One Love – One Heart with Kathrine Krake

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Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer#1  Includes:

Empower, Enlighten & Embrace Life – Come What May

Soul Activations and Future Self Embodiment through energy work, light language and simple movement.

Special Offer #1: Empower, Enlighten & Embrace Life – Come What May


2 Payment Option Available

Become One with Your Soul and Your Future You in this series of 9 ZONIKA® transmissions.

“Empower, Enlighten & Embrace Life – 8 Soul Activations” aligns you deeply with your Soul and connects you with Earth, Sky and other dimensions. You are also guided to integrate it all in your every day life. The 8 channeled sessions are delivered as original audio files and an e-book, or ‘energy-book’ as my guides told me, so you can revisit and recalibrate anytime.

“Come What May – Future Self Embodiment” is a masterclass that connects you with the Soul-aligned dimension of you. The one that is now ready to help you make your dreams and visions happen. The Future You knows when, why and how to take action and guides you through whatever. My Spirit guides call it your ‘MasterMind’ and ‘Light Being of Eternity’. Be ready. Be aware. Be you.

ZONIKA® is a channeled energy healing modality that reconnects your soul with it’s origin. It’s all about alignment and integrity for you to GROW beyond belief, LOVE without limits, and TRUST what you cannot see.


  • Deep inner guidance, transformation of patterns, healing of trauma.
  • Calm, clarity, courage
  • Synchronicities & opportunities.
  • Becoming who You really are & Oneness

Special Offer#2  Includes:

Clarity Codes 1:1

Personal light language transmission to help you navigate from within on certain matters, big projects or tiny issues

Special Offer #2: Clarity Codes 1:1


2 Payment Option Available

(Re)connecting ourselves with our Soul should be as easy as listening to music, going for a walk, running, doing chores or even take a nap. And although quick fixes don’t exist, there are some hacks and short cuts to get unstuck, leave overwhelm behind and take the steps you need to take. Vocal light language is one of them.

How we do it:
On a short zoom call, you tell me what you’d like your Clarity Codes to help you with. I then channel for you and send you the audio file and instructions on how and when to use them.

Clarity Codes are useful when you…

  • don’t have a clue on how to proceed
  • are about to start anew
  • want to remember clearly
  • wish to cleanse and align
  • need focus and presence

Your Personal Clarity Codes with light language are

  • SNACKABLE – easy to listen to, don’t require space nor preparation and are usually max 10 minutes long

  • CUSTOMIZED – your specific needs and wishes are met by the sound frequencies that come through.

  • MEDITATIVE – they bypass, clear and calm your mind so you can be present in your daily life.

  • PROGRESSIVE – each time you listen, you get a deeper connection and alignment that let you raise your consciousness.

  • LONG LASTING – the effect of the sound frequencies reach both the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being.

About Kathrine Krake

Kathrine Krake is the channeler of ZONIKA® Energy Healing for personal leadership and human-soul realignment through light language, soundhealing, bodywork and more. As a yoga therapist, videojournalist, empath and changemaker loving science and wisdom she is dedicated to healing collective trauma.