With Sound Healer and Mental Health Counselor
Satya Ra

Set Your Soul Free. Set Your Heart on Fire.

In this captivating interview, we take a deep dive into the life journey of me–Satya Ra. Find out why I am known as “The Queen of Hearts” and equally known as “The Sound Surgeon”. I promise you won’t be bored. Mostly my songs seem like a Siren Call to your heart. I believe in Love. I believe that every person needs more love. I am here to remind you that you are loved and cherished beyond measure and that there is nothing to fear.

I believe that some parts of all of us have been forgotten or went to sleep or went numb. Perhaps we have experienced heartbreak in one way or another, grief, loneliness, addiction or self doubt. Even the best of us has places inside that we may not even be aware of that are keeping us stuck. Whatever it is that your soul is longing for. It is time for a revival. It is time to rise. Fortune favors the bold.

I receive songs direct from source in the moment and I sing them to you. I tune in to what your soul is asking for. Sometimes it’s a nurturing lullaby. Sometimes it’s a deep clearing and release. Sometimes it is like an ocean cleansing and providing nourishment and renewal. Sometimes it is a full body sensual awakening. Sometimes it’s all of these things.

After a session clients report a blissful awakening of love and life in their heart. Many clients report spontaneous
healings in their body. Some clients tell me that the song I sang to them was one they used to hear in their minds as children (soul song). Come journey with me. Be loved for who you are. Believe in the whispers of your heart.

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Special Offer: Treatments with Satya


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This is a 60 minute session and the best way to experience the Signature Soundfire™ Journey. This includes a brief consult because this session will be tailored to your comfort level and your needs. You can skip this part if you wish and go straight into the natural flow. Possible outcomes include a renewed sense of balance and peace, an emotional reset of the heart, a new found sense of clarity and direction, relief from pain, a deeper connection with your true self.

About Satya Ra

Leveraging her Masters Degree in Psychology and lifetime journey of Spirit, Music, Dance, and Meditation, Satya joins song and sound composition with established mental health counseling best practices to offer unique programs to help transform their spiritual state of being toward healthier and happier outlooks on life. Whether it’s through individual sessions, concerts, or group retreats. Satya’s Soundfire program enables soothing comfort and gentle breakthroughs in the soul.

Special Offer: Treatments with Satya


2 Payment Option Available

MEC: Set Your Soul Free, Set Your Heart on Fire


2 Payment Option Available