Shattering Cancer with Destructive Resonant Frequencies~NOVOBIOTRONICS with Anthony Holland

Saturday, November 11th

10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT




Shattering Cancer ~ One Cell At A Time !

Sometime around 2005, I read a book called “Lost science”. In that book, I read about Royal Raymond Rife and his ‘Beam Ray’ machine and that he ‘cured’ cancer in the 1930’s. It made me very curious to seek out any and all information about Royal Rife and see if there was anything to the story. That’s when I first encountered Dr. James Bare and his book about how to convert a CB radio into a frequency therapy machine. I contacted Dr. Bare and have been working with him ever since. He continues to do R&D work in improving his incredible electronic inventions and I continue to test them in the laboratory against cancer cells. We recently completed two new scientific papers that were released to the public in 2023 about frequencies needed for leukemia.”

“When I first tested one of Dr. Bare’s machines against a harmless single-celled organism called a blepharisma, I was testing many different frequencies, one at a time, to see if I could affect the organisms in any way. I was well aware of the concept of ‘resonance’, both in music and in acoustics, and was aware of the ‘resonant destruction’ of things such as shattering crystal glasses with an appropriate frequency. I thought that it was possible that Dr. Bare’s machine might somehow invoke a vibration inside an organism, and if it did, I might be able to find a frequency that could initiate a vibration that would literally ‘resonate’ somewhere in the organism and perhaps even destroy the organism with that resonant frequency. I spent 15 months searching for this effect and one night in the college laboratory it suddenly happened! A blepharisma suddenly literally shattered into many tiny fragments! It looked just like a crystal glass shattering from a resonant frequency! It was absolutely amazing! Up to that point, I was only working on a theory that it was possible and night after night for 15 months I hunted for the ‘magic frequency’ that would shatter a micro- organism. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it! And lucky for me, I had a video camera running at the time and actually managed to capture the very moment when I shattered my first tiny organism! From that moment onward, I KNEW that Dr. Bare’s machine worked and I KNEW that if you found the right frequency, you could literally shatter almost anything! Even a micro-organism! I spent the next months shattering many different micro-organisms and video-taping it and posting it all on the internet. I was having the time of my life proving that my theory worked and that Dr. Bare’s machine could do just exactly what I had hoped it would. I was convinced at that point, that given enough time, I could find the frequency to shatter almost anything…. A tiny organism, a bacterium, a virus, maybe even cancer cells!

In 2009, a former student of mine came to visit our college. He was a famous cancer researcher at this point, running his own major cancer research lab on the east coast. I showed him my videos of micro-organisms being shattered with these pulsed frequency-specific electric fields from a plasma tube, and he invited me to visit his lab for a few months and attempt to shatter cancer cells. Long story made short, I was very successful in shattering even cancer cells, several different types of cancer cells. It was not hard to find the right frequencies, it just took a great deal of time and patience. My friend, the cancer lab director, said that what I was doing to cancer cells was totally impossible in his field and that no matter how many times we could repeat the experiment, nobody in his field of research would ever believe what we were able to do. He was just ‘blown away’ by what Dr. Bare’s machine could do to cancer cells in vitro (in special plastic dishes for growing and experimenting with cancer cells). That was 2009 and 2010. From that moment onward, I knew I had to keep searching for effective frequencies against cancer…. And I needed my own research laboratory to do the work. Today’s cancer research labs are supported with millions of dollars from large Pharma companies… those labs could not risk developing a new frequency approach to cancer and toss their chemo drugs aside, they would lose their financial underpinning. I knew I needed to start my own nonprofit company and build our own research lab, unhindered by ‘big pharma’, and releasing all of our frequency information for free to the internet via our website at”

“Our ultimate goal is to develop a large database of the most effective frequencies that will slow and destroy every type of cancer. This database of frequencies will be shared for free with the public via our company website, just as we have already shared all of our research over the past 17 years. By establishing the effectiveness of many frequencies against many different types of cancer, we hope to change the future of cancer treatments so that ‘frequency treatments’ become the norm, and we no longer use toxic drugs or dangerous radiation. We work with the dream of developing a future cancer treatment that is nontoxic, painless, noninvasive and inexpensive. In the future, children with cancer will visit a ‘cancer treatment room’ where they meet new friends and have fun, but all the while the plasma lights over their heads in the ceiling will be bathing their cancer cells in healing frequencies, shattering their cancer, one cell at a time!”

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About Anthony Holland

Anthony Holland is President of the nonprofit company Novobiotronics, dedicated to researching destructive resonant frequencies against cancer and pathogenic bacteria. His TEDX talk on “Shattering Cancer” has been seen by over 14 million people.

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