With Founder of the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance
Dr. Paul Hubbert

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Transform and Heal Trauma, Grief, Sabotaging Beliefs & the Physical Body

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Activating the Higher Vibrational Unity Chakra System & Enlivening the Holographic Merkaba Light Body

Special Offer: Cleanse, Clear, Heal and Raise Your Vibration and Expand Your Consciousness


2 Payment Option Available

Cleanse, Clear, Heal and Raise Your Vibration and Expand Your Consciousness

In this one day introduction training, you will learn and experience clearing, balancing and a higher vibrational activation of your chakras.  You will then experience the Holographic Merkaba light body activation. In doing so this offers you overall protection and opening into higher consciousness, thus preparing you for a consciousness expansion and ascension into higher realms of being.

Healing the body with Sound + State-of-the-Art Body Rejuvenation. This offering is a prerequisite for learning the modern-ancient sound healing techniques which create a positive effect on your spirit and assist in dramatically healing your physical/emotional body.

​The Holographic Sound Healing work focuses on accelerating vibrational levels of consciousness through accessing specific frequencies.

Holographic Sound is the expansion of sound (musical vibration) into it’s sacred Geometric, Multi-dimensional, Infinite form. This brings it to a true state of being and creates exponential energy (vibration) far beyond third dimensional understanding.

What People Have To Say About Paul

Paul, I have to thank you once again for the spiritual energy healing sessions you have done with me. Last month when two different mammograms showed several lumps in my left breast, I was disturbed, but not distraught, as I had every confidence that you would be able to help. Six days after you did my healing session I went for the scheduled ultra-sound so the radiologist could determine exactly what type of lumps I had and make his recommendations for treatment. Imagine his amazement and my delight as he searched and searched for the lumps and couldn’t find any. He called in a second technician and still no luck. He stood with the mammogram x-ray in one hand showing lumps, and the ultra sound wand in the other, showing no lumps. As the ultra sound is far more sensitive than the x-ray, he knew they were gone. He just shook his head. He said if it had only been 1 lump he could understand it might have disappeared, but not 3 or 4. He said, “Have you taken some new miracle drug or cure?” I smiled and said “no drugs!” Thank you so much for dedicating your life to benefit us through your teaching and healing.

Leslie M, Vancouver, Canada

I have been following your work for a few months now and I am absolutely blown away. The first time I listened to one of your sound healings it completely activated me and I had soul memories coming up. So incredible. Your work is so out of this world and I love the way that you embody and carry this ancient wisdom with you and share it in the way that you do.


Paul Hubbert’s Holographic Sound Healing Class was such a positive learning and re-enforcing experience for me. I learned new techniques that are advancing my healing abilities. The class materials and exercises gave me the courage to explore and utilize sound healing techniques both in meditation groups and with clients immediately after completion of class. Paul’s gentle nature and sense of humor created a climate that was safe to learn and experiment in. I highly recommend this class for anyone seeking to learn more about sound healing and the Hathors.

Edie J, Connecticut, USA

About Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D., M.D.A., Ordained Minister

Founder of the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance

Dr. Paul Hubbert holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration and Religion. He is a Multidimensional Sound Master working with the healing power of sound since 1991. Paul is a Reiki Master, Crystal Grid-worker, he is certified in Grief Recovery, Hypnotherapy and is an Addictions Recovery Coach/Consultant. His family counseling work has been most notably recognized by the Presidential White House. He focuses now as intuitive counselor working with the Holographic Healing vibration of Sound and Music in its multidimensional form using vocal harmonics, toning, crystal singing bowls, blended with traditional and conventional methods. Paul teaches throughout the US and internationally now in over 15 countries. He has co-created and shared the stage with many leaders in their fields including Gregg Braden, John Bradshaw, Tom Kenyon, Alton Kamadon, Drunvalo Melchizedek and others.

Since 1976, Paul has been on a quest for truth, discovery and consciousness expansion in all areas of his life. He has powerful connections to Ancient Egyptian, Atlantean and Lemurian Mystery School Teachings as well as the New World Mystery School Teachings. He works with the Angelic Realms, the Hathor energy of Sound and Love, the Elementals and other loving universal energies.

Special Offer: Cleanse, Clear, Heal and Raise Your Vibration and Expand Your Consciousness


2 Payment Option Available