With Expert teacher of Vocal Sound Healing™ & Energy healing
Lisa Rafel


Change the tone of your speaking voice, and be heard in a new way!

Communicating your inner landscape is a powerful way to be understood and seen in the world. The most direct method of doing that is by how you use your speaking voice. Does the tone of your voice truly represent who you are and what you are feeling?

Your voice is formed by a vibration of air moving through your vocal cords that are shaped by your physiology, your emotional state, your intention, your history and your habits. Working with your breath, your intention, and energetic exercises, you can change the tone your voice. How do you want to sound?

Context or circumstances can influence how you speak. Do you get nervous? Are you over confident? Are you able to feel balanced internally? What emotional tone becomes revealed when you are in balance or when you are out of balance?

Learn to attune yourself to the sound of your voice and discover the power that lies within that knowledge. Gain insights, feel greater calm, and develop a new connection to the sound of your voice.

Sound Healing Special Offers

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Utilizing Energetic Boundary for Strengthening, Calming, and Healing

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Special Offer: Utilizing Energetic Boundary for Strengthening, Calming, and Healing


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Lisa’s remarkable understanding of energetic systems, her deep spiritual connection, and her ability to psychically “see” for others has formed a body of work that is highly effective for transforming mental, emotional, etheric, and physical patterns and limitations. This is an interactive workshop that includes working with sound, guided visualization, and integrative exercises.

About Lisa Rafel

Lisa Rafel, Expert teacher of Vocal Sound Healing™ & Energy healing; Author; songwriter; Award-winning book and clinically tested music, SAFE IN THE ARMS OF LOVE, promoting best parent/baby bonding; Playwright; Multiple healing recordings; Creator FIVE WORLDS teaching program. http://www.lisarafel.com