With Intuitive Sound Shaman
Jamie Lu


Explore how Sound effects emotions and brings us to the Ascended Self

Master Sound Healer, Jamie Lu, shares insights from her sessions on how miracles and instant healings have occurred for her clients through releasing trapped emotions through sound and light work.

We will look at the inner workings of the body, mind, soul connection to understand how emotions can turn off or turn on biological functioning. This discussion explores the intricate and often hidden ways the body stores emotions, how this effects the functioning of specific organs and how to self identify suppressive and reactive emotions that could be harming the health and wellness of humanity. We even get into spiritual warfare and unseen physic entities that can greatly effect the emotional body. Jamie also talks about depression and how the Ascended Masters have assisted her clients in completely transforming the root cause of depression through special sounds and energy healing practices.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Ray of Light Healing Session with Jamie Lu

Listen to this to Unfreeze Stuck Emotions and Change Your Life Today!
Vibrate your Cells with a Flood of Divine Light!

Special Offer: Ray of Light Vibrational Healing Session


2 Payment Option Available

Ray of Light is a vibrational healing session you can listen to again and again, and receive benefits from everyday! Ray of Light is a new treatment called Portal Medicine that can open the bodies portals to quantum healing. It is based on Ancient Mystic Energy Acupuncture and Jamie Lu’s Vibrational Shamanism, that Founder, Doctor G, grounds with precision from her medical experience of the body. Through this combination of sound and light your body is given the key elements to heal: frequency, love and light.

What it is:
One of the most transformative healing sessions on the planet, the Ray of Light Master Form provides education and a 50 min potent recording, streamed on our private server. This recording is Vibrational Light medicine that facilitates a journey into the body to activate, heal, and access the deepest parts of you that are ready to now heal. This is above and beyond meditation. Ray of Light is precise medicine for the Soul and must be treated as such. You will receive the recording along with instructions on how to use this medicine safely and effectively. No matter your background, belief or health condition, anyone can take Ray of Light without negative side effects.


  1. Revitalize and turn the clock back on your organs, skin, cells, and entire body systems.
  2. Reset your Nervous System from stress to ease and relief.
  3. Trigger the bodies natural healing and detox response in a way that is easier and more gentle on the body than most physical modalities.
  4. Unfreeze stuck emotions and entities with a magnificent flush of Divine Light.
  5. Feel full, radiant and magnetic to attract your dreams!
  6. Receive an energetic acupuncture style (non-needles) that removes obstructions in energy flow from blocked meridians and energy centers.
  7. Increase Higher Guidance, Manifestation and Synchronicities.
  8. Connect to a high vibrational healing Light that can transform your life!
  9. Clarify and Enhance your connection to your Spiritual Entourage.

Additional Information:

Improves Health and Healing

The Ray of Light brings the Vibrational Light of Divine God deep into your cells

restoring the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing process, and accelerating healing results.

You can listen to it at night and wake up vibrating from the deep shifts within, allowing you to feel a higher connection to everything.

Improves Manifestation

Ray of Light activates the portals of Light deep within the body

restoring the DNA, synchronizing brainwaves and aligning the individual to their Source of Origin.

These effects have been verified by science to stimulate greater creative flow and universal synchronicity, attuning the CELLS to one’s desires allowing “manifestations” to greatly increase.

As you listen to the Ray of Light once a day, you can access and create from the space of infinite possibilities!

The benefits of Ray of Light expand over time — it’s like having an IV drip of Light!

Improves Emotional Wellbeing

The Ray of Light uses vibrational light medicine to find and clear out unprocessed or “stuck” emotions that are trapped in the bodies tissues, bones and cellular memory

leaving the individual in more relief and energetic spaciousness, especially when used over time.

Use Over and Over Again

The Ray of Light allows you to see results over time.

It is a daily practice that gives great benefit to the meditator upon every use.

Why Buy Now?

This is a special offer for the Sounds and Emotions Conference ONLY so we will not be offering this deal for long!

Buy now and experience the Divine Light of Possibilities enter your life, Activate your DNA and vibrate your CELLS, today and forever!!

Don’t miss out on the positive shifts you could be receiving today as a result!

This is a lifetime’s worth of healing at a nominal investment. There is no expiration. You get to listen to this transformative product forever!

Seeing the kind of results our clients see from listening to Ray of Light, we have valued this quantum product at $997 that you receive for $123 today.

We have discounted the investment greatly because we want you and the whole world to have this opportunity for positive shifts right now!


Disclaimer:  Although our testimonials are remarkable, Ray of Light was not made to diagnose, cure or treat disease.  Please consult a medical professional for healthcare advice.

Why can’t I download this file? We have not made the audio file downloadable for copyright reasons. The Ray of Light is streamed on our private servers to ensure the integrity of the transformative experience.  Customers can easily play the recording on their computers or their mobile phones through our streaming service.

What does it mean if I don’t feel anything? Healing can often be subtle and experienced in the background of your awareness. Overtime, and with repeated use, you will begin to feel and experience the healing at the forefront of your awareness. Typically, after one session, most of our clients do notice a felt shift.

What happens if I fall asleep when I’m listening to it, does it still work? Yes. Often our bodies need to go to sleep so it can receive the healing fully. There will come a time when your body has adjusted to the frequencies and no longer needs to go to sleep to receive it.

Can you explain the investment? The special price offer of $123 is a nominal fee when considering that working with Doctor G and Jamie Lu LIVE in a private session requires a $4,444 investment and a waiting list! We have made this opportunity available so that every home can be touched by the Ray of Light experience.

About Jamie Lu

Jamie Lu is an Intuitive Sound Shaman, world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24. She left a successful career in technology to pursue a sudden calling that lead to her gifts in healing the body, clearing the mind and re-uniting the spirit with Infinite Love and Wisdom. Her knowledge of Sound Alchemy comes from past life mastery and connection to Infinite Consciousness, Angelics and Guardian Alliances. She mentors and guides others in her Mentorship programs and individual sessions. Jamie Lu is involved in Earth Guardian Councils around the globe and is on the board of the Sound Medical Association.

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