Vocal Liberation: Explore the Myths, Magic and Medicine of Your Voice in Sound Therapy with Tiffany Sparrow

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Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer #1 Includes:

Vocal Liberation Bundle

Free your Authentic Expression to Harmonize and Heal Your Life

Special Offer #1: Vocal Liberation Bundle


2 Payment Option Available

Sing Pray Heal Sessions. 6 on-demand 60 minute recorded vocal sound healing sessions of mantra chants, medicine songs, and meditation.

Each session includes:

  • A Body-breath warm-in
  • Medicine songs in English, Nehiyawewin (Cree), Polynesian
  • Seed mantra practice for the elements
  • Kirtan mantra chants in Sanskrit
  • Reflection Questions
  • Integration to end with singing bowls and sound

These sessions will help you

  • Connect with and unlock your authentic heart-voice
  • Heal expression wounds and reclaim your value
  • Strengthen your empowered sound
  • Release stress and build inner peace
  • Amplify the resonance and harmony in your life
  • Connect with the sacred through sound

Special Offer #2 Includes:

Vocal Sound Attunement & Activation

A personalized roadmap to free your natural voice and connect to sound as your medicine

Special Offer #2: Vocal Sound Attunement & Activation


2 Payment Option Available

Take your ability to access voice and sound for healing to the next level.

In this 1 on 1 session with Tiffany Sparrow, connect with your personal sound, your voice, and ignite the expression of your healing path.

We'll dive into what's suppressing your resonance and natural, free voice so you can get clear and start to shift expression wounds right away.  Then I'll guide you through an embodied vocal activation for your throat chakra to clear and call back your natural vocal gifts.

You’ll leave the session feeling empowered, expressed, heard and open in your heart and throat.

This session will help you

  • gain clarity about yourself and your path
  • activate your healing gifts
  • release fears and judgements about your expression and voice
  • gain empowerment, strength and ease in your expression
  • heal expression and vocal wounds
  • clear stagnant blockages in your chakras
  • come into alignment with your sonic life path

Enjoy this Bonus Freebie with Either Offer!

Freebie: Sound for Selfhealing Guide
12 powerful tips and actionable steps in a downloadable pdf.

Use this guide to
Activate your healing abilities and
Empower you to use sound as a powerful tool for your health, wellness and transformation.

Special Offer #3:

Vocal Liberation Bundle & Vocal Sound Attunement & Activation

A Bundle of Both Offers!

Special Offer #3: Bundle of Both Offers


2 Payment Option Available

Tiffany Sparrow

About Tiffany Sparrow

Tiffany first discovered the healing power of sound through her own journey recovering from eating disorders as a teen. Singing, sound and yoga were more effective in healing her wounds than talk therapy.
She now mentors others to free their natural voice, find home in their own skin, and learn to use the power of embodied sound to heal themselves and to lead sound journeys for others. Tiffany is the creator of Vocal Lib - a sacred container to activate your embodied voice and easy, unapologetic expression. She is also the founder of the Sparrow School of Sound Alchemy and guides others to become Sound Facilitators and to powerfully lead sound healing sessions for groups.

As for official cred, Tiffany is a certified music counselling therapist (MTA), sound therapist, ethnomusicologist (MA) and yoga teacher (RYT). She's studied with many pioneers in sound healing including Jonathan Goldman, Chloe Goodchild and John Stuart Reid. Her other teachers include Sri Sakthi Amma, Shakti Durga and Yogrishi Vishveketu,

Tiffany is a recording artist with albums that include mantras, medicine songs, and original singer-songwriter tunes (available on Spotify and apple music). She's toured and performed with sacred musicians like Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Shimshai and Karnamrita Dasi.

Tiffany is honoured to serve others in this journey of remembering who we really are. Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu