With certified Sound Therapist, Educator, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Director/Conductor, Arranger/Composer, Trombonist, and Ethno-musicologist
Gerald Savage

Frequencies Through the Spectrum of Living

Music, Sounds, and Frequencies are essential part of a holistic approach to Health and Wellness. Music, Sound, and Frequencies are all phenomena of vibration that can be expressed through audible sound. However, in addition to using sonic tools and practices, the individual utilizing these tools, as a practitioner or client, must also consider factors such as diet/lifestyle, environmental, exercise/movement, stress and emotional management, quality of sleep, and relaxation, etc.

Some sounds and frequencies are expressed beyond human perception. Also, some frequencies can also be expressed in ways other than through sound. Waves and vibrations are present through colors, smells, electromagnetic frequencies, etc. There are actually surprising ways that frequency and vibration can be used along with many everyday life events and processes.

The use of sound, music, and frequencies must be done so with care. Any type of healing requires addressing a particular need at a particular time, for a specific issue. There are also questions such as: “What is enough?”, “What may be too much?”, and “What else is needed?” In other words, there can be other tools that can be used as adjuncts to a holistic lifestyle. For example, there are some issues are structural in nature and cannot directly and effectively be addressed through sound therapy treatments alone. Such is the case with cranial sacred alignment or issues with the vagus nerve. There are also instances of toxicity, where sound therapy will not rid the body of the toxins. Yet, another factor is trauma: childhood, recent life events, and generational.

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Sound Healing Special Offers

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SoundPill Session

Discover Your Frequency-Based Need

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First Step – The Voice Analysis Harmony/VoiceBio Software

Using a specially designed unidirectional microphone connected to the VoiceBio software program, you will respond to three brief questions, which will capture your composite energetic make-up.

Second Step – The Voiceprint

VoiceBio will generate your voiceprint bar graph corresponding to a range of heavy and weak areas in the body. The voiceprint serves as guide to improved health, regeneration and increased energy.

Third Step – Voiceprint Analysis and Holistic Suggestions

Once the assessment of the Voiceprint has been analyzed, you are provided with a variety of holistic suggestions for supporting and boosting weak frequencies and bringing down heavy frequencies. These are the ‘Pills’ of SoundPill.

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Over 30 presentations and sound baths is a collection rich in information, science, research and experiences in Sound Healing. Includes David Gibson’s Frequency CD for Depression, and Low Mood MP3.

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About Gerald Savage

Gerald is a certified Sound Therapist, Educator, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Director/Conductor, Arranger/Composer, Trombonist, and Ethno-musicologist, and recently retired as Vocal Department Chairperson at Pittsburgh CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) 6-12.
Additional experience and achievements include:

  • Two-time Fulbright-Hays Scholar recipient to Brazil and Ethiopia.
  • Teacher/music facilitator in Poland with Classrooms without Borders. https://classroomswithoutborders.org/
  • Bridging Cultures – an educational collaborative through the State Department, in conjunction with the African Studies Program at the University of Illinois, consisting of 20 international educators and 7 educators from the United States; discussing issues pertaining to international and multicultural education.
  • Presently Online Instructor at Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in Applied Music Theory for Healing
  • Presently Board Member, Bella Voci
  • Former Board Member: Afro American Music Institute, Calliope House, Pittsburgh Youth Chorus.

Special Offer: Soundpill Session


2 Payment Option Available

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Gabriel Gold:

Gabriel Gold, having studied at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing and at the Shamanic Institute of Ireland, is known best for his soaring, yet soothing wordless vocals, handpan, crystal bowl and piano playing.

As a teacher, through his “Healing Voice Experiences”, Gold has supported thousands of people on the journey of developing a fulfilling and spiritually-centered relationship to their singing voices.

As a composer, Gold has released two full-length albums, “Halo” (2014); and “Live at Grace Cathedral” (2016); scored Labayan Dance’s “Tears” (2014); Illuminate SF’s, “Grace Light” (2019); and is currently working on a new album in Iceland, produced by Birgir Jón Birgisson (Sigur Ros, Bjork), set to release in 2022.