The Shaman’s Territory with Holly Baade

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Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer #1 Includes:

Joyful Warrior Online Sound Healing & Soul Retrieval Session

Special Offer #1: Joyful Warrior Online Sound Healing & Soul Retrieval Session


2 Payment Option Available

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Sound Healing is a natural part of the Soul Retrieval Process. The shaman’s drum naturally creates a theta wave state. When online participants can settle in a sacred way with good headphones and a comfortable position to go on the journey with Holly Baade while she looks at your soul situation and brings back the aspects of you that are ready to come back again. Power animals and angelic assistance is always part of the experience which is done consciously and miraculously through the no-time quantum space of soul. Offer includes a 25% off special for up to 4 more sessions when booked with Holly directly after the first session. Each participant will also receive a digital copy of Holly’s forthcoming book, Sensual Sight and Shamanic Flight: Level 1 Shaman Training when it is released June 21, 2023.

Special Offer #2 Includes:

The Shaman in You Training

Special Offer #2: The Shaman in You, Level 1


2 Payment Option Available

Special Shaman Training for Sound of Love Participants 



Details: 5 Day Online Training Direct, Personal and Interactive with Holly Baade

Memorial Day Weekend from Thursday May 25 to Monday May 29.

Schedule is as follows: Thursday to Monday 2-8 PM PT (1 hour break mid-way)

(2pm PT | 3pm MT | 4pm CT | 5pm ET | 9pm GMT)

Each participant will receive an advance digital copy of Holly’s forthcoming book, “The Shaman in You,” as a workbook for the training one week before it begins.

This offer also includes:

  1. Digital “Prayer Pouch” E-Book + Personalized Introductory Shaman kit

(Kit is sent as a follow-up to digital Booklet) $90 Value

  1. Joyful Warrior Online Sound Healing & Soul Retrieval Session $395 Value

(After the event to be scheduled separately)

Description: Join Holly for Online Shaman Training

There is nothing like going into a deep dive with your soul with sacred community as witness. In this special online program, limited to just 100 participants, we will work interactively to truly understand how to begin and/or deepen the natural human evolution of becoming a shaman. In Level 1 we explore the secrets behind becoming a shaman and how to create a safe, healing and personally empowered shamanic practice.

For more information about the philosophy and overview of The Shaman in You Training Program

Special Offer #3 Includes:

Ancient Tantric Sound
Healing Chakra Meditation/Vocalizing

(4 Classes for $90)


Special Offer #3: Ancient Tantric Sound Healing Chakra Meditation/Vocalizing


2 Payment Option Available

This is one of my personally favorite classes. I find that doing this meditation each week helps to grow my ability to sing as well as the deep peace within my heart. The class can easily be done online. It requires sitting in a comfortable position, listening to a Sitar drone that I will play and then chanting the chakras up the spine for some duration of time. We take breaks, talk a bit to relax our legs and breathe. The class progresses into a silent meditation. I am grateful beyond measure to have learned this meditation as it enhances my shamanic abilities. Stillness arrives, worries leave, the voice expands and all becomes one.

About Holly Baade

“Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a journey of empowerment that begins with opening your heart, embodying your soul and freeing your spirit. Love is the power that transforms all fear and awakens all of Life.” – Holly Baade

Holly Baade is Spirit-Initiated Shaman, Songwriter and Storyteller. She is the Founder of The International Joyful Warrior Shaman School. She specializes in personal soul retrieval services, hands-on somatic repatterning for those suffering from chronic pain or trauma to reestablish physical alignment with one’s original spiritual blueprint and she enjoys leading collective healing retreats and gatherings in places of power and beauty to bring people and the planet into natural, greater balance. For nearly 20 years, she has worked as a shamanic healer, teacher and life coach as well as a masterful guide for people who would like to become shamans. She lives in Fairfax, California. Enjoy 25 % off Holly’s first album of shamanic music at with discount code: Globe.