Indigo Dragonfly Chakra & Earth Rhythms with Lis Addison

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Radiant Light Vocal Empowerment Session

Special Offer: Radiant Light Vocal Empowerment Session

  • for 55 Minutes

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A Vocal Empowerment Session with Lis consists of vocal exercises, chants, extended vocal techniques, scales and movements. She helps you work with the vibration of your voice to clear old emotions that may be shutting the voice down. The voice is a psychological as well as a technical instrument so she will help you clear tension, trauma and toxins so you can express yourself in an empowered way.
Lis will give you exercises that you can practice on your own to expand your range, control your breath and strengthen your vocal chords as well as your confidence.
This Session for Light Workers, is designed to help you experience vocal vibration on a somatic level and use it as a tool to release trauma, tension, devaluation or anxiety. You will learn to use specific movements to move out old patterns that may by holding you back from being all you can be.  You will learn to empower your voice and the wisdom it contains.
Recommended for novices as well as professionals.
You will:
  • Become attuned to the vibration of your own voice as a healing tool
  • Explore Rhythmical Chakra Vocables, movement and mudras to clear stuck energy
  • Experiment with Shaking Medicine
You will learn: 
  • About Your voice as a sacred instrument
  • The Sacred Aah Sound
  • How to Open Your Throat Chakra with Rhythm & Vocals
The Benefits of Vocalizing: 
  • Endorphin production, enhanced mood and well-being
  • Increased oxygen to the brain
  • Improved Memory, Cognition & Neuroplasticity
  • Energetic response to vocal vibration
This Session is helpful for a number of reasons. You will:
  • Learn about unlocking Your Personal Healing Program
  • Learn how to locate and Resonate your Chakras
  • Learn to activate the vibration of your Voice
  • Gain practical knowledge to balance heart, mind, and body
  • Receive Exercises and Movements to connect to Your Sacred, Blissful Being
  • Experiment with the healing vibration of your own voice
  • Direct the vibration of your Voice to and through the Chakras
  • Learn movements to assist in cleaning energy from these Centers
  • Learn practices to assist in strengthening the will, confidence and unconditional love
  • Walk with purpose, stand with purpose, act with purpose
  • Connect to your Sacred Work
  • Receive secrets to creating your own mantra

About Lis Addison

Lis Addison is a skilled mover of energy working in a number of disciplines. She is a Composer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Producer, a Healing Artist working in the Akashic Records and the Realms of Nature, and a Dancer. Addison has spent her life studying the music, dance and spiritual traditions of the world and has dedicated her life to sharing the healing effects of music and dance while we are lucky enough to live in bodies. Her signature practice Kinetic Voice (KiVo) uses vocal vibration and dance movement to help clear stuck energy and empower Light Workers to do the sacred work we came to do.