Project Description

With Composer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Producer
Lis Addison

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Vocal Vibration and Movement for Light Workers

Liberate the Voice to share your sacred gifts


The Interview will center around my Kinetic Voice (KiVo) Program. KiVo, which blends vocals, rhythm and dance, is designed to heal and empower the individual to better serve the world we live in. I created KiVo to assist others in feeling the sacred power of vocal vibration on a somatic level and harness that power to activate the Light We Are.

In the many KiVo circles I’ve convened throughout the world, I have observed the power of song and dance to improve the well-being of participants. I have seen stress dissipate, self-worth improve, productivity increase, creativity flower, pain dissolve and communities strengthen.

The Kinetic Voice practice focuses on music and dance as tools for healing, not performance! We operate from the understanding that music and dance are sacred gifts available to ALL and that they can be joybringers that reinforce our humaness. In the KiVo Circle everyone’s voice matters.

Singing, rhythm and movement, strengthen memory and encode knowledge through repetition. Spiritual Teachings, behavior and conduct were traditionally taught through rhythm, rhyme and melody. Until recently, this is how our young ones were taught. We will harken back to that time while feeling the rhythm of nature that surrounds and supports us.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Indigo Dragonfly Course

Chakra Chants and Movements designed to clear the body/mind and instill confidence

Special Offer: Indigo Dragonfly Course


2 Payment Option Available

In this program you will learn specific vocalizations and signature steps that you can use for self and others as tools that release stress, calm the mind, liberate the wise voice within, encourage active listening and heighten your intuitive and healing abilities. You will receive secrets to creating your own mantras. This training offers a new way to experience the Chakras and new ways to help remove old traumas, old thoughts and outmoded behavior patterns. It is designed for your growth and empowerment and is specially crafted for Light Workers.

About Lis Addison

Lis Addison is a skilled mover of energy working in a number of disciplines. She is a Composer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Producer, a Healing Artist working in the Akashic Records and the Realms of Nature, and a Dancer. Addison has spent her life studying the music, dance and spiritual traditions of the world and has dedicated her life to sharing the healing effects of music and dance while we are lucky enough to live in bodies. Her signature practice Kinetic Voice (KiVo) uses vocal vibration and dance movement to help clear stuck energy and empower Light Workers to do the sacred work we came to do.

Special Offer: Indigo Dragonfly Course


2 Payment Option Available

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Libby Cattalini:

Certified Sound Therapist

Libby is a Certified Sound Therapist Globe & IVT) and Shamanic Practitioner (FSS Asia). Since 1995 she has been a student of nature – including Usui Reiki, naturopathy, massage and body detoxification. She is six out of seven children and grew up in the natural wonder of Western Australia. Singapore has been her home for the past 6 years. She offers private sound and Shamanic nature healing sessions and facilitates Nature Sound Bath Meditations, Full Moon & Cacao Ceremonies under the stars in the evenings at Wildlings Forest School. When she is not running sessions you will find her with the trees or in the water.