Project Description

With Founder of the Voice and Somatic Therapy Method of Holistic Therapeutics
Sonja Drakulich

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Voice and Somatic Therapeutics

Opening the Voice of the Soul

Music, specifically through the human voice is regarded as one of the most powerful tools for emotional healing and somatic therapy. Singing in harmony with others, cultivating overtones, seed syllables and mantras correlating with the human body’s physical and energetic centers, reconnects us to our inherent birthright of emotional, mental and physical well-being.

In this interview, we will discuss the voice as a unique, powerful tool for sound therapy, the medicinal use of the human voice in healing, the purpose of singing in context of social bonds and community healing, nervous system regulation and vagus nerve stimulation through the voice and the breath, and an overview on trauma therapy and stress relief through the voice.

A few practices will be shared for unblocking and healing the relationship ones voice, unveiling the voice and cultivating pure tone for sound, speech and song therapies. We will be discussing methods of implementing effective vocal technique, with ancestral songs, eastern modalities, esoteric Taoism, and Yogic arts.

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Vocal Therapeutics

6 week course with Sonja Drakulich

Special Offer: Vocal Therapeutics


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Vocal Therapeutics
6 week course
Somatic healing through breath, song, subtle energy practices and yogic arts

Live stream:
Wednesday Evenings 6-8pm PST
Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, March 2nd & 9th
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In this 6 week course together, we will be diving into:

  • The voice as a unique, powerful tool for healing, empowerment and pure expression
  • The medicinal use of the human voice
  • The purpose of singing in context of social bonds and community healing
  • Nervous system regulation and vagus nerve stimulation through the voice and the breath
  • Practices to unveil the voice and to cultivate pure tone for sound, speech and song therapies
  • Practices for unblocking and healing the relationship ones voice

We will be implementing effective vocal technique, meditation, Qigong, visualization, and toning as well covering basic aspects of modal music, esoteric Daoism, and Yogic arts.

We will experience the expanding and refining of our voices through the most liberating vocal techniques and exercises I have found throughout the Eastern and Western world. The foundation of these techniques lie in the creation of pure, natural tone, discovering overtones, unveiling the full range of our voice, and discovering the healing phenomena of coherence through our voice and nervous system regulation through breath and tone.
Our body is our instrument, therefore alignment practices are included that create an open, clear channel for our voice and purest expression. We will strengthen and coordinate the breath, creating a strong foundation for our tone, balancing our nervous system and experiencing the spaciousness of our instrument.

The creative process of art, and specifically song, has the power to transform unlike anything else in this world. We only need to show up for this process and learn to open, while increasing our own awareness. The foundation for our sound and expression lies in the increased ability and practice of sensate awareness and embodiment. In these times of being more isolated from natural world than ever before, many of us have unconsciously learned to survive slightly outside the body, with gaps of presence of the form and function. Practices for heightened presence, focus and expanding one’s awareness are practiced along with the art of deep listening, refining our instruments as artists and humans thriving in creative potential. Our art is the result of our depth of listening and acute sensing.

All of the songs and practices will be given in the context of rooting into our core and our inherent, essential power through our breath and our voice. Here we discover our unlimited capacity of creative expression, deep healing and wholehearted joy.

Benefits of this class may include:

  • Designed to help students cultivate and master:
  • Connecting with your inherent birthright of pure, unlimited expression
  • Finding confidence and trust in voicing your truth
  • Freeing your speaking and singing voice
  • Cultivating pure, resonant tone – in any language or style
  • Gaining strength, confidence and ease in singing, speaking and Being
  • Nervous system regulation and breath work
  • Resiliency training
  • Honing and refining your relationship to singing and artistry
  • The art of mantra, vocal sound healing, embodiment and vital energy training
  • Ear training and modal music training
  • Imagination, synesthesia, clairvoyance and intuition training
  • Knowing oneself as a creative being and artist in service in the world

About Sonja Drakulich

Sonja Drakulich is an internationally-acclaimed vocalist, producer, composer, and founder of the Voice and Somatic Therapy Method of Holistic Therapeutics. As the founder of the electro-acoustic world music project Stellamara, and as lead singer of Faun, she has toured throughout the US and Europe performing in the most prestigious theaters, concert halls, castles and cathedrals around the globe. Sonja leads international, workshops, retreats and private courses. Her clients include professional singers and dancers, actors, martial artists, performers, coaches, healers, students and professionals from all walks of life. She has developed a unique method of vocal based Somatic Therapy, Qigong and Ritual, rooted in Nada Yoga, Ancestral Healing and in the synthesis of optimal techniques practices she has learned throughout the Eastern and Western world. She has been a featured workshop facilitator at prestigious learning centers such as: Institute of Noetic Sciences and CIIS in California, Labyrinth Musical Workshops in Greece, Centro Khatawat in Italy, and has been a featured performer at TedX, Bioneers and the Science and Non Duality conferences. She is a faculty member at the Sound Healing Center, and is a presenter at the annual International Sound Healing Conference. Throughout her studies and her career as producer, performer and teacher, she maintains her focus on the devotional aspect of song and on intercultural unification through music.

Special Offer: Vocal Therapeutics


2 Payment Option Available