With Cosmic Peacock Goddess
Dr. Edwige

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Take a journey through the language of light to clear out your old contracts and limitations, especially those that hold you back from attaining your higher bodies of light.

Those that keep you powerless, looped and trapped in the old linear timeline through fear, lack, judgment As a conduit of the highest frequency of the Source, Divine Feminine Christos Energies, a 12 D Gatekeeper, and holder of Starseed Divine Templates and Blueprints, Work with her brings you into the realms of the Source for complete healing.

Clearing your vessel, balancing your masculine and feminine aspects, Congruency of Heart and Mind, preparing for all that is needed to encompass quantum ascension shifts throughout the multiverse.

Once initiated you are continually expanded no matter how long the process takes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Mastery and connection with the Light Body will be achieved. Will be successful.

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Special Offer from Dr. Edwige:  The Return of Your Divine Blueprint

Our Divine Blueprint is our original pure design; it defines who we are: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Within it lies our purpose, passions, motivations and all of the resources needed to be the ascended wo/man. Our divine blueprint was created by our eternal soul, under the direction of the Divine intelligence, for we are the masters and the creators of all that we experience in the return to ONE.

This blueprint is stored in the biomagnetic field, like the morphogenetic field, this field deals in information rather than energy or matter.

Our Divine Blueprint helps us to remember the truth of which we are, DIVINE, so that we may connect this earthly existence to our higher existence SELF. This process is known and honored throughout all worlds, universes, and beyond — it’s how we connect back with the Cosmos as Divine Cosmic Beings.

It is important that you continually clear your auric field and chakras, work with frequencies of Light, receive higher transmissions, and downloads of light codes, as this is all a part of the upgrading process, which is required for the restoration of your Divine Blueprint.

To operate within your Divine Blueprint and your Higher- Christ- Consciousness in the physical realm you must not only embrace the commitment to attain the Christ Light, but you must also be selfless and commit to being a vessel of transformation for the upliftment of all humanity.

Choose from 3 Options to enjoy this course, or select the Entire Package and fully Activate your Divine Blueprint.

Option 1: Upgraded Awakening Codes Video

Option 1: Upgraded Awakening Codes Video


You physically feel the tremendous power of this video as it scans through the body. Some experience the release through tears, laughter, rocking, belching, pulsing, vibrating, tingling, seeing the various colors and dimensions being worked on within your unique inner world as Dr. Edwige speaks the ancient light language.

Others have heard the sacred name of the Divine Feminine and a feeling she is speaking especially to those on the Christos mission a gentle calling with love and the importance of awakening during this time to become the pillar of light and express the gift you bring forth to help humanity during the continued unfolding of the divine plan for the world.

  • Calibrate your energies into higher vibrations
  • Activate Crystalline DNA and cellular light codes
  • Experience harmony and flow to open higher dimensions

Option 2: The Path Of The Initiate Video Series

Option 2: The Path Of The Initiate Video Series


As everything in the universe flows and expands within the rhythm of cycles, sacred geometry and the waves of frequency is how we ascend.  It is done during specific times involving astrological configurations and quantum physics including levels of mastery of your beingness in order to move into the accessible doorways and portals of higher frequencies of Creation.

In these videos, we discuss the importance of the first 4 initiations of ascension, Mastery of the Physical Vessel, Mastery of the Mental Vessel, Mastery of the Emotional Vessel and  Mastering the Art of Letting Go and surrendering all that you think you know so that you can expand your consciousness, increase your frequency, receiving more light code activations until you have completed the cycle.

  • Experience life through your highest, most authentic self
  • Clear karma from all dimensional lives
  • Break free from the 3D re-incarnation wheel
  • Learn what it is to return to the State of ONE

1. Mastery of The Physical Body      (90 minutes)

Understand the body as consciousness and energy, bringing awareness to all the basic requirements like eating, vitality, generating internal power, or life force. Create a better relationship with the body and be more attuned to its communications.

Most people think of the body as the mechanism which allows us to take physical action, but it is also the container for our mind, emotion, and spirit. It is designed to support us in experiencing the joys of life, but without proper care or guidance, we instead experience fatigue, addictions, and dis-ease, we can lack the ability to fully embrace our divine physical selves.

Your body is the starting point from which your life unfolds. Therefore you must have mastery over your own body before you can have mastery over anything else. That means to at least develop a beginning level of mastery over your appetites, requirements, sexual urges, sleep habits, addictions, and so on in service to the soul or Higher Self.

2. Mastery of Your Mental Body   (90 minutes)

Choose to be the person who is consciously thinking your thoughts. Become the master of your mind.

Many of us spend an exorbitant amount of time and energy taking care of our bodies, and trying to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best. But when it comes to the mind you pay less attention (autopilot) to it. Taking care of the mind can come as an afterthought, and often we think of the mind as something outside of our own control. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, it can also be the most destructive force in your life. Your mind, more specifically, your thoughts, affect your perception and, therefore, your interpretation of reality


You are not your mind.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
Your mind is a tool for thinking.
Your thoughts are visitors to your mind. And you experience your feelings – they are not you.

You can let your thoughts continue to run wild, but why would you? It is your mind, your thoughts; isn’t it time to take your power back? Isn’t it time to take control?

3. Mastery of Emotional Body  (90 minutes)

You are always in full control of your emotions no matter how things may appear to be. And as such, you can always choose to feel differently and to take conscious control of your emotional state. There’s, therefore, no one to blame but yourself because emotions come from inside-out and not from the outside-in.

It has been said that it’s not what happens to us, but rather how we respond to what happens that determines the results you will experience in your life. And how you respond is directly influenced by how you choose to interpret the events and circumstances of your life. This likewise stems from your ability to effectively manage your emotions in ways that will allow them to serve and assist you with obtaining your desired outcomes.

The Second Initiation involves Beginning Mastery of the Emotional Body and Desire Self and deals with learning to control and master the emotional or astral body. This involves mastering uncontrolled lower-self desires and replacing them with the higher desires of the Soul.

Selfish desires are transcended, to a basic degree, by a desire to serve. Selfish love is replaced, to a beginning degree, by unconditional love. Moods and emotional roller coasters are beginning to be replaced by even-mindedness. So the second initiation marks the beginning of emotional and psychological cleansing.

It is not possible to take our ascension without first purifying and cleansing our emotional and psychological body and self. The ultimate goal is to transcend all negative ego/ fear-based/ separative/ dualistic/ illusionary/ selfish/ lower-self feelings and emotions and to only experience feelings of joy, bliss, happiness, and deep inner peace.


As Divine beings we are here to embody the spirit that we serve, to become a living expression of that spirit. To understand and master the relationship between man-woman, woman-man and the Universal-God: to discover the real nature of consciousness, which is the true nature of self.

It is living one’s life from the realization that the body/mind/ego personality that we have been programmed to identify with is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s like our tiny head is popping out from under the covers, whereas our true body is the vast universe.

It is understanding that our perceived world is mostly an illusion, a shared dream that we are all asleep in, and that the goal of life is to awaken to our real Self which is vast and multidimensional — and is already connected with all of Creation, and waiting for us to connect to it.

As we do the work to remember, we often yearn for the ultimate connection, and if we don’t find it in this mystery we call Creator, we are bound to create it by worshiping something in our exterior, material world. Many of the outward programs and beliefs teach us that this DIVINE ENTITY needs to be definitive, concrete and fully understood.

We can at times become sidetracked or even disillusioned, then life will create chaos in order to bring us back into harmony or alignment with our real or soul-self, so that we may continue down our path to enlightenment.

Option 3: The Morphogenic Metamorphosis

Option 3: The Morphogenic Metamorphosis


A morphogenic process involves changes affecting cells and their structure to a whole new level, pattern and function similar to those that are embryotic in nature (a human embryo).   A metamorphosis involves stages of transformation from infancy to adult phases and are usually compared to those in the life of a butterfly. In relation to ascension together these two processes will open the door of Cosmic creation and the possibility of returning to the original divine blueprint.

The Morphogenic Metamorphosis is all about a spiritual transformation that takes place between your spiritual and physical bodies.  Through this process, you will rise up into the quantum frequency atmosphere of Source and Soul power.   Together these divine energies will connect with the highest levels of your divine being. So that the ancient encodement accessed can enter the morphogenic fields bringing about the proper rewiring, recalibrating, and unlocking cells and DNA in you. All that has been trapped and held back long-ago eons ago.  Once the bodies are given these new sacred instructions, cell configurations, abilities, and functions one can finally enter the next phase of transformation as the restructuring and reactivation of the Divine Christos Blueprint.

ITEM 1: A Transmission of Love Through Light Heart Meditation (60 minutes)

The complex, self-organized system of your heart maintains a continuous two-way dialogue with your brain and the rest of the body.

When you put your focus on developing the coherence you have there, you are training your brain according to your heart. And here, you amplify your ability to change your reality, shift the direction of your life, and experience quantum creations.

From the space of your heart, your creations serve you on your inner path to wisdom, and creativity.

You will have become an expanded version of your current self, filled with more wisdom, more love, and more inner power. The time it takes to fulfill your goals is the time it takes to change your consciousness in such a way that your desired reality may enter your actual reality. So, if you want to speed up things, focus on the inner you and not your outside reality.

ITEM 2: The Gift of Clearing Meditation –  (60 minutes)

Emotional clearing is a very important part of ascension. It is the process of releasing the effects of the emotional wounds we unknowingly store within us from our environment, relationship conflicts, negative thought patterns, poverty consciousness, current life and, even past life traumas are things we need to clear.

Without regular clearing practices, we could end up with an overload of negative energies that would eventually cause many illnesses in the body. Heart disease, cancers, allergies, high blood pressure, and asthma are some conditions that can be experienced from the overload of negative low-frequency energies. This also includes blockages that would further prevent us from being able to continuously hold higher vibrations or ascend into higher dimensions.

Now that you know the importance of clearing, take a look at the benefits of following this clearing meditation as it supports the releasing of energies, traumas and all the layers of emotions not serving you at this time.

Discover more clarity in decision making. Release negative emotions and strengthen your etheric body against attacks or weakening from environmental experiences and energetic exchanges.

ITEM 3: Morphogenic Metamorphosis Meditation MP3 (62 minutes)

As we become more aware of our divine truth and accept that we are a part of the greater whole we begin to expand. This expansion allows us to receive more light activating our GOD DNA and dormant codes needed for Ascension. To awaken your Light Body is to awaken energy centers in your being that will give you new skills of mastery over your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your spiritual bodies – even life situations and circumstances. These centers are definite and real, and are a totally new addition to the human energy field. As you explore these energy centers, you can experience new levels of harmony, flow, creativity, new ideas, telepathic connections to others, deep love and compassion, bliss, and many more expanded states of consciousness that are beyond description.

Once we have raised our vibrations and frequencies high enough we can then receive and experience our light body descending into us. And live a life that is more in alignment with our divine soul purpose and aligning us for our I AM Presence to anchor more fully into our body systems.

Discover the next level of growth as we call in the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Christed Beings of Light to bring you into alignment connecting you to your antakarana (Rainbow Bridge), activate your Merkaba vehicle call in your Christed Oversoul body and the return of your Divine Blueprint and  Crystalline DNA.

ITEM 4: I AM my Lightbody Now MP3 (75 minutes)

“I AM MY LIGHT BODY RIGHT NOW”. This is a concept that you must fully embrace to step firmly into your power. So many have forgotten and lowered their frequencies for Divine expression on this 3D Earth Plane, so that you may fully know what it is to be in physical form and experience matter. At this level it is easy to forget and be firmly anchored in the illusionary material experience but because you are 99% energy and 1% matter this was the only way to marry spirit and matter. Your Lightbody is your true form, the energy of light and sound that is the expression of the God Force, Divine energy that is you. Your Light Body stores the electrical ions that connect all your sub-atomic particles and structures in synchronistic synergy in alignment with Source. It is the vehicle that allows the descension of your I AM Presence to be held within your physical form.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and this is the time to move past all of your old programs of fear, guilt, pain, lack, suffering, prejudice and poverty. We are expanding and becoming a more highly evolved human being, who is able to access higher dimensions of reality and to do so while experiencing matter.

It is time to shed the old you and move past you fear of losing yourself in the awakening. Surrender and allow yourself to expand and become all that the Divine has for you.

Option 4: Online Healing Retreat Master Class: Ascension Transformation

Option 4: Online Healing Retreat Master Class: Ascension Transformation


Experience 3 Energetic Sessions (over 2 hours each) with Dr. Edwige who covers the Ascension Transformation and the 3 phases: Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration with understanding the Rays of God that apply to each as well as prayers, principles and tools of mastery.

You will learn about the three distinct stages one must travel to be ready and prepared for your own ascension..

Session 1: Transmutation
It does not matter what experiences you have, as long as you stay in your heart and allow your Higher-Self to be your guide. However your awakening happens, know that it is perfect. Let me emphasize the importance of your willingness to let go of the illusion that events and circumstances are supposed to happen a certain way. Your authentic awakening requires you to embrace the notion that there are components to the process based on trust alone. Surrendering is where you will discover and become your authentic, true self.

We came forth to master the opposite of what we were Divine aspects of Source. But to do that we had to take on these badges of lack, limitation, fear, guilt, shame, poverty consciousness, pain, doubt, suffering, oppression, you name it all of the qualities on the dual side of Divinity. Lifetime after lifetime of taking on these qualities caused us to forget our true nature, and force us to work through these limiting beliefs. The goal is to evolve the species of man, and at the allotted time we would wake up since our DNA is programmed to do so, and we would begin to remember who we are, or at least begin to ask questions to that effect. Next, the work would begin; you must transmute what no longer serves you and release it, and remember you are as I like to say a “Unit of Divinity”. Why is it so difficult, well, the programming was really convincing, we believed the illusion to be true, and these beliefs have seeded all the way to our core, making it much more difficult to wake up than originally planned.

Let go of dysfunctionality: guilt, fear and shame utilizing the First Ray of God: The Divine Will. Understand the Stages of consciousness that you must go through to evolve and master the art of letting go.

Session 2: Transformation
Heaven is not an after death place, but is the living presence of Universal Light, Spirit, and Creator as the central core of your being. This presence is the reality of who and what you are. It is a reality that is absolute. This living presence is the ultimate source of power that you may know, the Creator-Power within. Through knowing this and merging with this presence within oneself, you can experience the biblical “Peace that passeth all understanding.”

Whether you accept this truth or not at this time, because you have or have not experienced it, its truth may still resonate with you. There is more to it than just knowing it; it’s a matter of living by it. To intuitively sense the truth within, is not enough. While we may live each day knowing the truth, our days will not be as good as when we are living each day by the truth and that truth transforms us.

We move into alignment of our Higher-Selves and begin turning on our DNA. Veils will be lifted and our gifts will reveal themselves to us.

Improve your one to one connection with your Higher-Self and the Divine. Work with Ray two, Divine Wisdom to transform your body, mind and spirit. Become the detach observer allowing more of your soul to move through you with ease.

Session 3: Transfiguration
“I AM MY LIGHT BODY RIGHT NOW”. This is a concept that you must embrace to fully step into your power. As we become more aware of our divine truth and accept that we are a part of the greater whole we begin to expand. This expansion then allows us to receive more light activating more of our GOD DNA and dormant codes needed for Ascension. Once we have raised our vibrations and frequencies high enough we can then receive and experience our light body descending into us. And live a life that is more in alignment with our divine soul purpose and aligning us for our I AM Presence to anchor more fully into our body systems.

Work with the remaining Rays that teach us the major qualities of the Universal Christ, qualities which the serious spiritual student needs to embrace. It is important to realize that as human beings we come into body with at least six rays within our structure of the Personality, Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Soul and Monad. You can have more than one ray in each of these aspects also. So we are already working with the frequencies of each of the rays which is very important. What many individuals do not realize is that in order to be in full mastery you must be able to command the rays, for it is a pre-requisite of a 7th dimensional initiate and Earth is a 7th dimensional planet.

It is time to shed the old you and move past you fear of losing yourself in the awakening. Surrender and allow yourself to expand and become all that the Divine has for you.

Option 1: Upgraded Awakening Codes Video


Option 2: The Path Of The Initiate Video Series


Option 3: The Morphogenic Metamorphosis


Option 4: Online Healing Retreat Master Class: Ascension Transformation


The Divine Blueprint Package: Everything in Option 1, 2 & 3


What People Have To Say About Dr. Edwige

An Incredible and Affirming Experience

Where to begin? I purchased Dr. Edwige’s special offer through the You Wealth Revolution and I can say, beyond a shadow of doubt it is the most transformational experience I have ever known. Immediately before my consultation with Dr. Edwige, I had “progressed” to the Morphogenic Metamorphosis Meditation, after which, for the first time ever, I felt the energy moving through my body, “saw” differently through my eyes and “felt” as if I must be transparent even though that may not make “sense”. One of the most incredible, affirming experiences I have ever had. As you said, Dr. Edwige, “When you are ready “it” happens” and clearly I am ready to step forward. Many blessings to you and all who are drawn to you as I was. Namaste. With love and gratitude,


A New Dear Friend

My dear new friend. I just wished to tell you how wonderful you are. I meet many who (in our line of work) who wish to change the world, not many are as sincere as they would like others to believe. Yet you sweetheart, you I can feel, you I can sense, you precious Edwige have a truly beautiful soul that doesn’t run on ego, yet runs with simple truths. Inspire the world beautiful lady because you truly shine. Love and Blessings to you.


Amazing Session!

WOW!!! There are no words to say THANK YOU to Rev. Dr. Edwige. I had a healing session with her and it was AMAZING. I could feel her energy and I felt that my body was vibrating at a higher level. Thank you.


Entire Body Was Pulsating with Energy

I want to thank you Dr. Edwige for the amazing session I had. This was by far, the most powerful energy session I ever experienced. There were minutes when my entire body was rocking back and forth and pulsating with energy and at another point, tears were streaming down my cheeks, which for me is most unusual because I rarely cry. And THAT was exactly what I needed to open up my heart. Much thanks and gratitude and may many blessings come your way!


About Dr. Edwige

In service to humanity, I AM the living embodiment of the Cosmic Peacock Goddess.  The changes I usher in are on the wings of divine femininity transmitting the highest and purest frequencies of love and are needed to live in the new Aquarian age of LOVE, FREEDOM, and MIRACLES.  They are of a feminine nature and exist to balance the strength and power of the masculine force that previously dominated on earth for thousands of years.  Because I  hold the holographic divine blueprint for all Starseeds I wish to guide you and those who seek me out – through the many processes of ascension helping you receive the complete healing available within these portals and vortexes of Christ Love during this great shift.

These frequencies and codes will help to unlock your divine blueprint awakening your DNA and activation of the many levels of your Lightbody, as you are lifted within your physical vessel no matter what current reality level or dimension into the healing quantum gamma field of the source through light language.

As many are now more aware of the Language of Light those who speak it are doing so from the most Sacred energy of the Divine Source Presence. Light Language is an ancient language of the heart and soul.  It is the Shekinah force of Light sound. When spoken it transmits a healing life force of light through the body which enters all that you are genetically and physically.

As the light codes and higher frequencies tap into somatic cells it unlocks your divine blueprint, it awakens your DNA, and activates or reprograms the information contained, allowing these transmissions to interact with your Body of Light.

The embedded qualities within these activations support that shift into higher frequencies successfully and are needed in order to expand into higher conscious awareness and beyond.

Now is the time to return to a balance by embracing the Divine feminine energy that is with Dr. Edwige. Through this cycle, humanity will come to know itself as a Soul of God, sourced from within the core of the Galactic beam of the Milky Way.

Option 1: Upgraded Awakening Codes Video


Option 2: The Path Of The Initiate Video Series


Option 3: The Morphogenic Metamorphosis


Option 4: Online Healing Retreat Master Class: Ascension Transformation


The Divine Blueprint Package: Everything in Option 1, 2 & 3