Echo of the Heart with Silvina Vergara




Have you ever experienced a moment of profound connectedness, where the world around you seemed to vibrate with love and appreciation so pure that it brought tears of joy to your eyes? If you long to feel that sense of deep connection again, then we invite you to join us in this transformative session.

Everything in the universe vibrates, and as we become more aware of the power of sound, we can tap into the language of the heart and unlock the full potential of our souls. Together, we will explore the power of sound healing frequencies and learn how to process our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the resonance of the heart.

During this vibrational journey, you will discover how specific sounds impact your mental, emotional, and spiritual states. By understanding the language of the heart and experiencing the subtle fields of the heart, you will shift, evolve, and create space for the true essence of love to express itself in your life.

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that one of the four aspects of love is compassion. Through our exploration of the heart frequency and the heart brain, you will learn how to cultivate compassion and deepen your awareness of your inner sound. This practice will help you develop a stronger connection with your heart and allow your cells to vibrate with understanding and empathy.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and connection with the language of the heart. Let us help you awaken the profound, deep sense of connectedness that is waiting within you. Through the power of sound healing frequencies and the practice of presence, you will cultivate compassion, shift your consciousness, and create space for the true essence of love to express itself fully in your life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your awareness and tap into the limitless potential of your heart. Sign up now and let the echoes of your heart lead you towards a more vibrant, joyful, and fulfilling life.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Rebirthing! Aligning with the Spark of Your Soul

The Resonance of your Higher Self

Special Offer: Rebirthing! Aligning with the Spark of Your Soul


2 Payment Option Available

June 4th

12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET | 7pm GMT

You are invited to participate in this one-time 90-minute master class, where you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your original essence – the universal love that we are all made of. Together, we will explore self-love from a space of nourishment, wholeness, and healthy boundaries. By cultivating a positive relationship with ourselves, we can cultivate harmonious relationships with others.

In this class, you will learn how to align with your own divine core and access high frequencies to give birth to your pure being. You will also discover why you chose this body in this lifetime and embrace your infant self with infinite grace. Through developing a loving inner dialogue, you will have a sacred tool to practice every day.

Using hypnotherapeutic exercises, sound meditation, and transmissions of sublime sounds, we will soothe your soul and help you expand your consciousness to a profound flow with your sacred self. By the end of this master class, you will have the tools to start creating a life with your own sound signature.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to realign with the spark of your soul and discover the resonance of your higher self. Join us now and embrace your true potential!

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Reawaken to your own sacred Self

  • Deep inner work at the cellular level

  • Self love, unconditional acceptance

  • Embracing your true Self

  • Aligning with your true Resonance

About Silvina Vergara

Silvina specializes in Sound Healing Therapy , has passionately dedicated her life to the healing arts as a conscious guide educator, to develop human potential. She has created programs in self-awareness for teenagers and children, she has been teaching at The Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and facilitating seminars in both North and South America .She has been trained by world renowned Sound Healer and Shaman,Tom Kenyon.

She holds a certification in Sound Healing and has completed training in Sahuka, a synthesis on Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism.
Currently studying Buddhist Psychology .

With more than 25 years of experience, she conducts sound healing classes and seminars, utilizing sound, breathing techniques, movement and shamanic work to help facilitate emotional, physical and mental release, which reawakens the body’s innate wisdom and deep sense of awareness. This therefore is creating a profound state of being to access the subtle energy fields of consciousness and transformation.

She also worked as a facilitator in sound Healing for San Francisco General Hospital, in a special program for cancer patients, during 16 years . Other remarkable career achievements are her work as a recording artist and performer featuring the unique qualities of her profound soothing voice whether she’s singing or channeling melodies that flow through her while carrying healing frequencies.