With Chant Leader and Shakuhachi Flute Player
Kevin James
& Susana on Harmonium

A beautiful way to connect to the heart with sacred music.

Create a sacred space where we can be present together, as we connect beyond the boundaries of space, and form a circle of sound healing vibrations around the globe.

You are invited to simply connect or even better, to join in with the singing, dance or just be.

Kevin and Susana’s music will take you on a journey that will have you feeling relaxed and centered, uplifted and connected to your heart with some mantra chanting, shakuhachi flute and voice activation practice.

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Chakra Tuning Voice Exploration

Special Offer: Chakra Tuning Voice Exploration


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Listen, learn and practice this simple technique developed by Kevin James for self healing and harmonising your energy field through the power of your own voice and intention.

Find a new awareness of your energy flowing through the chakra system and establish a connection to the subtle and profound wisdom that is held in your body intelligence.

Feel emotionally stable and give yourself the tools to be able to bring yourself home into a state of presence any time you wish, where you gift yourself with a great day.

About Kevin James & Susana

Kevin James is a chant leader and Shakuhachi flute player from Australia with decades of experience, travelling the world, sharing his Heart songs & mantras in the spirit of universal devotion, re-connection and remembrance of our oneness and freedom through the power of sacred music and chanting.

Supported by his wife Susana on Harmonium, the Songs and mantras of Kevin James are an invitation for you to co-create a deep connection with your heart and a positive healing vibration for yourself and the world.

This will be the 3rd time Kevin James has presented at the conference, here is what others have said about his music;

“Kevin James’ voice is touching, warm and loving at each moment – authentic and straight from the heart. He sings for you, he sings to your soul, and you will feel an immediate warm embrace which lets you feel cozy, protected and within a realm where sorrows have no weight anymore”. – Sat Nam Europe

Special Offer: Chakra Tuning Voice Exploration


2 Payment Option Available