waves of being, flowing with the Solar activations! It’s quite a ride.

What to expect:

All Gold, All the Time! This is the phrase that came through from the Soular Rishi in June as the solar flares were going off. For this mastery empowerment course will come together and have an opening energy attunement, then share a presentation all about the spaceweather and what has been going on with solar flares, how to work with these rays as a cosmic citizen, solar charging the body, as well as review causes and effects from a multidimensional perspective. We will be deeply exploring various waves of cosmic activity, the magnetosphere, the Aurora Borealis, even including the Schumann resonance frequencies and how all this connects to our nervous system/lightbody complex.

By exploring what the Sun’s activations are doing on a macrocosmic level we begin to see the atomic shifts within as all is in divine resonance with the Law of One. From macro to micro we are a part of this cosmic evolution into the Golden Age. We will review the teachings of Ancient cultures who are star family to begin to connect the consciousness of the Solar Source forces for ascension with all the shifts happening here on Earth. The more wisdom we reclaim as Ancient Ones here now as explorers, mystics, scientists and creators, remembering our Solarian aspects and Golden destiny, the more empowered and fun our journey can become as conscious stewards.

We will share a deep dive into the Solarian codex of wisdom which spans multiple cultures here throughout our history. Then we will proceed into the Aurora Borealis Solarian activations.

We are highlighting the importance of knowing ourselves SO fully on an atomic, physical level and being aware of daily or weekly spaceweather habitually like we already do watch regional/local Earth weather as a foundation for self-fulfilled, self-actualized divine sovereignty. By being tuned in we can be more prepared for the influxes of light which can present us with “challenges” for growth as they stimulate our psychology, emotions, behavior patterns, energy levels and more.

Know thyself, know the local weather; how its influenced by the spaceweather and thus be equipped to surf the cosmos as a centered, empowered, sovereign being.

After the presentation we will do more activations with the Solar Rishi to activate the Solarian codes within and learn to work with the Aurora Borealis beams of information.

We will end with some q & a

  • Learn awesome spaceweather happenings, how to track major solar events, and how it all ties into our daily lives like breaking old programs/beliefs down, physical ascension experiences, relationships, even gardening cycles with the Farmer’s Almanac and more.
  • Transcending feeling small or vulnerable to global evolutionary shifts to feeling empowered through being connected and informed, no longer separate from the great events. Become an active participant and feel the difference as an expanded Solarian Being!
  • A sense of connection to the greater cycles of cosmic evolution and personal stewardship of the process in your own life, community, global family etc.
  • Feel more grounded in your truth and thus energized/flexible/trusting for the journey as the Shift continues to accelerate and realities continue to shift, blur, dissolve and manifest
  • Powerpoint presentation with resources for further exploration
  • Becoming Solarian Suns Again, an activation for building Temple architecture and DNA upgrades. Use the Golden Plasma Accelerator meditation for this as a process for your journey


  • Includes Cosmic Solar Rishi MEC to get into the Solarian stream of your unique wisdom transmissions and begin to amplify with the Sun
  • Soular Rishi Ebook with activations and rituals to work with the golden crystalline Soular plasma
  • Solar Flares for Ascension resources Ebook to learn even more about the cosmic activity of our solar system and how to track the Aurora Borealis, plus more Solar charging practices and Solar DNA upgrades with the Solarian Rishi
  • Golden Plasma Accelerator activation Mp3 download
  • 9 Year Vision Mayan Galactic Calendar Pdf download

Special Offer #2: One on One Oracle Mentorship Session with Merissa + Offer 1

Special Offer #2: One on One Oracle Mentorship Session with Merissa + Offer 1


Soul Akash exploration: one on one private mentorship 60 minute session w Merissa Indigo for extra support, reviewing any questions on any topics for your consciousness journey. We will explore topics from the Oracle state together in the Akashic records of your heart and DNA libraries.

About Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo is a mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower here to support humanity during the Shifts into the Golden Age. Her true joy is the discovery of ancient wisdom to heal, integrate and expand personally which she then shares with the world to support the full restoration of our Divine DNA. She has studied many ancient traditions from East to West, Occult and so forth to consolidate ascension technology into simple systems for personal alchemy to share with you all.

She is part of the Holy order of the Marys, she is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Holy Womb Chakra facilitator, a member of the Fellowship of Isis and a Sophia Christ minister.

Special Offer #1: Rose Heart Bundle


Special Offer #2: One on One Oracle Mentorship Session with Merissa + Offer 1