With Internationally Known Inter-Species Communicator and Soul Healer
Laurie Reyon

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Special Offer:  Journey Into Hollow Earth II Workshop

Are you ready to meet Highly Evolved Races that are inhabits of Inner or Hollow Earth?

I Am asked to use this Workshop to introduce you to your Hollow Earth brothers and sisters that live within the Earth. Many of them are your own family and are the Lemurians that have been a part of your lineage. It is time to Meet the Elementals and heal our relationships with Mother Earth.

Just below your feet in HOLLOW EARTH is a 5D Reality where everyone lives in peace in a beautiful tropical paradise.
The humans that live below you enjoy a peaceful and loving existence with greatly advanced technologies that are all eco-friendly. They are spiritually evolved and technologically advanced Beings of Light.

Hollow Earth is HOME to many advanced civilizations, all living in peace and harmony within the
Center of our Earth.


They want to meet YOU and assist you in your Intentional Evolution and in becoming more of a Conscious Creator

In This Workshop:
· Visit a 5D Utopian culture
· Journey and tour Hollow Earth
· Experience their Spiritually evolved culture
· See their technologically advanced world that is Eco friendly
· Meet Citizens that are healthy, living without disease
· Meet Elemental Beings who are the Builders of Form
· Work with Your Body Elemental to experience Personal healing
· Meet off world Pleiadian Emissaries living in Hollow Earth
· Meet the 7 Dragons of Creation living in Hollow Earth
· Experience Water that is super sentient that can speak with you

Often the inner world of Earth is referred to as Agartha. Agartha contains a thriving ecosystem in which creatures live that no longer exist on the surface

PLANS: As Humanity living on the surface enter into the coming 5th dimensional phase, the Inner Earth people will come forward and more deeply work with us on the surface. People on the surface are presently so involved with the sense of “me” and separation, that most have shown that they cannot live together harmoniously.

However, other humans living on the surface, are awakened and seek to reach the Inner Earth inhabitants.

If this is you, this workshop will bring you great joy in knowing we can raise our vibration and meet the Emissaries of Hollow Earth that are prepared for us to come.

During our Workshop we will be honored and invited as a group to journey as a collective into Hollow Earth. We will be received as a group, and then allowed to have individual experiences as we are hosted by the ancient Lemurians that live below us. Start preparing your body now by raising your vibration, to fully experience this amazing journey into Hollow Earth.

Journey Into Hollow Earth II Workshop Info

Journey Into Hollow Earth II Workshop

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Journey Into Hollow Earth II Workshop

  • Early Bird Price until 2/1/22. After 2/1/22 $55

About Laurie Reyon

Reyon is an internationally known Inter-Species Communicator and Soul Healer. Reyon’s gift allows her to speak to the animals and the Angels and translate their messages to humanity. She recognizes the Cetaceans as the ancients Beings and Master Healers on this planet. Reyon works in sacred partnership with Master Cat Puddah, and the Whales and Dolphins.

Reyon is a collaborating author of the bestselling book: “Whales and Dolphins Forever”. Reyon and Master Puddah collaborated to create the film “Ascension Guidance – Living in Your Sacred Heart.” This is the first film ever created by a human and a Master Cat that shares her wisdom with the world about consciousness and the next step in our evolution.

Reyon is an Animal Communicator and teacher, a certified Akashic Records Consultant, a Life Path Intuitive and Coach and a Telepathic teacher. She offers an individualized Spiritual Coaching and Healing program entitled “Coaching into Consciousness”.

Reyon facilitates Spiritual Cetacean Journeys, which are retreats all over the world where people can interact and swim with wild and free dolphins and whales. 2020 locations include Hawaii, Bimini, Mexico and Moorea.

Reyon has been named “Standing Whale Mother” by the Native Americans and she brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins to the people, guided by Spirit and the energy of Master Cat Puddah. Reyon has recently received information from the Whales and Dolphins on how to use their energy to activate and calibrate the HUMAN DNA and assist the humans in preparing for Ascension.

Reyon is the founder of the Whale and Dolphins Energy Medicine School, now training certified Practitioners in the art of Whale & Dolphin Healing and DNA recalibration.

Reyon is the “Voice” for Master Cat Puddah who is an aspect of the ancient Soul of Seth.


Mastery Empowerment Course: Journey Into Hollow Earth II Workshop

  • Early Bird Price until 2/1/22. After 2/1/22 $55