With Pioneer of the Sound Healing & Family Constellation Movements
Jill Purce

The Healing Voice and Healing Family and Ancestors

Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant and Sonorous Family & Ancestral Constellations

This session will explore how sound and the voice have been understood and used in different traditions as one of the most effective ways to balance the mind and body and ultimately achieve enlightenment.

Jill will show how we can empower our lives by using our voice to release a uniquely powerful energy, which can be used for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. By freeing the voice in certain ways it is possible to find physical health and emotional joy and spiritual ecstasy. We will experience the ancient magic of Mongolian overtone chanting and sonorous meditations.

Jill will discuss her development of, and now online sonorous family constellation work, which heal the resonant field of the family. When earlier family members die or ‘leave” prematurely, trapped and painful patterns of exclusion act as magnets or attractors for later generations.

Her work finds the keys which unlock persistent patterns, so order is restored and the family system opened to the light of revelation and redemption, the key that sets the individual and the family and later generations free. We will have fun while learning to use, share, extend and free our voices with the international pioneer of sound and ancestral healing.

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About Jill Purce

JILL PURCE pioneer of both Sound Healing & Ancestral Healing & Family Constellation movements, through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques as re-enchanting transformational tools. Her (now online) sonorous constellation workshops resolve & remove inherited ancestral traumas. Author The Mystic Spiral, Overtone Chanting Meditations & Healing Voice. http://www.healingvoice.com

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Susie Hernandez:

Susie Hernandez is a multi-instrumentalist and spiritual seeker passionate about holistic healing through the transformative power of sound and vibration.

Susie is the founder of Gongsia Sacred Sound Sessions whose mission is to bring healing vibrations to the mainstream with the intention of restoring and maintaining peace and balance to individuals of all ages and the global collective.