With Creator of Celestial Sol-Reiki
Sara Cornell

Enjoy this Legacy of Love Summit Presentation

Activating your Sol Truth with Celestial Sol Reiki with Sara Cornell

With the Feminine Sun and the Pleidian Sun Tribe


Open up your Natural Healing Mastery Abilities, igniting the Truth of your Soul!

Do you know you’re meant to be a Healer but unsure where to start? Do you feel confused about connecting with your Guides? Want to learn a method to heal yourself and others? Are you on a mission to assist with the transformation that’s currently happening on Earth ~ yet unclear where to start?

You’re being called to step into your Truth & share your Light like never before! If you know you’re meant to assist with the current evolution of Humanity, healing yourself & others – you don’t want to miss this call!

Join the Creator of Celestial Sol-Reiki & Master Truth Activator, Sara Cornell to discover:

  • All about Celestial Sol-Reiki and how it specifically brings in the power of Solar Codes & Starlight Energy, for ultimate transmutation & Awakening of Soul-Truth!
  • How to Open your Intuitive Gates & Multidimensional Healing abilities
  • The importance of the Heart Space & cultivating your inner realms
  • The unique Solar Codes that Sara brings in to Awaken Your Truth!
  • How this new light that is coming into the planet will be affecting all of us and how to best work with the energies.

Legacy of Love Summit Special Offer

Special Offer #1: CELESTIAL Sol-REIKI ~ Activating your Healing Mastery Skills through Initiation & Reiki Attunements

1:1 Cosmic Soul Truth Algorithm Activation Session
Celestial Sol-Reiki Attunement & Initiation Ceremony Level 1 & 2
Celestial Sol-Reiki Level 1 & 2 Self-Study Training 12 Videos & PDFs
4 Live Group Sessions
Celestial Light Assimilation Guided Journey MP3 Audio Recording for Daily Use
Journey to the Temple of the Sun MP3 Audio Recording for Daily Use
Connecting with your Guides 3 Module Self-Study Training

Special Offer #1: CELESTIAL Sol-REIKI ~ Activating your Healing Mastery Skills through Initiation & Reiki Attunements


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Item 1: 1:1 Cosmic Soul Truth Algorithm Activation Session

~ Featuring Celestial Sol-Reiki

60 min. Private 1-on-1 Session (Value $330)

In utilizing the Celestial Sol-Reiki, Solar Codes + Starlight energy, Sara will use her innate capacity to recognize & transmute the energetic material that’s blocking your Mastery skills from awakening — those areas that are in Un-truth & preventing you from recognizing your value to embody your Truth, fully!

In this deep Healing Session:

  • We’ll go deep into each of your main 7 chakras, specifically clearing the cords, hooks, walls & other blockages that your Higher Self brings up causing you to reject & disown your Truth.
  • We’ll also heal up the rips & tears in your chakras preventing them from spinning & rotating at the proper speed for translation of your Truth algorithm, so we can bring Absolute Harmony. You’ll come to trust your chakras to handle the high vibes you’ll be channeling. These rips & tears are leaking your vital life force energy – with this clearing & healing, you’ll feel lighter, freer & more in control of your energy.
  • We’ll do a thorough Celestial Sol-Reiki healing of your cells that are in UN-truth… relieving you of hundreds of blockages, thousands of density spots & a multitude of many old traumas. According to Experts, there are over 200 cell types & trillions of cells in your body ~ We’ll have all your cells vibrating and happy!
  • Utilizing Special Solar Codes & Starlight Energy, we’ll awaken your dormant Key Codes (they’re ready & waiting for you!)
  • Channeling Cosmic Calculations of your Soul (using a specific method), we’ll Activate your Cosmic DNA & Truth Algorithm… For Truth & Light!
  • You’ll gain support with the Amplification of your Attunements & erase symptoms to experience a smooth transition through your Mastery Skills Upgrade.

After healing up the Un-truth places in your body, with the Celestial Sol-Reiki, Solar Codes + Starlight Energy, you’ll be on the path to not only activating the Master skills of your Soul ~ but accepting that you are the Embodiment of Divine Truth!

Having this session prior to your Celestial Sol-Reiki Attunement & Initiation Ceremony will significantly lessen the typical detoxification period & effects. We’ll replace all of the old dense energy with your highest Truth & Light. You’ll feel more balanced, at peace & in harmony.

You’ll be totally prepared to receive your Attunement & Initiation Ceremony and delight in the flow of energy as well as the recollection & expansion of your masterful abilities!

You’ll experience the Bliss of your own Soul Light
shining through your Body!!!

Item 2: Celestial Sol-Reiki Attunement & Initiation Ceremony Level 1 & 2

90 min. Live Private Session (Value: $466)

With the completion of your Self-Study & Group Trainings, you’re ready to receive your Celestial Sol-Reiki Attunement & Initiation:

  • A powerful DNA Activation, enlivening & empowering your specific DNA key codes to awaken & come online.
  • Your Attunement to Celestial Sol-Reiki will activate more of the truth of your Cosmic Soul Truth in your body, leaving you feeling absolutely blissful!
  • You’ll experience a further opening of your Intuitive Gates & Clair Abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, ….)!

We’ll start by calling in our Highest Level Guides, Masters & Angels to this powerful Ceremony: This is one of the most transformational sessions you’ll have! You’ll be initiated into the spiritual energy of Reiki ~ the Reiki Symbols will be downloaded into your Energy Field. Attunement to Reiki I & II Symbols will be the first part of the Ceremony.

We will then go into our Healing Sanctuary in the Heart. Channeling my Ancestral Guide – we will create a Temple to the Sun in your Heart Space. You will be initiated as a Priest or Priestess to the Sun utilizing Special Solar Codes & Starlight Energy which will be brought into your field, initiating you, activating you, and enlivening your whole body & being! Adjustments will be made in your chakras and energetic pathways to allow for the ability to channel the healing energy. You will receive and meet 2 New Guides who will be working with you after you are initiated into these energies. You will then be attuned to the Celestial Sol Symbol.

This will be a powerful Spiritual Experience ~ It is the main part of the program!

Item 3: Level 1 & 2 Self-Study Training (Value $399)

Dive into these 12 easy-to-consume modules. This comprehensive training program is a combination of instructional Videos & PDFs for you to learn:

  • Seeing Auras & Energy. Sara will guide you through practices to assist with opening the third eye so you can “see” auras & the energetic field, so Magical!
  • Byossen Scanning to Scan Your Energy Field & Others’. This scanning practice is so helpful to determine where energy blockages are located!
  • BreathWork to Remove Blockages. This is a wonderful technique you can use to assist with removing different energetic blockages in the field.
  • How to clear harmful energy from Yourself & Others. No more feeling stuck or weighed down with heavy energy! There are many different types of blockages, you’ll feel confident in identifying all of them!
  • Transform Harmful Energy from an Object. Objects can hold dense energy too!
  • Daily Practice for Grounding and Clearing your Energy. This is a game changer for managing your energy!
  • Send healing to the past and the future. Healing is not limited to the present moment! You can send healing to old trauma or to a big upcoming meeting!
  • Treat anxiety, depression, addiction & more. There’s nothing that energy healing can’t treat!
  • How to use energy to manifest. Reiki will amplify your manifestations!
  • How to Conduct an Energy Healing Session from Start to Finish. Feel confident in your Healing abilities!

And of course the foundational basics:

  • The History of Reiki & the Reiki Principles. Reiki is a spiritual practice which has 5 main principles to improve your daily life.
  • 3 Reiki Symbols. You’ll be learning about the Power Symbol, the Emotional & Mental Healing Symbol, and the Long Distance Symbol.
  • 3 Pillars of Reiki. These techniques prepare you to give Reiki, increase the flow of Reiki energy, and help determine where a person needs Energy Healing.

Celestial Sol Reiki Level 1 & 2 4 Live Group Sessions (Value: $457)

  • 1 LIVE Orientation Call plus replay (60 min) + replay – We will meet to go over the flow of the program. We will also set our intentions and place them on the Golden Grid of Grace. Together – we will light up the Heart Space creating a deep healing sanctuary that we will be returning to each week during the live group healing calls and the initiation ceremony.
  • 3 LIVE group Healing Calls (60 min) + replays – We’ll start these calls by grounding & centering your energy and calling in your highest level Guides, Masters & Angels. Sara will scan the group prior to the call to identify the number one healing blockage to your attunement.
    Sara will facilitate a healing & clearing of your energy, utilizing Celestial Sol-Reiki techniques for your experiential learning! We will be going deep into the Heart Space each week, working in our healing sanctuary, clearing personas that are blocking you and prepping your body and being for deep release and priming your cells for the attunement and initiation ceremony.

Item 4: Celestial Light Assimilation Guided Journey MP3 Audio Recording for Daily Use (Value: $57)

Guided Journey to listen to daily throughout the program. This will assist in the assimilation of Light & keep your Energetic Channels clear. This infused audio will assist you with keeping the energy moving & mitigate any detox effects, releasing and clearing residue or energetic debris, keeping your pathways open for holding more light. Ideally listen twice daily, morning and night for the duration of the program.

In this guided journey you’ll:

  • Ground & Center your Energy
  • Connect with your Higher Self & Guides
  • Enjoy a soothing waterfall of Celestial Sol Light, washing away any blockages & energetic debris or residue
  • Feel cleansed & refreshed afterwards!

Guided Journey to listen to following your Attunement and Initiation Ceremony. This will assist in anchoring in your new Sun Temple and your two new Guides. We’ll Journey to the Heart Space and tend to your Garden Bed that you have been cultivating throughout the program. We will then Journey to your Temple of the Sun, connecting with your two new guides, and guiding you through your daily practice.

In this guided journey you’ll:

  • Ground & Center your Energy
  • Connect with your Higher Self & Guides
  • Journey to the Temple of the Heart for releasing of blockages and to water your garden and seed that will be planted during your Initiation.
  • Journey to the Temple of the Sun, connecting with your new guides and receiving healing and activations.
  • Feel more confident in your abilities! Practice your skills and intuition!

… After your Initiation, for at least 21 days following your Attunement and Initiation Ceremony – Ideally twice per day.

Item 5: Connecting with your Guides 3 Module Self-Study Training (Value $358)

3 modules combining Guided Journeys, Videos & PDFs for you to learn How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides:
Module 1: How to connect with your Higher Self
Module 2: How to connect with your Angels & Archangels ~ and call on them to set up your Energetic Container
Module 3: How to connect with your Wise One Team

No more being unsure! Your relationship with your Higher Self & Guides will be strengthened & keep growing stronger!

As a result you’ll:

  • Channel Celestial Sol-Reiki, for yourself, loved ones & as a Healing practitioner
  • Develop your Clairs & trust your Intuition with clarity, precision & confidence
  • Experience on-going development & growth of your Intuitive Abilities & Psychic Senses
  • Be empowered with Masterful Skills from your past + they’ll keep revealing themselves & growing with your practice, over time
  • Meet two new Guides who will continue working with you as long as you choose
  • Deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, Guides, & Angels

Just by receiving the Attunement, your body and being will go through a process to release old densities and trauma. This will allow your body to hold more Light ~ more of the Truth of your Soul ~ leading to more Harmony & Balance in your day-to-day life.

PLUS: You’ll receive your Certificate of completion to Celestial Sol-Reiki Level I & II upon completion of your Attunement.

What People Have To Say About Sara

Sara Cornell has the distinct marked heart of the Ancient Ones…her lineage strength is incomparable and she uses it with Grace for the good of her clients. On first witnessing Sara’s energy as a healer, I was in awe at the degree that the sacred geometry danced with her soul to create transformation. The healing results happen so effortlessly, within her session. As she channels the Solar Codes and Starlight essence it appears to be Angelic…a Celestial marriage of energies is flowing through her in brilliant light.

I’ve consciously chosen Sara to be the Initiator of Reiki in preparation for my client’s getting attuned to Metatronic Reiki. Sara’s Celestial Sol-Reiki is a perfect match to complement the use of Metatron’s Cube, increase one’s ability to open their Intuitive capacity, and be able to hold Light at a greater magnitude for longer to gain Multi-dimensional healing abilities. This is what’s needed to be a practitioner of Metatronic Reiki. I recommend Sara Cornell’s genius with all my heart.

Christel Hughes, Creator of Metatronic Reiki, Academy for the Soul, Multi-dimensional Visionary and Multi-Sensory Intuitive

Sara’s Celestial Sol-Reiki course was so grace-filled, I feel blessed to have participated in it. The purity of her healing is something quite rare and her attunements and initiation into Celestial Sol-Reiki were so beautiful and so very powerful. Her course is very comprehensive and each participant is held in a healing container of light both during the course and for the 21 days following their attunement. Sara is truly a gifted healer and teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Anne B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sara for several years. Sara’s sessions are beyond amazing and beautiful. I left the session feeling lighter, and cleared, and with a more higher understanding, and with so much more clarity. Her intuitive work is spot on as well. Spot on. She encompasses many styles of energy healing into her sessions.

I would say her style is unique, mind blowing, highly effective, and very WHOLE. Sara transformed her background in a traditional clinical therapy setting, and has created this technique that is very multidimensional and powerful in a myriad of ways – with a traditional therapeutic variable that I think is brilliant. This is going to help so many people!

Sara has also taken classes from me, and quickly became one of my most advanced students because of her gifts and very much because of her passion, and dedication. I have worked alongside Sara aS well, and I will truly say, what an honor!


About Sara Cornell

Sara, with the guidance of her Ancestor, is the Creator of Celestial Sol-Reiki & acts as a Master Truth Activator. With an authentic, heart-centered approach, she blends her background as a clinical therapist with energy work. As a Cosmic Soul Truth Activation Specialist, she’s an expert in identifying blockages in the body that create disharmony and disconnection from Highest Truth.

Sara’s passionate about helping you heal and embody your Soul Truth. She’s committed to aiding you in the dissolution of blockages in the human body to activate Cosmic Soul Truth for your increased internal harmony and connection.

This combined with her expertise as a Reiki Master, Certified Intuitive Strategist with Academy for the Soul, and Certified Akashic Trance Worker enables Sara to assist you in trusting your Intuition & opening up… your Natural Healing Master Abilities… igniting the Truth of your Soul!

After experiencing a healing crisis, Sara awakened spiritually and spent several years going through a deep healing and transformational process. She overcame a tremendous amount of childhood trauma, physical health challenges and emotional pain which give her additional ‘real world’ qualifications to gently guide you to attaining your Soulful goals.

Special Offer #1: CELESTIAL Sol-REIKI ~ Activating your Healing Mastery Skills through Initiation & Reiki Attunements