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Raquel Spencer

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Special Offer: Illumination of Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness is achieved when you are able to access all levels of your own Unique Divine Signature Frequency throughout the universe enabling you to interact with all of creation. This solstice provides a “cosmic window” to tap into more of your own consciousness, bringing you another step closer to unity consciousness. Join me as we go beyond our current perceptions and prepare to step more fully into our roles as way showers for humanity.

Accessing Internal and External Libraries

This activation opens up the flow of communication through your body as we begin to access more information from the organic stargates, pyramids, and libraries around the world. Each interface is designed to help you access your skills and knowledge.

Upgrades for Conscious Connection

This activation brings another level of upgrades to our supercomputer of Light. Our body is KEY to accessing our multidimensional aspects and communicating with higher consciousness. It’s an inside job.

Unity Consciousness Reprogramming

With the onset of the 2222 energies and the “Age of Aquarius”, a new underlying frequency begins to anchor. This is the frequency of Unity, unity with Source energy.

This activation works to clear patterns, templates and energy from the womb forward of separation. Working with the Goddess energies and many Masters, we override and imprint a new frequency within multidimensional time of unity consciousness and unity with Source.

Working on behalf of ourselves and setting the invitation for all those who have played a part in our lives, we open the invitation to clear the pattern of separation for all who choose to receive it.

This is a powerful and necessary process to allow the new energy of unity consciousness to embody.

Option: Illumination of Unity Consciousness


About Raquel

Raquel Spencer is a Catalyst for Transformation. Her no-nonsense approach provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal growth and empowerment. Her tagline says it all… “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!”

Option: Illumination of Unity Consciousness