With Acoustic-physics pioneering scientist
John Stuart Reid

Saturday, November 12th

10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT



Exploring New Horizons in Frequency Medicine

The relationship between sound, light, water, and the electricity that powers our body, is one that has received little attention, and yet this relationship governs many of the body’s healing mechanisms. In this interview, John demonstrates, live, a profound yet simple experiment that reveals how life-giving electricity is created in our body. A surprising new addition to this experiment is that the addition of crystals in water enhances the electrical current flow.

John will also discuss with David the healing power of colored light–a veritable rainbow of healing–in which several frequencies (colors) of light are identified along with their therapeutic efficacy. The Flex Beam infrared device will be shown, a powerful new therapy for support of tissue healing and pain mediation.

John will also discuss his latest research with human blood in which he has discovered music’s ability to significantly improve the viability of white blood cells, supercharging the immune system.

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About John Stuart Reid

Acoustic-physics pioneering scientist, John Stuart Reid, is a man on a mission to educate and inspire the world in the field of cymatics, the study of visible sound.

His CymaScope invention has forever changed our perception of sound: seeing sound allows us to understand this omnipresent aspect of our world and universe fuller and deeper.

His cymatics research is helping to elevate this important new field in the scientific arena, including investigating the therapeutic powers of sound. In the medical field his study of the effects of music on human blood has created new horizons of medical research, and his study to differentiate between the sounds emitted by cancer cells and healthy cells, published in the Water Journal, has far reaching health implications.

In 2021 he was invited to write a chapter on Sound Therapy and Music Medicine for a new medical text book, to be published in the next few weeks.

Earlier this year, he hosted a highly successful course with The Shift Network, teaching Cymatics, Sonic Science and Music Medicine to almost 2000 students, and his advanced Shift Network course is due to begin this October.

Today, John will begin with a discussion on the relationship between sound, light, water and electricity, and he will conduct a live demonstration that shows how the electricity that powers our body is created, and how it can be optimised.

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Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh:

Sounding Ceremony

Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh is a one of a kind musician, sound-imitator, actor.

The owner of a unique voice with a huge range of 4 octaves masters the finest shades of sound. By connecting to elusive vibrations and entering an altered state of consciousness, he reproduces amazing magical streams – voices of living nature, hymns, prayers and mantras. Sometimes it seems that the spirits of ancient ancestors want to reach out to us and warn people about impending cataclysms, the perpetrators of which are the people themselves. In these messages there is a call to people to come to their senses and stretch out each other’s hands to unite for the sake of saving our mother earth and all life.

Thanks to Gennady’s participation in various talent shows (e.g. Georgia’s Got Talent), a large number of people around the world saw and heard him. This phenomenon has stirred up the minds and hearts in many countries as many saw hope and light in him.