With certified sound therapist and CRT practioner
Dina Montefuscoli

Ancestry, Sacred Circle, and Drumming

We have all been held in our mother’s womb, giving women and men the innate birthright to re-connect; to the Masculine and Feminine within all of us, to our seat at the Sacred Circle, and to the natural rhythms of life and death. This experience highlights three pillars that may reconnect you to the pulse of Creation; Ancestry, Sacred Circle, and Drumming.

Within this hour-long presentation, we will explore and discover new ways of honoring our personal lineage and ancestral backgrounds as presented by Andrew Ecker and The Sacred 7. We will discuss the mystical presence of the Sacred Circle found throughout various cultures, traditions, and teachings throughout history and connect it with the rhythmic power of the drum; one of the most ancient tools used for transformation, healing and rites of passage.

The experience will conclude with a powerful drumming and vocal ceremony to alchemize all three of these elements with the intention of reconnecting us to the pulse of creation. Let us honor our ancestors and make way for those yet to come by staying in connection to our Spirit and Soul, living a life full of joy and unconditional love.

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About Dina Montefuscoli

Dina Montefuscoli has dedicated her life to being of service, spreading love, and bringing the healing elements of CRT (Cellular Resonance Technique), sound, and wellness into every space she enters. Her mission is to create transformational experiences where people can reconnect with the innate healing abilities present within themselves. Dina has been in the wellness space for nearly ten years instructing yoga and meditation, practicing CRT, facilitating drum circles, and she is a certified sound therapist through the Globe Institute. She is dedicated to spreading BIG LOVE.