Kihiw Biiniizii: What is Karma and What Can I Do About It?2022-04-05T16:13:06-06:00

With Eagle Star Woman
Kihiw Biiniizii


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What is Karma and What Can We Do About It?


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“Karma’s a b***h.” Now how many times have we heard that line? In many traditions karma is often synonymously associated with cause and effect. With good deeds leading to “good karma” and bad deeds leading to “bad karma;” often from some random past lives lived, with the belief that we are back to somehow make things right or play out our karma.

But what if I told you that the Universe isn’t actually keeping tabs? At least not the way we’ve been socialized to think…What if I told you that karma is, instead, actually a form of self-initiation? Initiation that is overseen and controlled by our Divine selves in co-creation with us. What would that do to our Ego’s sense of victimhood and persecution? I’ll tell you what, it might just dissolve it all together! Which is exactly what we are capable of doing with our karma: dissolving by resolving the associated energies.

Got your attention? Join me on April 16th for a lovely/lively discussion on the topic; individual karmic clearings; and a group karmic clearing, to close out the session. For those who are unable to attend live, the session recording will be just as powerful ;-D

About Kihiw Biiniizii

Hello my lovelies, my Spirit name is Kihiw-Biiniizii, a.k.a. Eagle Star Woman, and I am a Master Facilitator, Wayshower, Energy Transformer, and Multidimensional Channel–a Divine Transmitter of energies and frequencies straight from Source/The Godhead, and my Divine Partners. Through The Queen of Voices (TQoV), and in partnership with NEO, I am blessed to offer and support you with energy healing webinars, programs, packages, and recorded transmissions, partnering with you on your journey to complete self liberation. Working with me = freeing yourself from old, dense, fear-based templates and karmic energies, so you can be the highest expression and embodiment of your Divine Self that you came here to be—in alignment with your free-will and conscious choice, of course.

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