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Iasos describes many ways that SOUND can be used for increased alignment & coherency. And for each concept described, Iasos play a recording of his that graphically demonstrates that concept. So you get this both intellectually & experientially.

Iasos describes the Universal Principles by which SOUND can be used to induce Higher Consciousness

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Sound Healing Special Offers

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Half-Hour Consultation with Iasos

A Private Session with Iasos

Special Offer: Half-Hour Consultation with Iasos


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YOU choose what you wish to consult with me about,
and I’ll share whatever seems most useful.
I can record our chat and send it to you, as an MP3, at no extra cost.

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Upgrade Now to Own the Sound Healing Conference November 2022

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Over 30 presentations and sound baths is a collection rich in information, science, research and experiences in Sound Healing. Includes David Gibson’s Frequency CD for Depression, and Low Mood MP3.

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About Iasos

(pronounced ya’ sos)
is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional,
higher consciousness Music & Visuals.

Iasos is also one of the original founders of “New Age” music..

He is also an enthusiastic proponent of Sound Healing

Special Offer: Half-Hour Consultation with Iasos


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Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Emile Janse:

Emile Janse is a sound healer who specializes in connecting individuals to their unique voice for moving energy and embodying their soul expression in the world. Born in 1993, Emile has been practicing and sharing sound for healing his entire adult life. Emile is also an expert on overtone singing and throatsinging.

Special Offer Includes:

Soul-Self Voice Empowerment Workshop

Special Offer: Soul-Self Voice Empowerment Workshop


2 Payment Option Available

Sunday, December 4

10am PT | 11am MT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET | 6pm GMT

In this 90 minute online workshop. Emile will lay the foundation for using the voice as a tool for healing and empowerment of your unique soul truth. Long time singers as well as individuals who are unfamiliar with using the voice in any way will both find great benefit. Emile will give exercises that help you connect to the feeling of your own voice inside your body, and practices to continue working with your voice and energy intuitively for the rest of your life.

Included: special mp3 downloads of throatsinging, handpan, didgeridoo, and flute.

Benefits include:

  • Feeling sound as energy inside your body
  • Freer and more spontaneous expression
  • Connecting to unique frequencies in your voice
  • Confidence in sharing yourself
  • Greater alignment with your soul truth