Birthing the Holy Womb with Shanti Leone

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The Holy Womb Chakra Process

Special Offer: The Holy Womb Chakra Process


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Heal Your Heartbreaks. Unlock your Creative Potential. Hidden within our body is a connection point to your Soul’s power., your Soul’s Essence. It is called the Holy Womb Chakra. And to access this connection point, your womb chakra must be cleared, purified and charged. This is a process of tantric processes for all genders.

The Holy Womb Chakra Process comes from a 7000-year-old palm leaf capturing knowledge revealed directly by Vishvamitra Maharshi. For both men and women, purification and empowerment of the womb chakra is the fast track to spiritual power and transcendence.

Mother Mary knew and practiced these teachings. The only reason the birth and resurrection of Jesus could happen was because of the purity and power of Her womb chakra. Sri Kaleshwar taught these advanced yogic practices in 2006 and Ramakrishna, one of his senior students, had the opportunity to learn this process directly from this enlightened master.

The womb chakra is the access point in each soul to the cosmic. Women have a physical womb chakra, which is why they actually have the highest spiritual abilities, while the male womb chakra is energetic.

The Holy Womb Chakra Process is a Shakti energy healing, purification, and empowerment using mantra and yantra meditation processes every full and new moon.

Once cleared & healed, the Womb Chakra is the highest, holiest place in your body & a tool for profound transformation in your life. When you heal your Holy Womb Chakra, Divine Love flows into your life and to the world around you.

Benefits of the session may include:

Activating The Womb Chakra will . . .
Bless You In Your DAY-TO-DAY LIFE by:
🫶 Healing Physical Disease and Heartbreak
🫶 Transmuting the traumas you have been carrying around
🫶 Reconnecting you to Divine Mother
🫶 Strengthening your womb to carry a divine soul
🫶 Clearing the karma of future children before they are born
🫶 Healing Romantic Relationships – Past and Present
🫶 Attracting you to Your Soul Mate
🫶 Transforming Negative Tendencies
🫶 Healing the Connection With Your Birth Mother
🫶 Healing Your Children
🫶 Stabilizing Unbalanced Sexual Energy in Yourself and Your Teenagers
🫶 Controlling and Balancing Excessive Sexual Energy
🫶 Protecting You Against Sexual Harassment
🫶 Releasing Fear and Bringing Peace into Your Life
🫶 Developing a Continual Flow of Unconditional Love
🫶 Burning Away Your Kama

Bless You In Your SPIRITUAL LIFE by:
🫶 Building protection circles around your soul and your children’s souls
🫶 Opening Channels to Manifest
🫶 Awakening Healing Abilities
🫶 Developing Brahma (God) Consciousness
🫶 Charging Your Siddhis (Miraculous Abilities)

About Shanti Leone

Shanti has trained extensively in the Sound, Vedic, Stone Alchemy, Geometry, Shamanic and Energy Arts. What began as a personal need of deep healing for herself grew to a profound vocation and love of facilitating healing and expansion for others. It is her deepest joy to be of service in channeling these gifs of transcendence.