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Real Stories About Real People (Includes Experiencing Monroe Audio Support Healing Miracles Meditation)

Using sound technology, biofield imaging, and energy healing techniques, Brian Dailey, MD, and Allyn Evans, MBA, have witnessed miracles.

Join Brian and Allyn as they share some of their anecdotal stories, including personal healing stories. The two have witnessed unexplainable outcomes with patients, clients, and program participants over the years. A preferred modality of choice is sound technology, specifically binaural beats and Monroe Audio Support (MAS).

As trainers of the Monroe Institute both teach programs utilizing the latest evolution of Monroe Audio Support, which also supports gamma synchrony. This differs from a standalone binaural beat-based technology. While binaural beats, which provide the opportunity to induce different brainwave states, are still an integral tool utilized in Monroe Audio Support, it includes many new layers of audio stimulation to help with meditative journeys, whether practically based or more free-flowing.

The two will share how they use biofield imaging, a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield to demonstrate energetic shifts that have corresponded with healing. Dr. Dailey has used it in controlled clinic settings. Brian and Allyn also use the device in workshops to demonstrate energetic shifts in the biofield.

lBrian and Allyn will be introducing a recent meditation titled Healing Miracles released at the Monroe Institute Professional Association Seminar on March 2021, which will be available on the new Monroe app available later this year.

About Allyn Evans

Allyn is one of 20 US Monroe Institute trainers. She will be featured on Monroe’s new app rolling out in June 2021. Allyn serves as the Chair of the Reiki Division of the National Certification Center For Energy Practitioners (NCCFEP). She teaches in the US and abroad: Energy Medicine, Medical Intuition, OBE Spectrum, Spoon Bending, and Reiki. One of Allyn’s favorite annual trips is going to the Bahamas and swimming with dolphins in the wild.

About Brian Dailey

Brian Dailey, M.D., FACEP, FACFE, graduated from Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and is surgically trained. He is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Forensic Examination. He has vast experience in sound therapies, including Hemi-Sync® and Monroe Audio Support to induce altered states of consciousness. Brian is a guest trainer and member of the Professional Association and Advisory Board.