With Educator of the Tomatis Method
Elizabeth Grambsch

Tomatis – Sound and the Ear

Sound for Learning Disabilities, Listening Programs and the “Sonic Birth”

Dr. Alfred Tomatis launched the field of psychoacoustics with his pioneering and groundbreaking discoveries. He was the first to recognize the cybernetic relationship between the ear and the voice – – called the Tomatis Effect – -and the relationship between the vestibular system and the body – -which led to his use of bone-conducted sound to help brain and body integration. He was the first researcher to uncover the energizing effect of high-frequency sounds to improve alertness, attentiveness and creativity and the importance of developing a dominant ear to control language and musicality.

Through his research, he came to understand that babies hear the high frequencies in the womb through bone conduction and when they are born they go through a complex process of engaging and integrating their first experience with air conduction sound. He called this a “sonic birth”. He invented The Electronic Ear – – psychoacoustically modified music — and developed a program with it called The Tomatis Method to help people with many previously inaccessible developmental, language and learning difficulties. Tomatis was also well known for his ability to help musicians, singers and actors with their musical and vocal productions (e.g. Maria Callas, Gerard Depardieu).

In addition to a brief history of Dr. Tomatis’s work and key concepts this presentation will cover prenatal listening, the impact of birth interventions on auditory processing, the healthy development of listening and the auditory-psychophysiological effects on the conscious ear from early childhood experiences. Special emphasis will be given to Tomatis’ concept of the “sonic birth” – -the complex process the baby goes through to engage and integrate their first experience with air-conducted sound. Understanding Tomatis’ foundational work helps in designing complementary sound healing sessions.

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About Elizabeth Grambsch

Elizabeth Grambsch has been studying sound, music and movement her whole life. For this presentation, she draws from 20 years of experience with Tomatis’s work, listening programs and teaching prenatal parenting and early childhood music and movement classes. After having a deeply transformational experience with The Tomatis Method, she pursued a self-designed Master’s in Human Development to find out how it worked. She traveled the country studying with leaders in the fields of music and language acquisition, auditory processing, psychophysiology of listening, prenatal listening, developmental movement and listening and she interned at several Tomatis centers for first-hand experience (where she experienced the dramatic impact of the sonic birth). In combination with her extensive music education background, she has provided truly enriched programs for families at the University of St. Thomas and Fairview-University Hospital systems. While teaching in Fairview’s Birth and Family Education department she became an effective early screener for developmental delays and actively worked with P.T., O.T., Speech Path, Music Therapy and Audiology departments. She is a co-author in the textbook Bodymind and Voice: Foundations of Voice Education contributing chapters on prenate and early childhood development.

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Featuring Ella Hunt:

Currently residing in Nashville, TN, Ella’s love of music and storytelling led her to Belmont University to receive her degree in Songwriting. As a lifelong experimentor with sound, coupled with her experience in different energetic healing modalities, Ella felt the call to attend the Globe Institute to embark on her sound healing journey. Ella has a passion for igniting the intuitive creator in everyone. This belief has spurred her to lead curated songwriting and sound healing workshops, work with clients one on one, and serve her community in Nashville and beyond.