With Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, and wellness innovator
Gary Malkin

As far back as 400,000 years ago, human beings learned to access the gifts of fire. Beyond the obvious results of this primal resource, anthropologists suggest that fire consistently provided a context within which our ancestors could connect meaningfully within tribal contexts with little language involved, in ways that solidified social networks and delivered meaning and connection to life itself.

With divisiveness rampant amidst the imminent dangers of climate change, economic instability, nationalistic movements, and deepening tensions between people throughout the world, the need to re-member our interdependence and interconnection with one another has never been more important. Harnessing the power of the universal language of humanity – music – to transmit experiences of unity within diversity is an idea whose time has come.

With the advent of the virtual “fires” around which we gather – online screens that enable us to connect with one another all over the planet –more effective and experiential ways of sharing time and space are necessary to awaken the primordial forces that unite us with one another and with all life. As futurists, visionaries, concerned citizens and people of all nations hunger for new ways to traverse our differences and meaningfully connect, new modalities are now available to come home to ourselves, create peace within and without to bridge our differences towards common ground. The need to rest in the experience of simply being together through listening can help us to rely less on our linear/rational modes of communication so that we can connect in our hearts and souls, in concert with our intellectual minds.

Although nothing can come close to being in proximity with one other in real time, we can learn to harness the presencing powers of music and awe-inspiring nature images to provide a proxy for the ancient fires that served our ancestors. Recognizing that hearing is the first to arrive (in utero) and the last to go before we die suggests that music and stories could awaken our essential primordial nature, manifesting as heightened and more integrated states of being and communicating. When sharing the impact that these experiential resources can offer in our virtual communal gatherings, we can engage our hearts, bodies, and souls in alignment with our minds, evoking a more heart-centered and coherent experience of the “now”. This enables us to feel the fullness of our humanity, resulting in greater aliveness, meaning, and compassion, especially as we deepen our capacities to convene, communicate, collaborate and co-create together during these heart-wrenching times. Join Gary Malkin in an experiential “keynote performance” that explores the destiny music and transformative media can play in unifying us around the fire of life itself.

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Research has shown that of all our senses, hearing is among the first to arrive—in utero—and the last to go before we take our last breath. This suggests that life-generating music, sound, poetry, and other deep listening skills might offer us accelerated pathways to our essential nature, manifesting as heightened and more integrated states of being. When integrating the vibrational impact that these listening resources can offer, you can be more fully present with your body, heart, and soul in resonance with your mind, generating greater loving awareness as you cultivate a more heart-centered and attuned experience of the “now” in all aspects of your life. This expanded awareness will enable you to experience the fullness of your humanity wherever you are, resulting in greater aliveness, meaning, compassion, and flow in all areas of your life.

Integrating these sonic gifts in this gift package will give you a taste of what’s possible, as you learn how to harness the power of music to support your evolutionary journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

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About Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin is an Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, and wellness innovator dedicated to redefining music’s role in society’s institutions, with a particular focus on musical innovations for healthcare. Gary is best known for the globally-acclaimed listening resource, Graceful Passages, co-created with the Michael and Doris Stillwater, which has provided support for nearly a million people facing the challenges of loss. Gary created the soundtracks for the groundbreaking Thrive documentaries, Thrive, seen by 90 million people in 27 languages. He is a frequent guest on webinars promoting a deeper understanding of the generative power of music for wellness and a more meaningful life. You can learn more at WisdomoftheWorld.com.