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Andi & Jonathan Goldman


Balancing the Emotional Body through Conscious Humming
Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman

As pioneers in the modern sound healing movement, Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi Goldman, have presented workshops on many different modalities of sound healing including vocal toning, chakra chants, mantras, tuning forks, overtone chanting, crystals bowls, and much more. They have experienced and understand the power of these different modalities to influence and affect the emotional body. In this presentation, they will discuss some of these aspects of sound, the responsibility, and protocols of sound healers working with this, and present the power of Conscious Humming—a technique that everyone can utilize to create health and balance in our body, mind, and spirit.

Sound shakes things up—including our emotions. As “Energy in Motion”, our emotions are particularly sensitive to the power of vibration. Sound healing practitioners need to be prepared and take responsibility for the shifts and changes that can occur. Andi, a licensed psychotherapist, and Jonathan will briefly discuss the importance of protocols for creating a safe sound healing session. In addition, they will also talk about different modalities of sound that can be used to influence and affect the emotional body.

The Goldmans will focus on Conscious Humming, a technique they have developed, based upon material in their book THE HUMMING EFFECT, which utilizes self-created sounds to affect our body, mind, and spirit. Conscious Humming is the most powerful self-created vibro-acoustic sound that can manifest a plethora of positive physiological effects, including release of melatonin, nitric oxide, endorphins and other neuro-chemicals. In addition, Conscious Humming is one of the most powerful and yet safest ways of working with self-created sound that can be used in therapeutic situations to bring about stress release and bring the emotions into balance.

The Goldmans will lead an experience of Conscious Humming that can be utilized as a model for using this most powerful self-created sound for many different emotional imbalances including stress reduction, trauma, anxiety, and much more.

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About Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman, M.A., is an international authority and pioneer in the field of sound healing. He is a renowned writer, musician, and teacher. Jonathan is the author of several books including Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions), The Divine Name, the 2011 Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Book” of the Year, and The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing (both from Hay House); A Grammy nominee, his award-winning recordings include: “Chakra Chants”, “The Divine Name,” and “Reiki Chants”. He is the Founder and Director of the Sound Healers Association and CEO of Spirit Music. Jonathan Goldman was named as one of Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.”

Andi Goldman, M.A., L.P.C., is a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy. She is the Director of the Healing Sounds® Seminars and Co-Director of the Sound Healers Association. She is a musician, teacher, sound healer, award-winning author, and the wife and partner of Jonathan Goldman.

Jonathan and Andi Goldman have co-authored Chakra Frequencies, winner of the Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Health Book” of the Year, and their new best-selling The Humming Effect which has just won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for “Best Health & Healing Book” (both from Inner Traditions).
Together Jonathan and Andi have dedicated their lives to the path of service, helping awaken and empower others with the ability of sound to heal and transform.