With Sound and Crystal Practitioner
John St. Claire


Biophysical Mechanisms & Cosmic Consciousness

I’m completing my Master’s Thesis now at the California Institute for Human Science and actively working on a research project measuring the effects of a 7 foot gong on salivary biomarkers for stress (cortisol) and immune response (Immunoglobulin-A), as well as self reported states of depression, anxiety, stress, and pain.
In addition to my current research, I’ll be discussing the biophysical mechanisms by which gongs induce altered states and the benefits of these states in healing significant physical and psychological issues.

Ten years ago I stood in front of a 7 foot Paiste gong for ten minutes. When I stepped away I thought I was going to cry, and I had absolutely no idea why. I knew there was something incredibly important here, an unspoken mystery that deserved to see the light of day. Life exists within a sea of vibrations and the gong was like an ocean of sound that enveloped me and shifted my state of being in an unexpected way. At the time, I’d been in practice for over five years doing private multi-modal vibrational therapy sessions and group meditations, yet nothing had prepared me for the intensity of the experience nor to imagine the path of discovery it would lead me down.
I’ve read every gong related book and searched all the journal articles for anything to describe the nature of the experience. Although there is a great deal of research on Music Therapy when it comes to gongs, there are anecdotal reports, and subjective tendencies but no actual study of this specific phenomenon. So I designed a year long, 3 phase study to do just that.
I have had my own 7 foot gong hanging in a custom designed building for 5 years and I’ve listened to clients share their own amazing experiences. These range from the mundane (“feeling relaxed”) to the sublime (“being out in space,” “being under the ocean,” “an overwhelming feeling of love like holding their newborn child,” “going back to the Big Bang,”“dissolving, being sucked into the gong, and then becoming the gong”). I’ll discuss a wide range of mechanisms which cause these changes and the benefits they provide.

Sound Bath Special Offer

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Using Sound and Crystals for Lasting Change

A 3 day Workshop filled with practical knowledge and transformative experiences.

Special Offer: Using Sound and Crystals for Lasting Change Live Workshop


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This is a live, in person (not online) workshop in San Diego County. There is a significant experiential component using a wide variety of instruments in addition to the following Workshop Modules:

Sound, Crystals, Water, & Sacred Geometry: Revealing the Mystery of Consciousness. – An explanation of how consciousness is expressed through form and the resonant effects of vibration on water and our DNA; describing the theoretical & scientific understanding of using sound and crystals for creating lasting change,

How to listen to sacred sounds, what to listen for, and how to play sacred instruments to achieve various sounds and to use them effectively.

How to easily, visibly measure the human biofield for balance and strength – Demonstrating and developing telekenetic abilities

A useful method for using sound to delete unresourceful feelings

Scientifically proven methods for clearing and programing crystals.

Energetic hygiene – tools for resonating with truth for the highest good – Understanding alternative realms of existence and how to relate with them.

How to activate pineal gland antennas

Using crystals to adjust your past and future timelines, delete negative emotions and restore the original soul feelings of life purpose.

The Harmonic Resonance of Sacred Geometry Across the Cosmos – how matter and energy take form at every scale, specifically the overtone structure of the human bio-field, the nature of reality and consciousness, and how to use this new knowledge in practice.

The event takes place at a custom designed, EMF shielded, sound-proof room, containing 40”, 50” 60” and 84” Paiste gongs, dozens of Tibetan bowls, my custom designed Cosmic Transducer, and a variety of other professional sacred instruments, a Vogel PsychoPhotonic Crystal table, and lots of interesting crystals.

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About John St. Claire

John St. Claire has been using sound and crystals in his practice for over 12 years. He designed and built a custom structure exclusively for the study and practice of Vibrational Medicine. He has been presenting his original research on sound, crystals, and consciousness at scientific conferences around the country. He facilitates extraordinary transformations for private clients, and teaches workshops and classes on sound, crystals, and consciousness.

Special Offer: Using Sound and Crystals for Lasting Change Live Workshop


2 Payment Option Available