Vocal Energy Healing for Aging Well with Rebecca Abraxas

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Enjoy this 3-hour Zoom training for women 40 + to vibrationally renew their lives. We are busting out of the collective aging paradigm and learning to become spiritual warriors and support our bodies through one of the biggest unspoken metamorphoses a woman's life can go through - Menopause.

Each woman will learn about the 6 areas of their life that need vibrational attention at this age. They will also leave with the knowledge about how their voice can balance those areas. Then we will dive deep into a lifestyle makeover, learning about what to say 'yes" to more and what to say "no" to more to align with a vibration that matches the life you most desire. You will learn how to be in allowance of your changing body instead of resisting and fighting with it and you will learn how to wholistically support yourself without even needing to talk about hormones.


About Rebecca Abraxas

Rebecca Abraxas has been sharing her voice and her awareness about the power of voice for the past 25 years. As a Globe-Certified advanced sound therapist, Holy Fire Reiki Master, certified yogi, and priestess of the ceremonial arts, Rebecca mentors women on vibrational wellness and offers therapeutic sound baths. She is in training to be an ordained metaphysical minister to take her mentoring and public events to the next level. Her specialty is supporting midlife perimenopausal women to step into being spiritual warriors through the power of voice and vibrational adjustments. She guides them to have peace, ease, and awareness as they go through menopause into the Queen phase of their lives with power, purpose, and potency breaking free from the collective paradigm of aging.