With certified Holographic Sound Healer, Ceremonialist, and Women’s Empowerment Coach
Sasha Starseed

Sound Bath | Higher Self Ceremony | Inner Child Healing | Chakra Balancing | Guided Meditation | Intention Setting | Breathwork | Journaling

Open your heart + radiate love with a restorative sound bath and higher self ceremony. Come let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and activate the highest vibration in your life, LOVE.


In this empowerment workshop, Sasha will first lead you through breathwork to ground you into the space. Then, she will guide you through an inner child meditation and higher self workshop where you will embrace your power by transforming limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

She’ll then guide you in setting positive intentions before you lie back and relax to embark on a journey within. Guided by Sasha’s angelic voice and crystal gemstone infused bowls you will float away into a deep meditative state where you may heal, let go of anything not serving you, and step into your most radiant self!


This Is For YOU If You:

– Experience negative self talk
– Become paralyzed in comparison, fear of judgment, perfectionism, and people pleasing
– Lack trust in yourself
– Are afraid to use your voice and speak your truth
– Desire to love yourself unconditionally

Your Higher Self:

– Feels empowered, radiant, and FREE!
– Knows their worth
– Uses their voice + speaks their truth
– Trusts their instincts
– Loves themselves unconditionally

Limiting beliefs are false beliefs that hold you back from being your most CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED self.

“I don’t have enough experience”
“No one cares what I have to say”
“I’m not worthy”

Many of these beliefs are planted during childhood, and grow as we age.

In this workshop we will transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs to embody your most radiant self!

Magic Included…

– Sound bath ceremony
– Higher self workshop
– Inner child healing
– Breathwork
– Chakra balancing
– Prompted journaling exercises
= My favorite affirmations to take into your daily ritual!

You’ll Leave Feeling…



SOUND HEALING = using sound to help you experience your own WHOLENESS


is a powerful tool that can be used to retune our bodies to higher vibrational frequencies and natural rhythms. Our bodies sync up to the harmonic inflections created by crystal singing bowls and the most powerful instrument we have, the voice. These sounds act to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves associated with meditative states of stillness and relaxation.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

– Reduction of pain and stress
– Increased immune function
– Relief from depression, heartbreak, and anxiety
– Increased productivity and focus
– Cessation of sleep disorders and insomnia
– Physical healing from illness and disease
– Enhanced energy levels

Event is Now Over

Upgrade Now to Own the Sound Healing Conference November 2022

Event is Now Over

Upgrade Now to Own the Sound Healing Conference November 2022

Sound Healing Special Offers

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FREE Higher Self Meditation

FREE Higher Self Meditation

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This 15 minute sound bath is designed to help you access and embody your Higher Self! Join The Starseed Community and awaken to the radiant being you know you are.
You are your higher self in every moment. Expanded, powerful, peaceful, connected, awake, divine!

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Upgrade Now to Own the Sound Healing Conference November 2022

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Over 30 presentations and sound baths is a collection rich in information, science, research and experiences in Sound Healing. Includes David Gibson’s Frequency CD for Depression, and Low Mood MP3.

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About Sasha Starseed

Meet Your Magic Maker:

Sasha Starseed is a certified Holographic Sound Healer, Ceremonialist, and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She is the creator of the Starseed Sisterhood, a transformational program for women to meet soul sisters, unlock their full potential, and manifest a magical life. She is also the founder of the Starseed Sound Healing Academy, an in- depth hands-on 5-month professional training where you will learn the foundations of the sacred art of sound healing and ceremony work and the essentials to building a thriving healing business.

Through her sound healing, coaching, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats, Sasha creates space for you to heal, connect with conscious community, and awaken your dream life.

FREE Higher Self Meditation