With author, energy healer, channel and teacher
Jamye Price

Bridging your Multidimensional Aspects with Light Language

The power that is instilled within your biomechanism is constantly creating your experience. As you attune to the deeper structures that create, you discover the interplay of sound and silence as a bridge of change.

We are offered increasing access into conscious creation. Jamye’s work to demystify the Language of Light teaches that a variety of tools are available to each of us to shift our personal and collective experience.

To dance with the currents, your focus into the information of your inner song and externalize your creative pulse. We’ll discus the practical and the mystical as we find connection revealing your inner creative power to elevate to a new harmonic.

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About Jamye Price

Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language and the Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck, is an energy healer, channel, and teacher. For over a decade she has been teaching the path of empowerment as humanity moves through the natural process of Ascension; an ever-increasing conscious connection with the subtle realm.

She developed a profound healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, with her Lyran Guides. It is a powerful alchemical template of Soul Progression that heals and empowers, bridging the inherent wisdom of the human and higher self.

In addition, Jamye channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are transformational Creation Codes that further align you with your soul. She teaches both of these modalities worldwide.

Her grounded and esoteric teaching brings clearer understanding and personal empowerment. She offers unique and transformative classes for personal healing, Light Language downloads, and a healing Light Language deck. She teaches modalities that open healing capabilities and an understanding of our inherent divinity. For more information visit JamyePrice.com.

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Sacred Earth:

Sacred Earth are one of Australia’s biggest musical success stories, but you won’t find them playing bars, clubs or reality TV shows.
Instead, Prem and Jethro Williams of Sacred Earth play at community halls, churches, yoga retreats and festivals around the world, performing their distinctive, deeply emotive soundscapes for a loyal tribe of fans.

Prem’s captivating vocals have an other-worldly quality, encapsulating the depths of human emotion with striking clarity as she sings sacred mantras and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

While Prem plays her Keyboard with a gentle touch, Jethro adds vocal harmonies and soothing instrumental melodies, playing shakuhachi (Japanese flute), Indian bansuri, Irish tin and low whistles and acoustic guitar.

Anyone who’s ever experienced Sacred Earth perform live knows it’s something special. It’s more than just an ambient music concert – it’s an exceptionally moving event. Tears flow, smiles spread and a profound sense of peace pervades the entire space.

It’s a rare occurrence in today’s stressful society, which is why Sacred Earth’s concerts are often sold out. People return again and again to be transported back to that place of tranquillity, to feel a connectedness with the deepest aspects of the self and all things through the expansive nature of the music.
Sacred Earth’s music truly is like balm for the spirit.