With Music Therapist and Sound Healer
Lynn Miller

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Restore Harmony through Energy Medicine and Voice

Vocal Vagal Toning tones the Vagus nerve literally through toning vocal sounds combined with Energy Medicine postures to create higher vagal tone. The sounds and simple movements communicate to the Vagus nerve to soothe and open blockages to restore harmony. Having higher vagal tone allows the body/mind to recover faster after a stressor, creating resilience.

The vagus nerve is the mind/body connector, as it communicates bi-directionally from the brain to the belly including branches to the organs in between. It helps regulate most bodily functions necessary for our health and emotional well-being. It regulates the nervous system and oversees immune response, digestion and heart rate. It is a main component of the parasympathetic nervous system. Vagal tone regulates stress responses and can be influenced by breathing and singing.

Singing is a powerful way to stimulate the vagus nerve. The vocal cords are attached to vagal branches as well as the throat, ears, face and lungs. Therefore, singing, deep breathing and playing a wind instrument activates vagal tone promoting the rest and digest state. The vagus nerve responds to sound and music. It is also activated through listening. The vagus is looking for safety. The tones help to calm the nervous system. We will tone specific sounds for calming and to move energy.

Energy Medicine is based on life force energy and its connection to all things, Energy is the foundation for the health of the mind and body. Energy can become stagnant or unbalanced. Through tapping and massaging specific meridian points energy can move. We will be talking to the vagus nerve through energy pathways to promote calm.

When the nervous system is dis-regulated from stress and anxiety, we are out of tune. Toning while holding energy points amps up the pathways promoting harmony and well-being.

Lynn will play the Kotamo, a hybrid instrument combining the Indian tanpura, Japanese Koto and monochord during the vocal warm-ups and sound immersion at the end of the program for you to listen to as you hold the energy points.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer 1 Includes:

Workshop: Vocal Vagal Toning

Freeing the Voice for Well-Being 2 hr Webinar $44

**includes Bonus Video: 6 Healing Sounds video**

Special Offer: Workshop 2 hr Webinar

  • includes Bonus Video: 6 Healing Sounds

2 Payment Option Available

Saturday, December 4, 2021 @ 12pm -2pm EDT. price: $44.

9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT

Vocal Vagal Toning
Freeing the Voice

In this seminar, we will explore freeing the voice for self-expression and well-being. This includes vocal relaxation exercises, sounds to harmonize the body/mind and sounding for self-expression, creativity and connection.

The voice is the instrument of the body, expressing who we are and what we feel. It is the center of our well-being. Emotionally, singing is a vehicle to express emotions, socially it gives us a sense of belonging and spiritually connects us to our soul and something larger than ourselves. Singing also stimulates the Vagus nerve promoting nervous system relaxation. The Vagus is a communicator to the mind/body through the heart, gut, brain connection.

Energy is the foundation for the health of the mind and body. Singing moves energy or Chi through the breath and vibrations. While toning, we will tap specific Energy Medicine points, supporting the vagus nerve to promote calm and ease. When we get out of the way, spirit can move through us, opening up our creativity and inspiration.

The Kotamo (a hybrid instrument combining the Indian tanpura, Japanese Koto and Monochord) will accompany our voices for a portion of the program. The mics will be turned off for your privacy of sound exploration. Once the voice is opened, we will move to break-out rooms to connect in small groups, for fun vocal play to nourish the soul. Sing for your health by freeing the voice!

Vocal Vagal Benefits:

  • Release inhibitions
  • Promote wellness and manage stress
  • Discover Energy Medicine points and Vagal tone stimulation
  • Express creative self
  • Enhance spiritual connection

Special Offer 2 Includes:

Private Session plus Offer 1

SpiritVoice: Free the authentic voice for well-being $122

**plus Offer 1**

Special Offer 2: One-on-One Session

  • includes Bonus Video: 6 Healing Sounds

2 Payment Option Available

SpiritVoice is for those interested in developing their natural voice and cultivating well-being, as the voice is the instrument of the body. Learn fun exercises to break inhibitions, free the voice and develop skills on using the voice for self-generated healing. Singing stimulates the Vagus nerve which relaxes the nervous system. It is a communicator to the heart, gut, brain. Whether you are an experienced singer or someone who has a desire to sing with more confidence, Lynn can guide you to allow your true voice to emerge, as you sing for your health, spirit and soul.


  • Open the voice, free the soul
  • Sounds for self-generated healing
  • Release inhibitions to make friends with your voice

This one-on-one session is for one hour. It includes Vocal Vagal Toning/ Free the Voice 2 hr. workshop.

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Open the Voice to express authentically

  • Develop skills to use the voice for self-generated healing

  • Discover the power of the Vagus Nerve for health and well-being

  • Learn how to regulate the nervous system into rest and digest through the Vagus Nerve

  • Empower self through Energy Medicine techniques for moving energy

  • Explore tuning and clearing chakra energy through Energy Medicine movements and sound vibration

About Lynn Miller

Lynn is a Music Therapist and Sound Healer. She authored Music and Neuromodulation for Rhythmic Stimulation Procedures in Neuromodulation (Elsevier 2017) and SpiritArts Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance.
She has been faculty in Music Therapy at Immaculata Univ, Flute Haven Native Flute School and Music for People’s vocal program.

Special Offer: Workshop 2 hr Webinar

  • includes Bonus Video: 6 Healing Sounds

2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: One-on-One Session

  • includes Bonus Video: 6 Healing Sounds

2 Payment Option Available