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Special Offer #1 Includes:

12 Keys with Ease

Go from Zero to Exploring Piano Musically Without Sour Notes (in any key!)

Special Offer #1: 12 Keys with Ease


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Go from Zero to Exploring Piano Musically Without Sour Notes (in any key!)

Enjoy confidence, ease, and creative musicality for life!

Play engaging, enjoyable music

in any key on Day One.

even if you think learning piano is:

  • too complicated,
  • time-consuming and
  • challenging.

When you connect on piano naturally, you can play with ease anytime  and live musically all the time.


Play for Life!

"12 Keys with Ease" is Module 4 of the larger (6-module) SoundYourSelf Solo course.  

Wish you could just sit at a piano and just make it SING?... without having to learn chords, dots on a page, theory, or even note names?

Do you love music?  Deep down?!

Do you ever think, "it would be SO GREAT to be able to DO that, to really PLAY something that could make you feel that good??!!

And then have you tried to learn to play, only to find yourself staring at dots on a page, or being told you have to learn some basic chords first, and then these, and then there's THESE...

So when you read those notes or played those chords, did it sound musical to you? Or did it sound like someone trying to do something that sounds like music?

Maybe you’ve checked out some of the whiz-bang, “Easy piano,” fancy, colorful piano apps. You watch for the flashing, colored note, push it down when it lights up and, "Voilà!" you're playing music!

How satisfying is that, really?

If your momentary dissatisfaction was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

But what if the underlying message is more insidious?

What if your real takeaway from these experiences is that you’re “not really a musician,” that you’re “not good enough,” or more to the point that "you have to wait until 'some other time' before you'll have anything worthy and valuable to offer of your own?"

That can lead to broader and deeper problems down the road. And many of them extend well beyond your relationship to playing music.

The problem with most methods of piano instruction (and most music instruction in general) is that it is based on the assumption that students should learn to play other people’s music first, and then their own music later.

Usually MUCH later!

The message here is that there are people “out there” who are musical, talented, creative, artistic, smart, etc., and that if you want to embody any of those traits, we need to be like them.  Even if that takes years!

In other words, what we want is "out there" and separate from where we are right now.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with learning from others. But when that happens at the expense of learning more deeply who we are, that’s worth paying attention to.

What if you could learn to navigate the piano well enough to begin improvising your own music, coming from your own creativity, in any key, from Day 1 onward?

That’s what this class is about.

The main challenge up front with playing piano is knowing which notes to play in any key. Without this, you end up playing too many cranky notes, you get discouraged and you end up quitting.

This one-hour mini-course presents a unique one-of-a-kind approach to knowing which notes to play in all 12 keys. With this in mind, you can start to express yourself authentically and musically from Day 1. From the start, the piano becomes an ally and you begin to nurture a friendly, creative relationship with it, with music, and with yourself.

Here’s what's included with this class

  • You will get immediate access to the 12 Keys with Ease online course.
  • You will also get access to a 1-hour live online group class / Q&A
  • The date/time will be determined soon.
  • The class will be recorded and made available to all registrants.
  • When you sign up, you'll be sent emails with links to the online course and community and other info to help you get started.

1-hour online  group class

This is great because it won’t take long and you’ll learn something that will immediately change your perspective on the piano from now on.  And you'll be learning with a group of others who may become musical buddies going forward. :-)

PDF resource w/ complete instructions

You don’t have to focus on taking notes, all the important info is easily available.

Maps of all 12 keys

There are graphics of all the 12 keys in the back of the reference PDF, so you can always go back to make sure you understand the system as intended.

Pick any key and start playing!

From Day 1, you can pick a key, figure out the notes to play, and start exploring

No more worrying about "sour" notes

You'll know which notes to play in any key, so while not everything you play will be as you expect, it will at least have a musical resonance.

"See" the notes to play in any key

You learn a way to "see" the notes in the key as a whole, so that your mind can quickly know, up and down the keyboard, which notes to play.  This frees up your attention to listen more to the sounds than worrying about whether you are playing the "right" notes.

Explore the piano confidently

Enjoy playing the piano knowing that whatever you play will sound at least okay.  You can let go of worrying about playing something that will spoil the experience. You'll be spending more of your attention on things to play rather than worrying about bad outcomes.

Imagine what else may be possible...

Finding out the piano isn't as hard as you always assumed can be a mind blower.  When you have the experience of playing confidently and easily in almost no time, you find yourself wondering what else might be possible (and easier than you thought!).

What is covered in this mini-course?

Part 1:  The Fields of the Keyboard

The basic foundation of the 12 Keys with Ease approach.  You learn a new way to "see" the piano keyboard which opens up this entirely new way to play.

Part 2: 4 Types of Keys

There are four "types" of keys to distinguish among.  When you can "see" these types of keys differently, this is the beginning of a whole new way of relating to the piano.

Part 3: How Each Type Behaves

You'll learn how each type of key functions, operates, behaves, looks.  You'll see how this manifests with each of the keys within the key "types."  You'll be amazed at how easy this is, and how it changes everything for your relationship to the piano.

Part 4: Putting It All Together

Now that you have this new way of seeing the piano keyboard, then a world of possibilities presents itself.  You are at a blank canvas now and it can be intimidating.  You'll learn a few ideas to help to get going with your creative self and the piano.  You will leave feeling inspired and excited to sit and start exploring the amazing instrument that a piano is, and the amazing creator that you are!!

This mini-course that can completely alter your relationship with the piano (and with yourself)
The most essential skill anyone could possibly learn is to navigate the unknown with mastery.

12 Keys with Ease opens the door to a piano approach that emphasizes creativity, self-awareness and authenticity.

The typical approach to piano involves teaching other people's music.

That approach can be arbitrary, awkward, complicated, time-consuming, boring, and discouraging.

Most people aren't looking for music careers, but would love to just sit and be able to play something engaging and enjoyable.

12 Keys with Ease makes the entire piano keyboard immediately accessible, and you can go ahead and begin exploring your own creativity through sound and music.

This approach is entirely one-of-a-kind, and may well catch on more widely in the piano pedagogy world going forward.

This is an early opportunity to take advantage of this revolutionary approach in its relatively infancy.


Play for Life!


  • One-hour online group class: A live interactive learning experience where you can ask questions and learn with others.
  • PDF resource with complete instructions: A comprehensive guide that lets you focus on the class without worrying about note-taking.
  • Maps of all 12 keys: Visual aids that help you understand the system better.
  • Access to a searchable video recording: A resource you can refer back down the road, ensuring you can always refresh your learning
  • Immediate access to musical expression: Start exploring your creativity on the piano from Day 1.
  • Confidence in playing: No more worrying about hitting the wrong notes. You'll know with clarity which ones to play in any key.
  • Enhanced relationship with the piano: Transform your perspective of the piano, making it your ally in musical expression.
  • Mastery over all 12 keys: Not just one or two, but all 12 keys will be at your fingertips.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: A risk-free opportunity to explore the piano, with a 14-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bonus Offer

Sound Your Future

There are lots of great questions about how sound improv can truly serve to transform the dynamics of a chaotic life.

In this new eBook, Sound Your Future: 9 Ways Sound Improvisation Can Help You Find Stability Amidst Chaos, Shift Old Patterns, and Play Your Way Forward, you’ll open to a new way of perceiving, experiencing, and expressing yourself going forward.

You’ll see that in 2024, it’s not only possible, but it’s your birthright to turn in the direction you’re most wanting to go: for yourself, your loved ones, and your world.

It will help clarify your deepest enigmas and help you begin sustainably shifting your life from chaos to balance.  Then, you can live and express yourself just as you want to most, from here on!

About Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber has been a social worker, social scientist, video producer, political activist, band leader, and improvisational actor and musician. In his work at I Am Sound, he helps people who are feeling stuck, out of tune and uncertain to inhabit their authentic, creative selves on piano (and elsewhere) in the midst/mist/myst of it all.