With gifted intuitives and spiritual stewards
Gregory and Gail Hoag

Use Sacred Geometry Principles to Empower Your life

We’ll discuss how to discover and utilize universal patterns to evolve consciousness and navigate your life. As you use the principles of Sacred Geometry, you’ll find greater emotional balance in the midst of chaos and challenges during this time of transformation. We’ll show you how Sacred Geometry is one of the best tools to become more soul connected.

We will share hidden knowledge about the Archetypes that are found in relationships with the Sun, Moon and Earth. All life is created in very specific ways that align with consciousness and resonance. By recognizing these patterns we become aligned with the forces of creation and support the expression of soul-centered life.
You can increase life-enhancing energy flows for improved health and well-being by aligning with these archetypes of creation.

You’ll learn the truth about EMFs, toxins and how to overcome their negative impacts.

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Access Powerful Tools for Connecting to Higher Guidance and Raising Your Consciousness

Access Powerful Tools for Connecting to Higher Guidance and Raising Your Consciousness


Discover tools and techniques for opening to your intuition and connecting to your Higher Guidance. Relax and learn with guided tools that will help you reset your life, raise your consciousness, and develop a life for the good of all.

Created by world-renowned experts in Sacred Geometry and founders of Metaforms, Gregory Hoag and Gail Hoag

These tools will help you:

  • Reset, restore, and invigorate your life for greater love and acceptance for who you are more fully
  • Experience a greater harmonic presence with deepened intuition and sense of knowing
  • Be grateful for the balance that is being restored and appreciate the beauty of all things
  • Develop an accurate and meaningful connection to Higher Guidance
  • Increase your ability to recognize and communicate with higher self on a daily basis
  • Align with your higher guidance and open your intuitive channels for your advancement

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About Gregory and Gail Hoag

When people meet Gregory and Gail Hoag, they sense a rare relationship, full of consciousness and love. Gregory, scientist and leading expert on Sacred Geometry, along with Gail, artist, business and health consultant, founded Metaforms over 37 years ago. They create energetic technologies and share knowledge that supports people to evolve into higher awareness with Source and Heart consciousness. They are recognized as leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting purpose and clearing electromagnetic interference. The Hoags are gifted intuitives and spiritual stewards living on their high energy land in Colorado, where they have developed energetic chambers and geometric grids to positively affect humanity and the world.

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Snow Raven:

SNOW RAVEN – SUOR was born in one of the most remote and cold inhabited places in the world – the Republic of Sakha – Yakutia (arctic Siberia). She was three years old when she started to learn the language of birds and animals. Her voice takes its breath from traditional Sakha culture and is truly an instrument. She is the OG of “arctic beatbox” – the reindeer breath and the founder of OLOX, the NEOshamanic Portal to a Decentralized Humanity, Earth and Consciousness.