Harp Therapy and The Power of Presence with Marianne Gubri

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Harp Relaxation Immersion

240 minutes of relaxing harp music + a special individual session

Special Offer: Harp Relaxation Immersion


2 Payment Option Available

This offer includes 4 albums of harp music composed by Marianne Gubri:

  • Ankaa, a relaxing album with celtic and modern harp and the sounds of nature; focusing on rejuvenation
  • Believe, a modern floating and delicate harp: focusing on self-love
  • Vita Nuova, a modern soundscape from ancinet times to futuristic landscape: focusing on dream and self-realization
  • Menhir, a celtic and mediterranean journey across the sound of stones: focusing on grounding and creativity
  • 1 hour individual harp therapy session and individual resonant tone finding

Benefits of the session may include:

  • 240 minutes of relaxing and dynamizing harp music

  • a selection of ancient therapeutic musical modes

  • a selection of healing and balancing rhythms

  • more than 40 tunes based on a different resonant tone

  • an exceptional way to discover your own individual resonant tone and start your own sound healing journey

About Marianne Gubri

Marianne Gubri is a French-Italian harpist and worldwide touring musician. Harp therapist, vibroacoustic practitioner, teacher, researcher and speaker, she has published more than 10 albums and a book on therapeutic music. She is the director of IHTP France and Italy and organizes workshops on self-awareness through sound.