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SomRa An’Ryka & Isaac Moore

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It’s Time for Joy! 4-Week Program

It's Time for Joy 4-Week Program


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Is life not as thrilling and on-purpose as you want it to be?

Feeling tired of working so hard on your “stuff”?

Burdened by life’s responsibilities on top of all that?

Stressed about where the world is going?

Bored by the monotonous and the mundane?

Feeling like something’s missing on your spiritual path?

Remember when it was so easy to laugh?

Join us for…
It’s Time for Joy!
Unload & Uplift through Light-Hearted Living

with Transformation Facilitators
SomRa An’Ryka & Isaac Moore
4-Week Program with Live Zoom Group Facilitations
Wednesdays, September 20 – October 11, 2023
+ BONUS Q&A & Integration Meeting on October 18th

1pm PT  | 2pm MT | 3pm CT | 4pm ET | 8pm GMT

You feelin’ this too???

We’re guessing you heard things like this growing up:

“You have to finish your chores before you can play!”
“You have to do your homework before you can ______ (something really fun).

Though there may have been merit to such rules, they got so ingrained and so embedded that they became woven into the fabric of your consciousness. They became an automatic way of life. They affect your choices, habits, and outlook all the time. This can often leave you feeling guilty or unsettled for having “too much fun” because “there’s always work to be done.” And maybe you feel like you’re spinning your heels. Because…

Now as an adult you have:

* “Life chores”

* Spiritual “homework”

* Personal growth work

* Self-healing work

* Professional work

. . . that never feels done!

And that leaves you in a state of:

* Never getting to really PLAY

* Never feeling like you can fully relax

* Never really hearing & fulfilling your Heart

* Never experiencing your “payday”

* Often feeling conflicted about it all

* Never truly enjoying your life journey.

What if there is actually no such thing as “work” – as in “hard,” “unpleasant,”
“trapped,” “gotta do stuff you don’t really want to be doing”?

What if Joy, Play, Enthusiasm, and Light-Heartedness actually have no opposite . . .
and can be experienced every moment of your life?

What if Life itself is actually Joy, Play, Enthusiasm, and Light-Heartedness . . .
and it’s only your mind and attention that have been conditioned otherwise?

What if there was a way to EASILY break those old patterns, release the issues that stifle
your Innate Joy, and live in a state of Divine Light-Heartedness in everything you do???

Join It’s Time for Joy! and find out!

🙌 Serious Facilitation with a Playful Approach 🥳

In this 4-week program, powerhouse facilitators SomRa An’Ryka & Isaac Moore will be teaming up with the Higher Humor Realms, offering their advanced energyworker and consciousness-facilitator skills, insights, techniques, playfulness, wisdom, spontaneity, and more! They’ll be accessing the Quantum Field of the group and working to clear and resolve:

* Blocking beliefs & unresolved emotions
* Past & present life unconscious issues
* Past traumas (remembered or not)
* Inherited ancestral patterns
* Resistant & wounded Inner Child aspects
* Frequency imprints left from prior illnesses and injuries
* Interfering conditions in current home or work environment
* Misalignments in energetic, meridian, and physical body systems
* Limiting conditioned/assumed cultural, religious, spiritual, ritual, & familial beliefs
* Frequencies of prior toxins (anesthesia, drugs, pollution, food toxins, etc.)
* Belief/emotion misinformation in the DNA coding
* Etheric cords, psychic attacks, & entity attachments
* Past life vows, agreements, oaths, contracts, pledges, etc. to stay solemn, limited, & resistant to Joy
* And much more!

Like a computer tech repair team, they can identify and make it easier for you to “uninstall” old programs and repair misaligned circuits in your “bio-computer” that have been bogging down your system’s ability to function as divinely designed.

Also, the power of group synergy can greatly potentiate your transformation. Results vary. Each person’s consciousness make-up is unique. Also, as the saying goes, “You get out of it what you put into it.” When you are receptive and engaged, and you do the simple, yet focused home practices in between group facilitations, it’s virtually impossible to not progress. If you do your part while SomRa and Isaac do theirs, improvements are inevitable. All change starts within!

Isaac Moore is a Quantum Techniques Practitioner who, like Sherlock Holmes can astutely and clairvoyantly identify and unravel the mystery of what’s blocking your intended goals. As the dots connect and the key points are revealed, he takes participants through a rapid clearing process. Often he concludes with intuited suggestions and a Quantum Code (like Language of Light in numbers, letters, & symbols) to read each day thereafter for a specific amount of time which continues to facilitate your clearing and healing.

Power Team!

SomRa An’Ryka is a Spiritual Awakening Teacher/Facilitator & Sound Channel who addresses multiple energy pathways and levels of consciousness by attuning to Source Consciousness and welcoming forth your unique Soul expression from Within you. She helps you unlock doors in your psyche that have been stuck in old, inaccurate beliefs, emotions, assumptions, and associations. SomRa does this all while holding the group in a container of Source Presence and Infinite Love that reflects and reminds each participant of their Real Soul Self.

What you get:

In this 4-week program, powerhouse facilitators SomRa An’Ryka & Isaac Moore will be teaming up with the Higher Humor Realms, offering their advanced energyworker and consciousness facilitator skills, insights, playfulness, wisdom, and more!

What’s included in your registration:

☑️ 4 Live Group Facilitations 1x per week (Wednesdays, September 20 – October 11)

☑️ Access to video recordings of each group if you can’t attend live (The facilitation works via the replay too!)

☑️ Supportive emails between each facilitation with tips, insights, suggestions, humor, & inspiration

☑️ Fun & simple practices to help you cultivate a Light-Hearted state of being

☑️ Techniques & resources that help you stay in Divine Playful Flow

☑️ Weekly journaling questions to further help you clear internal blocks to Joy

☑️ A weekly intuited Quantum Code after each group facilitation to deepen your shifts

☑️ A weekly intuited Magical Word that can be used to uplift & shift the energy around any stress or challenge that comes up in your life

☑️ Access to the full interview with ET Ascended Master Toubayachi Chansiti (Master Chan) channeled by Jaraan Onai on the importance of Joy, Enthusiasm, & Light-Heartness on a spiritual path
💙 Topics discussed: Is pain necessary, Light-Heartedness is Sacred, Perfectionism, & more

☑️ Exclusive access to our gut-busting Blooper Reel & Outtakes from the promo video

☑️ BONUS 5th group meeting on October 18 for Q&A & integration

☑️ The potentiated power of group synergy accelerating your breakthroughs.

☑️ Group support, encouragement, and inspiration at each meeting.

☑️ Lots of fun surprises along the way!

Let’s get your Clown Chakra opened & your Funny Bone back in alignment!

Each group facilitation is intended to leave you laughing and feeling inspired — revitalizing your zest for life, accelerating your spiritual awakening, opening you to new and wonderful opportunities, and more good stuff!

Attending live-in-action is great! But if you can’t, you’ll still get all the other facilitation benefits from working with the recording. Since the facilitators will be working on the quantum realm and beyond space-time, they can include all participants listening at any time. Pretty cool!

Become Light-Hearted like the Ascended Masters!

Sure, serious spiritual practices, prayers, decrees, invocations, and so forth are valid and important.

But what about the light side of The Light Side???

On-going Joy is integral to Divine Reality and 5D Oneness. It’s your true, natural state of being. Divine Reality wants to manifest in your life. But It can’t when you’re stuck in patterns of stress, tension, and unconscious beliefs that insist “It has to be hard,” among other erroneous 3D mindsets.

When you’re truly living in 5D Consciousness, you not only Know but you Experience everything in polarity as illusion – illusion you can now PLAY with rather than struggle through. Your outer reality (illusion) changes as if by magic. And the Divine Hilarity of it all is always apparent.

The more you are in this state, the more you’re in Divine Flow. Life smooths out, old limiting beliefs fall away, and you can no longer be manipulated by them nor ill-affected by the appearances (illusion) of world events. Your emotions are calm and light. You live the Freedom you’ve been longing for.

And whatever work and self-practices you do will become easier and undertaken with Innate Enthusiasm and Vitality. You experience yourself more and more as the Grand Soul you actually ARE rather than the limited, struggling personality-identity.

Why wait any longer??? It’s time to play and have fun in this Game of Transformation through Polarity. It’s time for Joy!

“It only takes a little bit of Reality to have a profound effect on illusion.”
~ Azh’ra Kai, ET Ascended Master

So Many Benefits to Joy & Light-Heartedness!

* Less stress & tension

* More relaxation in body, mind, & emotions

* Physical body functions better

* Higher vibration

* Puts you in Divine Flow

* Easier decision-making

* Improved relationships

* Increased creativity & inspiration

* Greater intuition and metaphysical abilities

* Your energy is more open to receive Abundance

* Intended manifestations occur more easily & frequently

* You can feel greater connection with Source

* Increased awareness of insights, answers, & solutions

* Easier communication with your Guides, Angels, & other higher dimensional beings

* Immunity to the world’s craziness & others’ negativity

* Advances your Awakening & Ascension

* Makes everything more enjoyable!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

Joy has Power. Laughter has Power. Enthusiasm has Power.

They can turn the tide on any unfavorable circumstance, including global. But most importantly, they can change how you internally experience those circumstances. You hold the Real Power by your choice of outlook and attitude. And the more Soul-aligned your outlook and attitude are (as in Joy & Love-based), the more circumstances will manifest favorably. Consistency is key, especially if you want consistent results.

That’s why we’re offering this program — to help you consistently create an enjoyable, empowered journey that you look forward to every day!

Your Joy Helps New Earth to Manifest!

“Genuine laughter is true eloquence and more effective than speech.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I’m struck by how laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter.” ~ John Cleese

Here are some of the blocking beliefs that SomRa & Isaac will be addressing in the Quantum Field:


(The deeper layers of beliefs, emotions, physical issues, etc. come up & are cleared along the way.)

No doubt there were times when you were yelled at or punished when you were having fun. This automatically left imprints of “fun = punishment.” Let’s dissolve those negative associations and get you in the groove of Fun is Divine!

As if they’re diametrically opposed . . . NOT! The energy of Play is meant to be in everything you do. In this program we’ll be re-defining “work” . . . and other “4-letter words”!

Just because your childhood authority figures were repressed doesn’t mean you have to be!

And just because they modeled this in your upbringing does NOT mean it’s true! They were just people with issues and misunderstandings too!

It’s not necessarily about “taking more time to play.” It’s about cultivating a light-hearted, playful attitude in all that you do! This dramatically improves your productivity, comfort, and ease of life. You tend to manifest things and circumstances more in resonance with your Joy! Plus, it’s known that “time” is malleable. A tense, rigid attitude actually constricts your energy and your time. So if you want more “free time,” a joy-filled, light-hearted state of being in all that you do makes way for that.

(Actually when you are TRULY relaxed in the care of your Higher Power, your perception is clearer and you’ll recognize “potential danger” and nefarious intentions miles away. But it won’t be manifesting in your reality when you’re consciously vibing with Source Love & Laughter.
Only what was created out of fear will fall apart. What’s REAL remains, accounts for things you aren’t aware of, and rebuilds things much easier…and grander. What do you think is holding the solar system together??? That same Power is what’s actually holding your life together. If you – rigid ego – get out of the way and attune with the Flow of Divine Joy, It can do a far better job!

Stay dedicated, yes; “serious,” not necessarily. During the first phase of your incarnations, you only needed to take things seriously enough to believe in the novel . . . the immersion movie you stepped into so that you could have and gain from certain experiences that aren’t otherwise available to you in Oneness dimensions.

You – who you think you are – truly is in a hologram, a simulation. The Real Soul You is “outside” the hologram looking in, with only a pinky toe of Your Presence operating your body and consciousness. Your earliest lifetimes were about forgetting completely who you actually are so that you could have certain unique experiences for in-depth understanding.

Simultaneously You were creating a complex puzzle – layers and layers of embedded misconceptions about reality and misunderstandings about yourself. Then, when you became ready, you spent a few thousand lifetimes unraveling those layers and solving your unique puzzle of consciousness. In that process, Real You gains deeply enriching understanding about the nature of Consciousness, Yourself, and Source. The Real You is actually experiencing it as an adventure and having a thrilling time! Imagine what would your life be like if you truly experienced it from your Real Soul Self’s point of view! Might you be then ENJOYING the adventure – with all its thrills, chills, highs, lows, and profound meaningfulness…all at the same time? Would you remain serious, uptight, and dogmatic about your spirituality?

If you’re holding onto “seriousnessness” and “got-tos” about your spiritual path you’ve actually been projecting your old polarity conditioning onto it! Now do you see why real Ascended Masters laugh so much! It’s hilarious!

We get it. We, the professional facilitators, not only have collectively assisted countless people heal both conscious and unconscious trauma, we ourselves are survivors of extensive, complex abuse of every kind and other traumas no child should ever have to endure. All of humanity is somewhere on that spectrum. Being incarnate on Earth is in itself wrought with trauma. Feeling disconnected from Source and your True Self is trauma. Having to navigate unwelcoming or even hostile environments growing up is way more traumatic than is often realized or talked about. Being forced to do things you didn’t/don’t like is trauma. Being a defenseless child for seconds, hours, years is compound trauma. Feeling powerless in unpleasant situations is trauma.

Repetitive trauma triggers defense mechanisms that locks us into focusing on protection, survival, defending in order to avoid more pain and suffering. Then we gradually shifted our attention from our playful, “life is adventure” selves to this.

And the irony is, in doing so, we have caused ourselves exponential, on-going pain and suffering. Our Heart knows we have a Greater Potential but we don’t know how to “get there.” And the Cosmic Joke is . . . drum roll please . . . there is no “there” to “get to.” You never left! You just forgot who you Actually Are, your sense of identity got wired for “protection from pain,” and your attention got stuck in that mode. The Truth is YOU are already free. It all depends on which “you” you choose to identify with!

We, the facilitators, have spent years doing our own valuable yet intensive abuse and trauma recovery work. It was hard and heavy. We are each at varying stages of resolving the long-term effects of such atrocities, including from similar past lives. We stand as examples of what’s possible, of the profound capabilities of human integrity, Source Love, and the power of the Soul. In this program, whatever your history, we acknowledge and salute your Inner Power for taking on such challenges as Soul and making the choice to face and free yourself from the resulting layers of pain and burdens of bondage through your incarnations.

Freeing one’s Inner Joy is an on-going unfoldment and a key element in any recovery. No matter your stage of healing, we can tell you from experience that practicing Joy and Light-Heartedness throughout your recovery process can carry you through and will make the journey SO much easier. You deserve to have your Authentic YOU back! We are honored and thrilled to use our skills, insights, wisdom, expertise, and Divine Playfulness to assist you.

Whatever erroneous, joy-stifling, giggle-stopping, play-snuffing old programs
are running in your unconscious, the facilitators will help you release them for good!

Frequently Asked Questions

* You join the Zoom call at the designated time.

* You are encouraged to have your camera turned on to commune in the smiles and laughter with everyone, but it’s not required. Mics will be muted except during Q&A. Participant communications will be through the chat box.

* Have paper, pen, and water.

* Be in a comfortable seat.

* If possible, be in a place where you can stand up if the facilitators lead the group through a specific body movement. (These will be simple.)

* Be clear about your intentions to awaken, attune to, and activate your Joy, Enthusiasm, Playfulness, & Light-Heartedness.

* Be as open-minded to the process as you can.

* Be as receptive to the healing support and transformation as you can.

* The facilitators will establish a healing energetic space with Love-Light boundaries via intention & angelic support, ensuring nothing outside the space interferes with the group transformation.

* The facilitators will access the Quantum Field of the group, including anyone who will ever participate via the recording. (That’s the nature of Quantum Physics!)

* Higher Guidance will be directing the facilitators to which issues need to be addressed & in what order.

* Throughout the facilitation, SomRa and Isaac will be intuiting and conversing with each other, while also sharing with the group what comes up to be addressed. Some clearing occurs along the way, but the bulk of the clearing will occur at the end.

* One way to describe the process is there’s a big bowl in the middle of the “room.” As each issue is energetically detected & spoken about, through vibrational resonance, the issue will emerge from your unconscious self & given the opportunity to float into the bowl. Like the Recycling Bin on your computer, the bowl will be emptied periodically via the facilitation techniques SomRa & Isaac use. Occasionally they (and/or your Higher Self) may direct you to visualize something or speak something aloud (your mic will be muted) to contribute to the release.

* You simply relax into the facilitation while listening for any underlying issues (blocking beliefs, attitudes, fears, etc.) that are detected that you suspect/sense you may be carrying.

* Write those down.

* Instructions will be given at the end of the facilitation as to what to do with them.

* Write down the suggested practices to do between each group facilitation.

** Note: Sometimes participants like to type in the chat box when they recognize they’ve got an issue the facilitators are speaking about. This can catalyze other participants recognizing it in themselves as well. They might type about it in response. We have found that this group participation creates a wonderful co-supportive experience for everyone and bolsters the healing process. Typing in the chat, however, is totally optional.

Sure. When you click the Zoom link a few minutes before the group starts, a window usually pops up asking you to type in your name. You can put in any name or handle you want. Just know that one of the moderators may message you privately via the chat box requesting your name so as to match it with your username on the roster after you’ve joined.

If the window to name yourself before joining doesn’t pop up, you’ll have a chance to change your name any time after you’ve joined the meeting. If you don’t know how, message one of the moderators privately through the chat to ask.

* Attend each group live as often as you can. (If you can’t attend live, it’s most optimal to receive the facilitation via the recording at least 4 days before participating in the next live group or recording. This gives your body and consciousness time to integrate and gives yourself a smoother process.)

* Take responsibility for your experience, feelings, and transformation. The power is in You. Facilitators simply provide what comes through them on your behalf to help you progress more quickly and easily than you would without assistance.

* Do the practices between group facilitations.

* Attend each following group knowing we’ll be briefly discussing at the beginning the discoveries, realizations, shifts, etc. that participants experienced. We will then take these into the Quantum Field of that day’s group facilitation to advance each participant’s path to their next level.

Absolutely not! The facilitators totally respect your privacy regarding your issues. If anyone’s unconscious blocking beliefs that arise in the Quantum Field are holding up the flow of the clearing, the facilitators may be guided to tune into and state more details. Details might include that person’s gender or age they’re intuiting so that so that anyone who suspects it’s themselves can then make a “declaration of release” privately. (How to do this will be explained at the time if needed.)

Often in the spirit of the cooperative group synergy, participants like to type in the chat when they recognize they’ve got the particular issue that the facilitators are working on in that moment. This helps others in the group feel connected in the process when they realize they have the same issue. We’ve found this to be a beautiful co-supportive approach and that it moves the shifts along more quickly and enjoyably for everyone. Typing in the chat, however, is totally optional.

However much time you want. “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.” This is your transformation!

Reviewing the Quantum Code each day only takes a minute. Journaling can take as long as you like. Some of the practices will be simply tuning into Joy, Enthusiasm, Playfulness, & Light-Heartedness as you go about your day using the suggestions the facilitators intuit. Time won’t need to be “set aside” for that. We will also likely give you several options; you can choose to explore all of them or just specific ones with which you most resonate. This will likely include at least one short video to watch and ponder.

This depends on a number of factors unique to you. Some people are consciously aware that “a lot’s going on.” Some people feel energetic shifts and body sensations. Some aren’t consciously aware of these shifts but trust in the process. Sometimes one’s Soul will keep shifts subtle so that the ego will not resist due to fear.

One of the many benefits of doing the home practices between group facilitations is to activate greater awareness of the shifts taking place.

We encourage everyone to purchase their own registration, whether you are on the Zoom calls together or not. This is for several reasons:

* It’s an investment in YOU. This puts your energy into gaining the results of the program. With this mindset, you contribute to the manifestation of expanding returns.

* This is a low investment for what you’re getting.

* It’s an affirmation of your financial abundance increasing. Stand in that and your capability to allow prosperity.

* We’ll be sending out emails between the group facilitations, one per registration. We want to make sure attendees don’t miss anything.

* We, the facilitators and helpers, put much effort, time, and preparation into this program, including all our years of expertise, skills, and talents. We value each of you, and we appreciate you honoring the value of our time and gifts by registering independently.

However, we understand that sharing the cost of things is sometimes the only way couples and business partners are able to participate. If this is the case for you, so be it. We’d rather you be co-supporters on this journey than one of you missing out! And sharing Joy together is important for healthy, happy relationships.

Ultimately it’s up to you and what feels right in your Heart.

If funds are too tight to register individually, an additional option would be if at anytime in the future your funds allow, you’re welcome to contribute to our work via donation.

Yes! If you will be participating solely via the recordings, you can register any time and continue using them past the end of the program date. Just be sure to spread out receiving each facilitation at least 4 days apart to allow integration time. It’s best to listen to them in order unless you feel otherwise directed by your Higher Guidance.

If you want to attend the 2nd group session live, you can register at any time up until September 24. It is essential, however, that you:

1. Receive the 1st facilitation via the recording and do the practices for at least 3 days before receiving the 2nd facilitation (whether live or by recording).

2. Likewise, receive the 2nd facilitation via the recording and do those practices for at least 3 days before receiving the 3rd facilitation (whether live or by recording). In other words, if you can’t attend live until the 3rd session, you’ll need to be registered no later than September 27 and listen to the recordings as follows: 1st Session by September 26 or 27; 2nd session by September 29-Oct 1 and do the practices of choice between each so that you’ll be ready enough for the 3rd live group on October 4.

Your body and consciousness need time to integrate and adjust between facilitations. Not only is this for a more graceful process but also because each facilitation expands from the prior. If certain issues are not cleared before the next wave from the next facilitation, the process may not be as effective and could potentially overwhelm your psyche and body. Let’s not do that!

If you are actively participating in your own transformational process through the home practices and contemplations and welcoming your own Soul, Guides, and Source into your process, there’s little chance you won’t notice any shifts. The power is in you — always. The facilitators do their part through energywork and guidance. As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” If you drink, you will benefit.

However, if after the first facilitation you sincerely feel this program is not for you, you can request a refund by September 23. Before you request a refund, we recommend that you first take a quiet moment, relax while tuning into your Heart & Soul as best you can, and ask:

“Am I feeling this way because, in truth, I might actually progress and I feel afraid of real change?”

“Could I be getting close to something I don’t want to see but need to in order to heal my issues related to my Joy?”

“I have a strong fear of making a mistake, and I tend to second-guess myself before I really get to experience the benefits of something?”

“Is this different from what my ego mind expected, and something in my ego is resisting because it feels uncomfortable and out of control?

“Is there something in me wanting to leave because it’s afraid of feeling True Joy, Enthusiasm, & Light-Heartedness?”

If you heard or felt a “Yes” to any of these questions, we encourage you to spend time with the part of you that answered Yes and give those fears an opportunity to release.

Three days after the first group event, the window for refunds is closed. With this minimal investment for 2 top-notch facilitators and what all you get with this program, your risk is very low to explore what’s possible for you and your personal and spiritual growth. Some would say it’s a bargain!

Comments from Participants & Clients of SomRa & Isaac’s work:

Working with SomRa and Isaac brought on some very subtle yet noticeable healing and energetic shifts in my physical body, mind and spirit. SomRa’s and Isacc’s knowledge and experience of the greater reality help clear the way for those of us who are seeking to understand our own individual paths while simultaneously working to heal the collective energies that we are all sharing and contributing to. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to work with them, your heart will thank you!

Brenda W.

“I have always enjoyed working with both Somra and Issac. They have each taught me to look at life events (both old and new) differently and helped to change my prospective on events.

Their Ready for Prosperity 4-week program I took helped me to also look at myself differently and how I thought about money. I have felt for years that success and wealth are for other people. I instinctively have known that I would be ‘somewhat’ successful but have never dared to think that I could be hugely successful and wealthy. I think more positively about wealth and success now.

After each group facilitation, something positive in the financial aspect always happened — usually in a day or two. Once, I got a small check that I was not expecting and then another time, my husband got a call from someone he had done work for years ago and they contracted a new job with him. I believe that the energy surrounding the class facilitation and the things they were teaching us had a definite impact on events that were helping in my life. Things have continued to look up for us in small ways and also a few big things are starting to come together — like the puzzle of life that SomRa talks about.

I have revisited the work sheets and the videos on occasion to help remind me of routines that I could be doing that I have let slip away. I read my answers and comments and can see how things have changed and also see things I need to continue to focus on in a more positive manner. I still swipe Issac’s Prosperity Quantum Code every morning after I meditate. The program has changed my life and my attitude for the better, for sure!

Allison H.

There is a lot to my history that I needed to know to help facilitate greater awareness of myself and healing. SomRa and Isaac’s gifts together uncovered events in more detail, of trauma that needed to be healed. The facilitation and energywork they’ve done has been extremely powerful, accurate in their findings. It’s assisting me to be less fractured, allowing me to be more integrated, more grounded and whole. I now have a greater acceptance for myself as I am understanding why I am the way I am. And so I have less judgment for myself as well as those who hurt me. They were sick. I am experiencing a more expanded self and becoming a true adult. SomRa & Isaac’s work is changing my life, saving my sanity, and assisting me in expanding in Higher Consciousness.

I am also given tools that I can use on my own to help myself. They work! They help to heal what I can’t. So I am empowered by their work in very significant ways. I have deep gratitude for both SomRa and Isaac for their loving assistance and gifts they bring with compassion and kindness. They are truly in service to the Oneness of All.

Carol S

After SomRa’s & Isaac’s Ready for Prosperity program, I realized I had a major over-abundance of prosperity of things in my life. I had been slowly clearing my clutter for years. Each time letting go of a few more things. I had also been slowly weaning friends and family members who no longer were on the same vibration as myself out of my life too.

After the class, I have touched every item in my home, attic and garage included. I have given away hundreds of items. I gave away a very expensive bed room suite that I had learned to dislike due to all of the cleaning the very ornate pieces demanded and made out bedroom a minimalist sanctuary. Just an upholstered, platform bed, 2 used side tables that we found for 25.00 each, nothing on the walls, a tiny old dresser, lamps and an orchid on my side table.

The way that room made me feel made me go through my entire Home getting rid of an overwhelming overabundance. Lamps…pictures on the wall….gone. Expensive decorative items…mailed to friends who always mentioned how much they loved them.

Most importantly, after years of dragging around pictures of my deceased loved ones and the items they left me, I packed most of them up and gave them to another family member who had wanted them for years.

Years of dead energy lifted off of my shoulders. I feel so free and alive.

I will save vast amounts of money by not buying or feeling that I need any of these THINGS ever again. This will not only affect my prosperity, but it will allow me to give more to help others in true need.

I felt it before the class, but I now completely, wholeheartedly realize that the Universe, God, Spirit will always provide more than enough for me and I don’t need things to define who I am. How truly freeing!!!

Oh, I have also removed the last few of the friends and family members who were dragging me down from my life. Without regret, I released them to live their authentic life, as I lovingly live mine as well.

Thank you SomRa and Isaac for helping me finally see the truth. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some items I need to go drop off at Goodwill ❤️


About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Sound Channel, working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and the Arts. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters, many of whom Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game and Experiment of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness.

Since 1989, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, trauma recovery, and compassionate clarity. She retired from private session work in 2022 and continues group facilitations, classes, and other offerings that support The Great Awakening towards Heaven on Earth.

About Isaac Moore

Isaac Moore is a Wellness Practitioner & Spiritual Transformation Facilitator, certified in a cutting-edge healing approach called Quantum Techniques (QT). QT uses a highly developed method of muscle-testing, intuition, and focused intention to meticulously find and clear the frequencies in the unconscious mind and biofield that have been interfering with one’s innate healing ability and personal and spiritual goals. With over 19 years experience working in the field of alternative wellness, he integrates spiritual development, mind-body connection, psychology, nutrition, and fitness to help people heal from various health conditions, including chronic illness sufferers who struggle with seemingly unrelated mystery symptoms. In his group and session work, Isaac combines his scientific background, computer techie and natural puzzle-solver abilities with his developed clairvoyance and clairaudience to eliminate the guesswork and facilitate quicker, more comprehensive and sustaining results.

About Jaraan Onai

An introverted empath with over 34 years of personal consciousness development experience, Jaraan Onai (Walk-In) is a natural teacher and facilitator, Energywork practitioner, author, and abuse recovery advocate. He has been the channel for ET Ascended Masters and Angels since 1994. He’s committed to providing enlightened perspectives that advance spiritual awakening. He also enjoys finding the awesome within the “ordinary.”

“I know that no matter how challenging it gets, there are treasures to be found both in the world and within our own exquisite hearts. It’s my mission to help sincere seekers, pathmakers, and Lightworkers find the quickest, easiest, most fulfilling means to manifest their Bountiful Treasures.

When you’re seeking solid solutions, you don’t need someone who’s just read a book. You need someone who’s been through the brier patch themselves and come out the other side better for it. That’s why it’s such a privilege and honor to be the channel for my spiritual Team Mates, who not only survived but soared far beyond their own tremendous challenges to become the impeccable and extraordinary ET Ascended Masters.”

About Master Chan

Master Chan (A.K.A. Toubayachi Chansiti) is an 11D Ascended Master who was originally from Arcturus. He lived 3 lifetimes on Earth, with his most recent ascension being from Atlantis during its Golden Age 34,500 years ago. In that lifetime, he was a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor, representing a path of Awakening offered by the Collective of ET Ascended Masters which has not been taught on Earth for 26,000 years until Jaraan & SomRa began to share these teachings. Master Chan ascended at the age of 543 during a meditation while on retreat near what is now known as Burnsville, North Carolina. He now channels through Jaraan, sharing with his loving, light-hearted manner stories of his last life and the many teachings that led to his ascension.

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